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Car Periphery Supervision System: Case Study 3

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1 Car Periphery Supervision System: Case Study 3
Just the first page Ed Brinksma University of Twente

2 CPS: Informal description
CPS obtains and makes available for other systems information about environment of a car. This information may be used for: Parking assistance Pre-crash detection Blind spot supervision Lane change assistance Stop & go Etc Based on Short Range Radar (SRR) technology The CPS considered in this case study One sensor group only (currently 2 sensors) Only the front sensors and corresponding controllers Application: pre-crash detection, parking assistance, stop & go

3 CPS: General model timing analysis Hybrid Stochastic Car Environment
Sensors Measurement control (ECU) Stochastic ECU – tasks on OSEK Car Airbag control Belt Tensioner HMI Etc timing analysis Sensor CAR ECU Tasks running on OSEK HYBRID STOCHASTIC TIMED W O R L D

4 Requirements, assumptions & constraints
Proposed requirements (initially unclear) To provide the information about the environment to the belt tensioner, the air bag controller and HMI on time Avoid false alarms, i.e. to provide reliable information Proposed assumptions & constraints Environment (physical) constraints – a maximal (de-) acceleration, a maximal velocity, etc. Information consumers constraints – activation time, etc. Sensors properties – placement, physical properties ECU constraints – computation delays, communication delays, etc. Requirements, Assumptions and Constraint – why and what

5 ? Sensor scan modes 10 m DScan mode cycle: appr. 10 ms
1.4 m CVScan mode cycle: < 1.5 ms 2 m DScan mode cycle: appr. 2 ms

6 Environment Analysis Different width of cars (1.5-2m)
Interval for the sensors placement ( m) Interval of velocities (5-60m/s) Visibility analysis (MatLab) difference is big, but not important for the current services Trajectories analysis CVMode information is important only for the Air Bag Controller For the Belt Tensioner only early DScan information is important

7 UPPAAL model Env 1 Env 2 Sensor 1 Sensor 2 Measurement controller ECU
Periodic scan Mode switch d=f(d1,d2) d1 d2 Env1,Env2: distance between object and car The front of the car is divided into 12 smaller regions Sensor mode is switched from long distance scan to short distance scan based on “d” ECU’s knowledge about the object in collision course is at most one region behind Under assumption on the velocity of the object and the car, and the number of objects, the property can be satisfied

8 Results Requirements, assumptions & constraints list
Meeting in Frankfurt, Robert Bosch GmbH (03/2003) Visibility analysis Trajectories analysis CVScan information is important only to the air bag controller CVScan and DScan (2m) is not relevant for the belt tensioner (if velocity is more than 20m/s~65km/h) Short DScan may be tuned to the air bag controller or the belt tensioner needs Presentations in Ametist meetings in Twente (09/2002) Dortmund (11/2002) Cassis (4/2003) Conferences B.Gebremichael, H.Hermanns, T.Krilavičius, Y.S.Usenko Hybrid Modeling of a Vehicle Surveillance System with Real-Time Data Processing, Dynamical System Modelling and Stability Investigation, Kiev, 05/2003 Technical results – left side, Activities – right side Uppaal model, verification of certain properties

9 Bosch has put the SRR system development on ice.
Plans Recent news: Bosch has put the SRR system development on ice. Wider set of the trajectories with (de-) acceleration non-orthogonal trajectories Extension of problem hybrid analysis control aspects active cruise control platoon navigation Applications of the modeling results to tune the Uppaal model Pushing tools to the limit and using state of the art methods to overcome these limitations Technical plans – the left side and the bottom right side, General – the top two on the left side Experimentation with different short DScan distances Tuning the Uppaal model to the tool

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