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Hello! Ich hiesse Miss Mcneilly!

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1 Hello! Ich hiesse Miss Mcneilly!
Gern\nicht gern Like\don’t like Fruhstuck Breakfast Essen Food

2 Copy into your jotters:
Ich esse= I eat Honig= honey Kase= cheese

3 In German write in sentences
I eat cheese. I eat bread. I eat jam. I eat fish. I eat meatballs. I eat bacon. Remember: the food must have capital letters!

4 Unscramble these words:
Marlamde Stwru Nie ie Ksepc Ttbeur Pmmeso firets

5 Write in German Meat Fish Seafood Toast Bacon Chicken jam

6 Copy into your jotter: Fleisch= meat Hackfleisch= mince
Frikadellen= meatballs Hahnchen= chicken fisch= fish Meeresfruchte= seafood

7 Meanings Wurst= a sausage Pommes frites= chips Chips= crips Brot= bread Fisch= fish Speck= bacon Now copy into your jotter.

8 With a parteren With a parteren number each other 1 and 2 say these 2 things, then make up the rest of it. Ich esse gern... Ich tricken gern... Now make the rest up...

9 Wurst

10 Fisch

11 Brot

12 Kase

13 Honig

14 Marmelade

15 Speck

16 Frikadellen

17 Meeresfruchte

18 Gern\nicht gern Was isst du gern? = What do you like to eat? Was isst du nicht gern= What do you not like to eat? Ich esse gern... = I like to eat... Ich esse nicht gern... = I do not like to eat...

19 Adding On Add on ( mit=with,und= and, oder= or) to these sentences. You may take away words. Ich esse Toast. Ich esse Butter. Ich esse gern ein Ei. Ich esse gern Nutella. Ich esse nicht gern Honig. Ich esse nicht gern Musli. Ich esse Speck. Ich esse Cornflakes. Ich esse Kase. Ich esse Joghurt.

20 Thank You! Thank you for reading my slide show. Now you now all about food in German. Also you know about the conjunctions for sentences.

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