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2 THE NEED FOR A STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Main Drivers Declining Town Centre Economies Reduction in Car Park Income CSR Savings & Efficiencies

3 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Desired Outcomes Determine current and future asset requirement - fit for purpose Maximise efficiency and optimise use of assets Contribute positively to local economy Alignment with Local Objectives

4 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Scope and Brief #1 Largest, most comprehensive review of Car Parking undertaken to date Part of a Joint Review between WDC & SCDC Multi-Strand Working Group, comprising: -WDC & SCDC Officers -WDC & SCDC Portfolio Holders -WN & SCS Officers -NPS Officers Separate WDC & SCDC Action Plans

5 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Scope and Brief #2 INCLUDED IN REVIEW 1. Analysis of Locations and Usage Charged Parking Uncharged Parking Residents Parking Concessional Schemes 2. Planned and Potential Developments/Infrastructure Improvements 3. Future Trends Technological Social Change 4. Potential to Increase/Decrease Capacity

6 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW General Considerations Car Park Charges are ALWAYS Contentious Average Motorist Pays £50 p.a. in Car Park Charges BUT £1,600 p.a. for Fuel (RAC Foundation) A Business or Service? Lack of Substantive Evidence of effect on Local Economy Council Budget Pressures WDC Budget Gap (Subject to Local Government Finance Settlement) 15/16 £2.05m16/17 £3.03m 17/18 £4.44m Chicken and Egg – Reasons for Parking

7 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Cost of Providing Car Parking Services

8 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Diversity of Locations/Uses 50 Individual Car Parks Across 7 Towns/Villages 1 Multi-storey Pay & Display Car Park (330 Spaces) 1 Multi-storey Pay on Foot Car Park (541 Spaces) 29 Surface Pay & Display Car Parks (25-340 Spaces) 18 Uncharged Surface Car Parks (6-200 Spaces) 1 Residents Surface Car Park (25 Spaces) 2 Ticketing Systems/60 Individual Ticket Machines 56 Parkeon Pay & Display (30 Car Parks) 4 Parkeon Pay on Foot (Battery Green) Permit/Season Ticket schemes

9 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Review Process 1.Create Baseline Data from April 2010 to date 2.Benchmark across Waveney and against available Information 3.Car Park Site Visits/Assessments 4.Evaluate Potential Benefits versus Impacts (Car Park Specific and Wider Economic Factors) 5.Consultation on Options and Report Back to Overview and Scrutiny Committee/Cabinet 6.Implement Future Strategy and Options

10 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Baseline Data Analysed Detailed Pay and Display Ticket Machine Data (May 2012 to date) Summary Pay on Foot Ticket Machine Data (From July 2011 to date but with gaps in data) Excess Charge Notices (ECNs) issued (April 2010 to date) Season Ticket Sales/Permit Issues (April 2010 to date) Uncharged Car Park Usage Reviews (June/July 2013) WDC / WN Finance Records (April 2010 to date)

11 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Analysis of Pay and Display Tickets All Ticket Sales Data in Excel Pivot Table 18 Months of Data from May 2012 to date Enables Filtering by: – Car Park Location – Individual Ticket Machine – Length of Stay Purchased – Time of Day Ticket Issued – Day(s) of Week

12 Zone Desc(All) Hour(All) MonthSeptember Day(All) Tariff Bands Free 1 Hr 1 Hr 30 2 Hrs 3 Hrs 4 Hrs 5 Hrs 10 Hrs Car Parks No of tickets sold Revenue Overpayments No of tickets sold Revenue Overpayments No of tickets sold Revenue Overpayments No of tickets sold Revenue Overpayments No of tickets sold Revenue Overpayments No of tickets sold Revenue Overpayments No of tickets sold Revenue Overpayments No of tickets sold Revenue Overpayments Total No of tickets sold Total Revenue Total Overpayments Adrian Road127£121.25£6.95138£255.55£7.1553£146.20£3.1020£72.20£0.2021£94.60£0.10359£689.80£17.50 Alexandra Road719£681.65£34.55661£1,232.15£42.35165£454.45£8.9589£324.50£4.10138£624.70£3.701,772£3,317.45£93.65 Angel Lane North924£591.35£36.95601£725.80£4.60206£383.15£12.3548£116.40£1.20158£475.00£1.001,937£2,291.70£56.10 Angel Lane South273£176.05£12.2576£92.70£1.5011£20.40£0.603£7.20£0.0013£39.00£0.00376£335.35£14.35 Belvedere Road Scale 734£33.40£2.8088£331.00£111.00122£364.40£113.80 Belvedere Road Scale 7 and 6A144£145.30£15.70287£725.60£8.10431£870.90£23.80 Blyburgate Central1,124£741.10£66.701,007£1,220.90£12.50683£1,268.95£39.554£10.50£0.9025£75.00£0.002,843£3,316.45£119.65 Blyburgate East328£217.10£20.30246£298.50£3.30190£352.05£10.0593£225.20£2.00313£939.00£0.001,170£2,031.85£35.65 Boulevard East623£596.85£36.15438£822.90£34.50155£429.80£11.3048£176.50£3.7046£209.10£2.101,310£2,235.15£87.75 Boulevard West628£601.40£36.20481£913.50£47.70201£556.55£13.8568£250.80£6.00115£519.20£1.701,493£2,841.45£105.45 Clapham Road East7,356£7,383.30£27.303,604£7,216.55£8.55913£2,743.55£4.5511,873£17,343.40£40.40 Clapham Road West4,460£4,485.35£25.352,953£5,922.00£16.00815£2,449.80£4.808,228£12,857.15£46.15 Claremont Pier South485£468.45£31.95468£876.50£34.10209£577.40£13.1088£321.35£4.5585£386.80£4.301,335£2,630.50£88.00 Clifton Road56£54.50£4.10111£279.65£2.15167£334.15£6.25 Everitts Park Pets Corner187£180.90£12.60337£634.15£27.55152£423.60£13.2050£183.70£3.7064£290.70£2.70790£1,713.05£59.75 Everitts Park Pits157£153.45£12.15214£399.90£14.7078£215.00£4.4029£105.50£1.1049£223.90£3.40527£1,097.75£35.75 Everitts Park Spar593£573.20£39.50742£1,384.30£48.70323£890.15£18.0599£362.50£6.1094£424.60£1.601,851£3,634.75£113.95 Kirkley Cliff161£157.85£12.95105£197.80£8.8034£94.10£2.3010£37.70£1.7012£54.60£0.60322£542.05£26.35 Newgate East1,018£669.90£59.101,027£1,248.40£16.00452£842.05£28.45102£248.90£4.10468£1,405.60£1.603,067£4,414.85£109.25 Newgate West806£526.85£43.25565£684.90£6.90245£455.45£14.4569£167.50£1.90307£922.70£1.701,992£2,757.40£68.20 Old Post Office Halesworth90£58.10£4.1040£48.60£0.6010£18.20£0.202£4.80£0.0023£69.00£0.00165£198.70£4.90 Pakefield Road211£205.60£15.7064£161.10£1.10275£366.70£16.80 Pakefield Street226£221.65£18.2596£241.00£1.00322£462.65£19.25 Priory Lane Bungay4,642£0.00 514£516.20£2.20100£187.00£7.0046£110.90£0.50136£408.00£0.005,438£1,222.10£9.70 Regent Road405£386.60£22.10438£809.00£20.6096£264.00£4.8019£69.10£0.7040£180.50£0.50998£1,709.20£48.70 Royal Green2,104£2,024.35£130.752,468£4,611.25£168.851,151£3,179.00£71.30467£1,710.00£28.80421£1,906.30£11.806,611£13,430.90£411.50 Scales Street Bungay3,869£0.00 740£742.70£2.70246£456.90£14.1061£147.70£1.30213£640.30£1.305,129£1,987.60£19.40 Southwold Pier Central521£508.35£39.451,009£1,896.35£80.15900£2,485.30£55.30467£1,706.85£25.65458£2,070.60£9.603,355£8,667.45£210.15 Southwold Pier North267£258.35£18.05603£1,134.00£48.60624£1,724.60£39.80346£1,266.55£20.95360£1,630.00£10.002,200£6,013.50£137.40 Southwold Pier South908£882.75£65.551,019£1,917.45£83.25612£1,743.70£91.30249£910.30£13.90339£1,547.05£21.553,127£7,001.25£275.55 St Peters Street542£522.85£35.05639£1,194.15£43.95325£895.40£17.90108£392.40£3.6078£352.00£1.001,692£3,356.80£101.50 Station Road Halesworth258£167.40£12.60144£174.40£1.6040£75.20£3.2022£53.30£0.5046£139.00£1.00510£609.30£18.90 Tennyson Road675£1,696.30£8.80675£1,696.30£8.80 Whapload Road East359£341.15£18.05463£861.60£28.20172£474.20£9.8053£192.30£1.5081£367.10£2.601,128£2,236.35£60.15 Whapload Road West170£162.15£9.15269£496.20£12.00107£294.90£6.0033£119.90£1.1046£207.60£0.60625£1,280.75£28.85 Wharton Street1,453£0.00 492£496.80£4.80145£273.00£12.0041£99.30£0.90155£465.05£0.052,286£1,334.15£17.75 Britten Centre MSCP6,499£6,507.15£18.453,387£5,245.60£138.40683£1,517.60£3.00195£586.25-£2.3579£316.10£0.10148£739.30£0.3010,991£14,912.00£157.90 Hungate2,335£1,501.05£100.051,102£1,333.85£11.45325£604.00£19.0084£203.65£2.05364£1,093.20£1.204,210£4,735.75£133.75 Claremont Pier North501£484.25£33.35274£516.00£22.80102£283.05£7.6537£138.10£4.9036£163.50£1.50950£1,584.90£70.20 Thoroughfare 26,952£0.00 607£608.60£1.60174£335.60£22.407,733£944.20£24.00 Blyburgate SS184£120.00£9.60129£156.60£27.6090£180.40£18.40403£457.00£55.60 Thoroughfare 18,844£0.00 760£761.40£1.40201£425.90£64.109,805£1,187.30£65.50 Thoroughfare 3 LS1,860£0.00 96£97.20£1.2022£41.00£1.4021£50.70£0.30172£516.00£0.002,171£704.90£2.90 Southwold Harbour East801£767.10£46.20463£866.50£33.10207£575.10£16.2093£341.20£6.4091£413.90£4.401,655£2,963.80£106.30 Southwold Pier Overflow2£1.90£0.101£3.60£0.003£5.50£0.10 Grand Total27,620£0.00 35,915£33,019.50£1,076.80671£660.45£56.5529,319£48,610.95£1,069.9511,217£28,336.70£687.903,165£10,717.35£151.9579£316.10£0.106,436£23,027.55£224.05114,422£144,688.60£3,267.30 Example of Monthly Ticket Sales Report from Parkeon MyParkfolio Program (Sept 13) All Car Parks Tariff Band Free Tariff Band 1 Hr Car Park Locations 3 Columns/Tariff 1.No of Tickets 2.Value of Tickets 3. Overpayments Filters for more detailed analysis of data

13 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Further Analysis Excel Pivot Tables are 30MB per month Monthly summaries used to collate individual car park sales Data to be available on WDC Shared Area Prior to May 2012, cash takings records used to establish 42 month base period Analysed for seasonal variations/medium & longer term trends

14 Example of Individual Car Park Sales Prepared from Monthly Report Clapham Road INCOME BY TICKET TYPE CLAPHAM ROAD, LOWESTOFT Spaces Approx. Maximum 1 Hr 2 Hrs 3 Hrs 41,915.00 Car Parks No of tickets sold Revenue Overpay ments No of tickets sold Revenue Overpay ments No of tickets sold Revenue Overpay ments Total No of tickets sold Total Revenue Total Overpay ments Capacity Measure Compara tive usage measure Sep-1311,81611,868.6552.656,55713,138.5524.551,7285,193.359.352010130,200.5586.5530,114.0071.85% Aug-1311,79011,845.8055.807,11414,255.1527.152,0346,110.308.302093832,211.2591.2532,120.0076.63% Jul-1312,26012,306.9546.956,71513,445.5015.501,8555,570.155.152083031,322.6067.6031,255.0074.57% Jun-1311,68811,745.2557.256,32912,669.7011.701,5544,667.505.501957129,082.4574.4529,008.0069.21% May-1311,85311,903.0050.006,21412,444.2016.201,6364,915.507.501970329,262.7073.7029,189.0069.64% Apr-1311,59611,641.6045.606,12112,258.0016.001,5514,662.559.551926828,562.1571.1528,491.0067.97% Mar-1311,57211,623.8051.805,98011,972.6512.651,4064,212.10-5.901895827,808.5558.5527,750.0066.21% Feb-1310,35610,394.1038.105,38910,795.9517.951,3434,030.701.701708825,220.7557.7525,163.0060.03% Jan-1310,90310,941.0538.055,51811,055.2519.251,2913,877.654.651771225,873.9561.9525,812.0061.58% Dec-1212,50512,550.7545.757,61915,258.3520.351,9035,713.554.552202733,522.6570.6533,452.0079.81% Nov-1212,46012,505.3045.307,03014,075.4015.401,8065,422.804.802129632,003.5065.5031,938.0076.20% Oct-1212,27212,315.5043.506,64213,299.8015.801,5884,758.95-5.052050230,374.2554.2530,320.0072.34% Sep-1210,64410,683.5039.505,88811,792.1016.101,5214,564.151.151805327,039.7556.7526,983.0064.38% Aug-1211,95211,989.8037.806,73113,472.9510.951,8515,558.155.152053431,020.9053.9030,967.0073.88% Jul-1211,95511,994.7039.706,64313,300.6014.601,7245,175.653.652032230,470.9557.9530,413.0072.56% Jun-1211,14011,178.5538.556,02712,076.4022.401,6344,902.900.901880128,157.8561.8528,096.0067.03% May-1212,00612,064.5558.556,34112,700.4018.401,5724,719.403.401991929,484.3580.3529,404.0070.15%

15 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Comparable Usage Measures Actual Time Sold per Month = No. of Tickets per Tariff x Maximum Tariff Stay Time Available = No. of Spaces x Charging Hours % Usage = Actual Sales / Available Notes 1.No allowance for over/under-stay 2.Can be distorted if significant long stay usage as >4 hour & > 90 minute tickets treated as maximum stay

16 Example of Car Park Average Daily Sales (August 2013) All Lowestoft Car Parks WAVENEY CAR PARKS AUGUST 2013 BY DAY OF WEEK TOTALMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday Sunday / Av Day Adrian Road23.1525.0838.2430.0029.0925.6610.065.080.20 Alexandra Road111.93106.90163.54124.73128.00126.71104.7023.040.19 Belvedere Road114.94124.80101.96153.24138.9091.60101.6295.640.81 Clapham Road 1,039.07966.281,158.141,110.351,096.581,133.031,244.78475.06 0.43 Clifton Road33.6041.2040.1044.6346.7035.9715.2612.100.33 Regent Road51.8958.9563.0174.5368.9658.1935.422.430.04 St Peters Street127.79134.76149.70130.43153.64140.03141.5031.500.23 Tennyson Road55.2751.5089.5367.5879.7654.4637.565.000.08 Whapload Road123.18124.10176.24156.65144.70101.18130.4227.290.20 Britten Centre MSCP522.81474.00586.66521.88566.03629.06665.12143.950.25 Claremont Pier379.07337.29460.86435.13417.43316.43277.05440.911.18 Kirkley Cliff106.5294.76133.08146.40133.4575.3546.28132.431.26 Pakefield Road30.4147.7120.1829.7535.6617.5821.3844.751.55 Pakefield Street46.8283.4545.9551.3064.1529.1519.8440.730.84 Royal Green923.98981.53973.89978.851,021.06766.39794.26999.451.09 Note Variable Sunday Usage

17 Example of Car Park Time of Day Sales Graph (August 2013)

18 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Comparison of Usage by Location & Type MAIN THEMES Lowestoft Shopping Lowestoft Sea Front Lowestoft Other Market Towns Seasonal Resorts Other Note: Individual Figures Combined to Graph Usage by Area

19 Car Park Sales Graph by Location/Type (April – September2013) Free 1 Hour Trial Usage of Car Parks

20 Car Park Sales Graph by Location/Type (April – September2013) Free 1 Hour Trial Usage of Car Parks

21 Car Park Sales Graph - (April – September 2013) Lowestoft Shopping Areas Spare Capacity!

22 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Further Evidence Gathered OTHER INFORMATION EVALUATED Uncharged Car Park Usage Surveys & Anecdotal Evidence WDC Council Websites – Car Parking Services, News & Planning National & Other Local Government Websites Car & Other Parking Research in General Staffing / Other Costs of Car Park Management Season Ticket Sales Excess Charge Notices Issued and Cancelled CAR PARK SITE VISITS Nearby Attractions & Amenities Surface, Line Marking & Signage Condition Alternative Nearby Car Parking On-Street Parking Availability, Restrictions and Level of Enforcement Proposed Changes & Developments

23 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Anticipating Future Changes Riverside Road Development and Council Staff Relocation Lake Lothing & Outer Harbour Area Action Plan Pedestrian / Cyclist Bridge Peto Square / Commercial Road Improvements Lowestoft Northern Spine Road & A12 Re-routing Away From Town Centre Third River Crossing

24 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Key Review Findings Car Park Service Provision has not Kept Pace with Economic, Technical, Social, Demographic & Legislative Changes – Major Changes Required! o Reduced Demand for Off-Street Parking Increase in Legal On-Street Parking Increase in Incorrect (previously illegal) On-Street Parking Lack of Resources for On-Street Enforcement Changes in Shopping/Tourist Habits o 88% of Car Park Income Generated by 15 Car Parks! o Changes in Retail Attraction have left Waveney with Significant Over Provision of Car Parking Spaces o Structural Repairs Required at Battery Green MSCP o Loss of Revenue from 1 Hour Free Parking Trials in Bungay and Halesworth £12k & £42k p.a. o Advances in Automated Enforcement Methods

25 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Generic Review Conclusions Frequent and Ongoing Future Reviews Required Preferred Common Strategy and Policy Enhanced Responsibility for Car Park Management Delegated to Partnerships Permit and Season Ticket Management Methods of Enforcement Security and Maintenance Explore Opportunities for Civil Parking Enforcement (On-Street) to be undertaken by WDC Evidence Required into Benefits of Concessionary Car Parking Schemes

26 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Specific Review Conclusions Evaluate Automated Enforcement Systems, Principally Automatic Number Plate Recognition Review Options for Uncharged Car Parks Review Options for Disposal or Re-Development of Under-performing Charged Car Parks Improve Road Signage – e.g. Britten Centre MSCP from Clapham Road

27 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Options for Uncharged Car Parks Lowestoft Christchurch Plain Albany Road Melbourne Road St Margarets Plain Links Road Commodore Road All Saints Road (and/or Pakefield Street/Road) Whapload Road (aka The Denes) Wrentham Southwold Road Bungay Boyscott Lane Bridge Street Beccles Quay North Quay South Waveney Meadow Kilbrack Road Southwold Ferry Road North Ferry Road Market Place Cobbles Harbour West

28 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Options for Charged Car Parks Lowestoft Other Battery Green MSCP Belvedere Road Whapload Road Adrian Road Kirkley Cliff Pakefield Road Pakefield Street Oulton Broad Nicholas Everitt Park (Coach Park) Halesworth Angel Lane South

29 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Belvedere Road - Issues 160 CAR SPACES & 10 COACH/LORRY Marooned by Sunrise Scheme Road Changes No Right Turn into Car Park when Approaching from Horn Hill (Traffic from A12 South & A146 West of Town) Signage all Directed at Commercial Traffic rather than Cars Despite this, Little Commercial Usage

30 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Future Development? Belvedere Road New Affordable Housing?

31 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW The Next Steps....... Review Brief O&S Committee Internal Consultation Deliver & Implement Cabinet Decisions Continuous Process External Consultation Options to O&S

32 Car Park Sales Graph - (April – September 2013) Lowestoft Shopping Areas

33 Car Park Sales Graph - (April – September2013) Lowestoft Shopping Areas Excluding Battery Green MSCP Still Spare Capacity!

34 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Future Aspirations? Battery Green MSCP Whapload Road

35 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Future Aspirations? Castle Mall Chapelfield Battery Green MSCP Images to Same Scale

36 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Future Aspirations? A Familiar Local Site.............

37 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW Future Aspirations? Spot the Difference?

38 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW And Finally...... The Sunrise Mall? Before and After....... Food for Thought?

39 WDC STRATEGIC CAR PARK REVIEW And Finally..... Thank you for your attention ANY QUESTIONS?


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