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Mini Baja Car Data Acquisition System Kendrick Burnett Cody Notaro.

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1 Mini Baja Car Data Acquisition System Kendrick Burnett Cody Notaro

2 Project Objectives Retrieve data on engine, clutch temperature and input shaft of transmission and input data into excel so that the information can be analyzed and used to determine the optimal clutch setup. Retrieve data from displacement sensors to determine the reactions of the shocks to different terrains and events. Data will then be used to determine the shock valving necessary.

3 Displacement Sensor Displacement sensors will be mounted in line with the shocks so that they may measure the travel during a normal run of the car. The Shock is the same on all four corners.

4 Thermal and Hall Effect The thermal sensor will be mounted on the clutch cover so that we may monitor the temperature of the clutches. The hall effect sensor will be mounted on the transmission cover so we may monitor the input shaft RPM.

5 Engine RPM The Engine RPM sensor will wrap around the spark plug wire to monitor the RPM during a test run.

6 Sensor Location

7 Specifications 4 Displacement Sensors 0 – 6.5 inches front 0 – 7 inches rear +/- ¼ inch 1 Rotational Sensor 200 – 4200 RPM +/- 50 RPM 1 Engine RPM Sensor 1200 – 3600 RPM +/- 50 RPM 1 Temperature Sensor 10 – 80 C +/- 5 C

8 Analytical Component Rotational Sensor 200 – 4200 RPM 13.3 – 280 Hz w/ 4 Bolts

9 Analytical Component Engine RPM Circuit 1200 – 3600 RPM 20 – 60 Hz

10 Analytical Component Temperature Circuit 10 – 80 C (1k – 20k ohms) 1 – 4.167V ( 10 – 80 C) ~.27 C/bit R1 = 4K Resistor Vout = Vcc*Rvar/(R1 + Rvar)

11 Analytical Component Software Algorithm Data will be saved to a memory unit available for the HC12 Data will be transmitted to a pc program where the data will be interpreted and exported to an excel document

12 User Interface

13 Division Of Work Kendrick: Testing Everything Else Cody: Mounting Fabrication Testing

14 Work Completed Obtained Sensors Sensor Analysis Limited Testing of parts Circuit Design

15 Work To Be Completed HC12 Software PC Software Circuit Implementation Testing Installation on Baja car More Testing

16 Test Plan Test each Sensor for Accuracy Temperature Sensor – Temperature Chamber Input Shaft Rotational Sensor – Test Fixture Engine RPM – On car testing Displacement Sensors – Test Measurements

17 Power Consumption ~300 mW HC12 ~3 mW Temperature Sensor ~5 mW Displacement Sensor ~1 mW 555 timer Total Power Consumption ~310 mW

18 System Cost Qty.RetailTotalActual Displacement Sensors 4$395$1580$355 Thermal Sensor1$15 Donated Hall Effect1$55 Donated Extra Memory1$60 HC121$150 Free Misc.-$50 Total$1810$465

19 Safety Concerns Baja Car driving could be dangerous Nothing Connected to the data acquisition should be dangerous

20 Questions ?

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