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Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad AUTOMATIC DISTANCE CONTROLLER.

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1 Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad AUTOMATIC DISTANCE CONTROLLER

2 What Is ADC??? The devices that uses radar, infrared and image processing to allow for a decentralized recording of the environment around the vehicle and allow signals to send to the system for its utilization.radarinfraredimage processing Use: 1.Nowadays it is using in car parking. 2.It is being planned to be used in applying brakes in car while accidents. 3.It is using in anti-lock braking system in car which

3 What is proximity sensors ? A proximity sensor is a device able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact. A proximity sensor often emits an electromagnetic field or a beam of electromagnetic radiation (infrared, for instance), and looks for changes in the field or return signal. The object being sensed is often referred to as the proximity sensor's target. Different proximity sensor targets demand different sensors. The maximum distance that this sensor can detect is known as "nominal range". Some sensors have adjustments of the nominal range or means to report a graduated detection distance. Proximity sensors are also used in machine vibration monitoring to measure the variation in distance between a shaft and its support bearing. This is common in large steam turbines, compressors, and motors that use sleeve-type bearings.

4 How ADC works in cars ?

5 What is in our working model ? In our model, we try to show how we can use sensors in car to prevent accidents. In our model, we used a proximity sensor in one car and try to showing how it can stop the same car when it come near to another car. We use a circuit with that proximity sensor and connect it with the controlling mechanism of the car Using proximity sensor initially car has given warning from some distance from any static danger and when car goes closer to it then sensor automatically decreases down the speed of the car and at last before Having any accident with that static object, sensors automatically apply Brakes to the car How ADC works in cars ?

6 Components used in our model 1. Crystal oscillator (12 Mhz). 2. 2 capacitors ( 27 pf ). 3. 1805 IC voltage regulator. 4. L293d motor driver. 5. ATMEGA – 8 6. IC holder 7. PCB


8 Response of some companies after using sensors

9 Reference : report_aebs_en.pdf

10 Result : 1. Some companies had successfully used that technology in their vehicles like Volvo etc. Submitted by; ARCHIT GARG(cs12b1007) GAJENDRA KUMAR MEENA (ce12b1006) ABHILASH SHAKYA(cs12b1002) MADANLAL MEENA(ce12b1012)

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