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1 TRAVELOCITY DUDE…WHERES MY PR? Suggested Approach Presented By VOLLMER May 17, 2004.

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1 1 TRAVELOCITY DUDE…WHERES MY PR? Suggested Approach Presented By VOLLMER May 17, 2004

2 2 Objectives Secure media coverage on local and one-way car rentals from Travelocity Convey Travelocity offers good car deals Reiterate that Travelocity is an advocate for consumers through TotalPrice For Cars Help drive traffic to Travelocitys car path

3 3 Target Audiences Media – consumer, travel and trade Industry analysts Current and potential Travelocity members

4 4 Media Targets Newswires, such as Dow Jones, Associated Press and Reuters National Newspapers (consumer, lifestyle, travel), such as New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today Top 25 and Gap Cities Daily Newspapers (consumer, lifestyle, city/metro, travel) Local Media (print and broadcast), such as Dallas/Ft.Worth and San Francisco Television Stations in Top 25 and Gap Cities Online Media, such as Travel Trades, such as Travel Weekly and Auto Rental News

5 5 PR Approach Help create a new market of local car renters Special occasions Car back-up during repairs Insurance replacement Business Weekend trips Secure media coverage, highlighting the benefits of local/ off-airport car rentals

6 6 Announcement Convenience and benefits of local car rentals with overhaul of off-airport car rentals Local car rental locations displayed through geo-coding capabilities, such as zip code, address or landmark, which havent been as comprehensive online until now Ability to reserve one-way car rental Between city-suburban, city-airport and airport-city locations New Web site design New grid display Brings base rate and TotalPrice on front screen Shows prices for five car types after initial search Incorporates Travelocitys new look-and feel throughout entire car path

7 7 Key Messages Travelocity offers consumer comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, services to find the best price and location for their specific car rental needs Location information hasnt been as comprehensive online until now Geo-coding – Ability to find closest location based on zip code, address or landmark New local off-airport rental information Good for many uses, such as special occasions, car repairs, insurance replacement, business, weekend trips, etc. New one-way rental option Good for many uses, such as moving, taking children to college, etc. New grid display, including Travelocitys new look and feel Travelocity is an advocate of consumers by providing honest and upfront pricing when renting a car TotalPrice for Cars – Now TotalPrice and base rate upfront Consumers have access to good deals on Travelocity with all major car rental companies through its valued relationships with suppliers Car promotions Use of discount codes (AAA, AARP, etc.)

8 8 Tactics: Phase One

9 9 Local Story Angles Special Occasion Rentals Need that nice car for wedding, birthday, anniversary or other occasion Visit your nearest off-airport rental location Car Repairs Saves time by choosing a rental car close to home/office Budget Shoppers Choice of picking up at airport or off-airport, based on TotalPrice and their budget Home Improvement Rent a truck or larger vehicle for summer projects Holds larger equipment and supplies better

10 10 Local Story Angles Moving Convenience of picking up/dropping off at closest location Can be for personal or business Option of renting larger car to drop off college freshman with luggage and then fly back – ties into back-to-school season

11 11 Travel Story Angles Avoiding The Wait Airports crowded and rental car lines longer Save time by going to nearest off-airport location Rise In Gas Prices Renting smaller vehicles when going on weekend trips (mostly for individuals or couples) Car Leasers Having mileage restrictions can put a damper on your weekends or longer road trips Pick up car at nearby off airport location Day Trips On vacation, but need car for only one day Can pick up/drop off at nearest rental facility Example: visiting Las Vegas, yet want to see Grand Canyon

12 12 Resource Ideas Car Tax Study Use car tax study in airports to contact Top 25 and gap cities TV Off-airport locations another option Top 10 List Best and worst places to rent a car (based on how spread out airports are) Cities with largest number of car rental locations Rental Data Use data to find out car type most people rent at off-airport locations Compare regions, such as Texas renting SUVs vs. California renting luxury or specialty vehicles Local Secrets When Amy discusses Local Secrets, Big Finds, tie in idea of renting car to visit these top spots

13 13 Other Media Tactics Media Follow-Up Aggressive follow-up with key consumer, lifestyle, travel and trade media to secure coverage Third Party Comment Brief key industry analysts Forrester - Henry Harteveldt Jupiter - Mike Altomari PhoCusWright - Lorraine Sileo Abrams Consulting - Neil Abrams Provided they have a positive reaction, offer them to media as sources on a broader story E-mail Tagline Promote Dude in Vollmers e-mail tagline

14 14 Spokespersons Phil Kennewell, primary spokesperson for major media outlets Tracey Weber, secondary spokesperson Joel Frey, back-up spokesperson

15 15 Media Materials News Release Distribute June 16 (one week after June 9 soft launch) Distributed broadly to hundreds of national and local media outlets (including broadcast and online media) via Business Wire Sent to targeted media and other industry analysts who have an interest in travel/Travelocity TV News Alert Distribute June 17 (weekend)/June 28 (consumer) The alert will be distributed broadly to hundreds of consumer reporters at affiliates nationwide B-roll Update existing b-roll with new footage of car path

16 16 PR Tactics: Phase Two

17 17 Study Options include: Off-Airport Car Tax Study Conduct another rental tax study by doing a comparison of off-airport vs. airport car rental taxes at the top 75 cities in the U.S. Update Airport Car Tax Study Complete another airport car rental tax study to use as a benchmark on whether car rental taxes have gone up or down in the past year Car Rental Behavioral Poll Conduct a poll around car rental behaviors How do people drive a rental car? Do you speed or go through toll booths with car rentals? Do you purchase insurance? What amenities do you need? Why do you rent a car? Timing TBD

18 18 Promotional Ideas

19 19 Potential Ideas Gnome Antenna For all members who rent off-airport, they receive a gnome head to put on the antenna (aka Jack-in-the-Box) of their rental car and their own car later Gnome Bobblehead For all members who rent off-airport, they receive a gnome bobblehead they can put on dashboard of their rental car and their own car later Gnome on GPS For all members who rent off-airport, have the gnome be the voice behind GPS system in their rental car Can add in occasional quips from gnome to continue building his personality and connection in customers minds

20 20 Potential Ideas Summer Promotion Off-airport locations in gap cities In June, free upgrades when you book at an off-airport location In July, free GPS when renting for more than three days Luxury Car Rental Giveaway Give away a year s worth of luxury car rentals For 52 straight days, customers who book off-airport car rental on Travelocity will be automatically entered to win a luxury car rental for a week Minimum 3-day rental required Car Perks Partner with hotel chain and offer customer discount on off-airport car rental Book hotel and car rental on Travelocity and receive 10% off car rental rate Free car upgrade

21 21 Next Steps Finalize key messages Develop release and talking points Update b-roll

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