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Accelaration, Speed, and Velocity TOY CAR ACTIVITY.

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1 Accelaration, Speed, and Velocity TOY CAR ACTIVITY

2 Background Knowledge VOCABULARY O Speed-a measurement of distance over time, calculated by dividing the distance an object travels by the time it takes to travel O Acceleration-the rate in which motion changes

3 More Vocabulary O Velocity-a measurement of both the rate of motion(speed) plus the direction Ex. 1 inch per second=speed East at 1 inch per second=velocity O SPEED, VELOCITY, AND ACCELERATION CAN BE SHOWN BY USING GRAPHS!!!

4 OBSERVE O Watch the two cars as they move and record your observations in your science learning journal. Use the first three questions to guide your observations. O How does the motion of the two cars differ? O Is the speed of the cars changing or staying the same? O How can we determine if the speed is staying constant? O What equipment would we need for this investigation? O How would we record our data?

5 Lets Investigate!! O Materials: -Yard sticks -Post-it notes -Toy car -Pencil -Science learning journal -Stopwatch

6 Procedure Draw this table underneath your materials list. TIMETRIAL 1TRIAL 2TRIAL 3 5 SECONDS54 10 SECONDS SECONDS SECONDS 25 SECONDS 30 SECONDS 35 SECONDS 40 SECONDS


8 PROCEDURES CONT. 1. The Car Manager turn on the toy car and set it as straight as possible behind the starting line but not letting go. 2. The Post-it Marker will stand in front of the car but off to the side as it moves. He/she will need to be ready to mark at each 5 second interval. 3. The Time Keeper will be ready with the stop watch and tell the Car Manager when to let go. 4. The car will go for 40 seconds total while the Time Keeper tells the Post-it Marker to mark the spot of the car every 5 seconds. 5. The Car Manager will stop the car after 40 seconds. 6. The Ruler of the Ruler will measure the distance in between each post-it and record it in the table. 7. Do this 2 more times for a total of 3 trials.

9 Collecting Data O The Ruler of the Ruler will share his/her measurements so the other group members can record them in their table. O The group will find the mean for each time interval using data from all three trials. O GRAPH IT!!!

10 PRESENT FINDINGS O One person from each group will present their graph to the class. O Answer these questions: What do all of the graphs have in common? What do they think the straight line means if there is one? Are there any differences in the graph? What is the speed of your groups car? Use your formula. distance÷time or distance/time How do the graphs with slow cars differ from the graphs with fast cars? What is causing the difference in distance?

11 THINK ABOUT IT… O If each car operates with the same motor (force causing the car to move) why do some of them travel at slower speeds? LETS TAKE A LOOK!

12 Assessment O Turn in your line graph you created with your group. O ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ON THE SHEET OF PAPER GIVEN. USE COMPLETE SENTENCES!!!!!

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