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SkyTran™ Personal Maglev Transporters™.

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1 SkyTran™ Personal Maglev Transporters™

2 SkyTran Features SkyTran vehicles are waiting for you whenever you need one. A SkyTran vehicle takes you non-stop to your destination from 25 to 100 mph. SkyTran is quiet and energy efficient. SkyTran provides privacy, safety, and personal freedom like a car. SkyTran is Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)

3 Low Cost Modular Design
Small Personalized Vehicles Inexpensive Portals Built like a theme park ride. Imagine a roller coaster stretched from ½ mile to 20 miles and with all the loops and thrills removed. Emphasize why 2 people. Why so sleek and small. If not Lightweight, guideways are bigger, poles larger and more expensive, visual impact increased, aerodynamic means low cost, small size, energy efficient means USE UBIQUITY ARGUMENT Lightweight Guideways Standard Utility Pole Supports

4 How SkyTran Works Non-stop travel
Vehicles exit the high speed guideway before slowing… …then descend to the off line portal closest to your selected destination Traffic NEVER slows down while ON the high speed guideway! There is no difference between the behavior of SkyTran and a freeway on and offramp Non-stop travel

5 One lane of non-stop SkyTran guideway provides the same hourly capacity as a three lane freeway
8 ft. Clearance SkyTran structures do not obstruct cars, pedestrian any surface traffic.

6 Key Technology MagLev & LSM results in 200+ MPG energy efficiency
Propelled by standard electric Linear Synchronous Motors (LSM). Proven, passive MagLev technology replaces wheels. MagLev & LSM results in 200+ MPG energy efficiency Only one moving part…Virtually No Maintenance.

7 On-site Assembly Uses 4 Basic Parts
Guideway Vehicle Portal Poles Like a transit tinker toy assembled on-site. Designed for low cost and fast installation Cost: <$10 Million per mile

8 SkyTran takes you anywhere a car can go.
SkyTran Is A Network SkyTran takes you anywhere a car can go.

9 Crossing traffic at different levels prevents collisions.
Scales Up To A Network Crossing traffic at different levels prevents collisions.

10 Comfortable entry and exit
Using SkyTran Comfortable entry and exit

11 SkyTran disappears into the cityscape Parked vehicles waiting for you
No expensive, destructive right-of-way acquisitions required, just easements on existing sidewalks Minimum visual impact compared to an equivalent capacity three lane highway or a lower capacity light rail Nonstop Guideway Mention any place there’s a light or power pole SkyTran can go AND it becomes the light and power pole. Parked vehicles waiting for you Boarding portal

12 SkyTran

13 Comparison of 25 Mile Commute No wait, non-stop, no hassle!
MODE AVERAGE SPEED RIDE TIME Local Bus MPH minutes Light Rail MPH minutes Commuter Rail MPH minutes Auto MPH minutes SkyTran MPH minutes SkyTran No wait, non-stop, no hassle!

14 SkyTran Safety Features
40,000+Auto Deaths In U.S. Elevated Guideway No possibility of collisions with cars, trucks, pedestrians, children, animals or road debris. In-line travel on a single lane Constant spacing and speed sensing for collision avoidance is simple. No dangerous passing & arbitrary lane changing. No derailments Impossible to derail. Also, cannot slide out of control in rain, ice or snow All Weather Operation Emergency braking High-g emergency braking. SkyTran can safely stop 10 times faster than a car.

15 SkyTran Reduces Air Pollution

16 Show SD Airport connection to downtown or OR SANDEG priority route
Gate to City Service SkyTran is small! Boarding structures can be placed within 200 feet of each and every airline’s arrival gates. Show SD Airport connection to downtown or OR SANDEG priority route EXAMPLE: Arrival on United Airlines Deplane and be on your way to the city in 60 seconds

17 SkyTran Doesn’t Replace Cars
SkyTran handles majority of commuter traffic SkyTran doesn’t replace car for family trips SkyTran doesn’t replace a trip to Home Depot

18 SkyTran Summary More affordable than driving Super low maintenance
Faster than auto, bus or light-rail Safer than any other transit mode More energy efficient = 200 mpg No air or noise pollution Minimal land/environmental impact

19 Doug Malewicki, Inventor
Stanford University Master of Science Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering Apollo Program Lunar module design & test B-1 Stealth Bomber Composites Expert DARPA Contractor Advanced Morphing Wing UAVs Robosaurus

20 Who’s Who of Top Technical Support
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Dr. Richard Post Inventor of “Passive Maglev” Technology Maglev Guideway Development Scaled Composites Burt Rutan Inventor of first plastic compsoite spacecraft and first to privately launch a man into space. Vehicle Design & Engineering Advanced Digital Manufacturing Vehicle Prototype Development

21 SkyTran™ Personal Maglev Transporters™

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