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Physics Ramp madness David Martinez Cydeni Carter Science Fair Project.

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1 Physics Ramp madness David Martinez Cydeni Carter Science Fair Project

2 Statement of the Problem How does plastic, cardboard, and metal affect the speed of the car?

3 Project Overview We are going to test how metal, plastic, and cardboard ramps will affect the speed of a toy car. Then we will see what affects it the most and why.

4 Variables Independent variable: surface Dependent variable: speed of car measured in seconds per foot Constant variables: speed of car, weight of car, length of surface, size of wheels, distance from start to finish, angle of ramp, width, and height Control group: plastic

5 Hypothesis If the car is on a metal ramp then it will travel faster then it proves that the surface is faster because it is smoother than the others.

6 Materials One toy car 3 ramps made out of metal, plastic, and cardboard that are 2.5 inches and I meter long Stopwatch Camera with video goggles

7 Procedure 1. Gather all materials needed and safety precautions 2. Put goggles on 3. Cut plastic, metal, and plastic so that its 2.5 inches wide and 1 meter long 4. Set up the ramps at an angle of 30 degrees 5. Record time it took for each to get to the finish line 6. Make chart showing time of cars

8 Photos The Toy Car The Card Board Ramp David Making the plastic ramp Toy Car Cydeni Doing the Card Board Test

9 Data/Observations Analyzes

10 Conclusion We discovered a lot after this experiment. We discovered that metal helped a car go faster but the cardboard made it go slower.

11 Possible Experimental Errors We think that maybe the floor slowed it down because it crashed with the floor when it got off the ramp.

12 Applications and Recommendations The car ramps had different textures witch impacted the speed. Next time we might choose better materials to choose from.

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