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Mickey Moose Goes to the Car Show. By Ms. Sweeny 4S 2-28-10.

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1 Mickey Moose Goes to the Car Show. By Ms. Sweeny 4S 2-28-10

2 The first car Mickey got to see was the Viper! It was really cool until someone tried to open the hood and the alarm went off. Someone told us later that this should not have happened because all the batteries in all the cars were supposed to be disconnected.

3 Mickey saw a lot of cars while he was there. He had his pictures taken with some of them. One of his favorites was the BMW. That was an expensive car.

4 This man wanted to sell Mickey Moose a new car. Mickey didnt have the money to buy that new car. But he gave the man his email address, and maybe one day, Mickey could get that car.

5 Mickey Moose saw and met many people. Mickey met all kinds of people. They were all so very nice. Famous Wrestle Kevin Nash. Miss Black Ohio Dora Miss Kentucky, USA Clint Otis University of Louisville Cheerleaders

6 He even met Spawn. Mickey was afraid of Spawn to start with. It think Spawn wasnt too sure about Mickey at first. But then, we got a good picture of them both.

7 Mickey had treats too. Mickey got some gum while he was at the car show. When he got into the limo, they let him have some soda, too. His favorite food of the night, however, was the caramel corn! Because it was too messy, he had to wait until he got home to eat it.

8 Mickey learns. He even learned how to pump gas while he was there! What a smart moose.

9 At the end of the day, Mickey had so much fun. He listened to the car stereos. They were so loud. He met more people. He sat on a giant tire! And even drove a tractor. It was a very fun day.

10 Mickey had a very good time. He cant wait until next year.

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