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Car Parts. Gear shift

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1 Car Parts


3 Gear shift

4 Speedometer, Odometer, Fuel and Temperature Gauges

5 Cruise Control

6 Adjust the mirrors, Lock/ Unlock the doors, Roll up/ down the windows

7 Parking Brake

8 Tailgate/ Truck bed

9 Exhaust Pipe

10 Seat Belt (Fasten your seatbelt, Buckle Up!)


12 Pedals: Clutch, Brake, Gas Floormat

13 Rearview/ Side View Mirror C1FNhxGOZuAbIqtt5DjVTll8j Cw78NKemfP8oO25_h3pttvunXQ

14 Steering Wheel, Glove Box/ Glove Compartment, Center Console, GPS, Head rest, Front (back) seat, Drivers/ Passengers seat, Backseat driver, Dashboard, Horn (honk the horn!)

15 Car Seat

16 Hazard Lights

17 Windshield Wipers

18 Tire, Wheel, Hubcap

19 Hatchback/ License Plate

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