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Car AI System Goals Design Implementation Improvements.

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1 Car AI System Goals Design Implementation Improvements

2 AI: Goals Have cars follow course AI drivers constrained by car performance Random element to make AI race against each other

3 AI: Design Node name pos radius maxspeed next Node(name,pos,maxspe ed) SetPointer(node) Check( ) GetGoal( ) NodeList first last current NodeList( ) InsertNode(node) CheckCurrent(car) CarAI car list mytimer CarAI(car) Compute( ) *1

4 AI: Implementation Waypoint navigation Configurable waypoint speeds Randomized use of waypoint speeds Cyclic waypoint graph Main AI loop controlled by Timer, easy to adjust the CPU time given to AI system

5 AI: Implementation wp1 12 34 dir

6 AI: Improvements Layered AI system Use appropriate method for situation Strategy based AI system Event driven AI strategy chooser Based on waypoints AI chosen waypoint determines speed factor, not random factor May even use Fuzzy Logic to choose behavior, if more variables are assigned to each car

7 AI: Improvements CarAI WayPointsChaserBlocker ConcreteAI EventDriven

8 Track Class Encapsulate all track specific parameters in a class Could contain: track model, start grid positions, waypoints. Track implementations should inherit from TrackBase class Easy to change tracks using TrackBase interface

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