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AUTOMOBILE DESIGN Year 2010 and Beyond by Robert Q. Riley.

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1 AUTOMOBILE DESIGN Year 2010 and Beyond by Robert Q. Riley

2 WORLD CAR POPULATION n Greater Demand & Less Resources n Accelerated Greenhouse Emissions n Environmental & Energy Trends = Negative Economic Impacts Developing World = 300% Increase Between 1995 & 2020

3 OPTIONS FOR REDUCING TRANSPORTATION ENERGY USE n Telecommuting n Self-Sufficient Micro- Communities n Better Mass Transit n Intelligent Transportation Systems Behavioral/Societal Infrastructure Improved Vehicle Technology

4 VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY OPTIONS n Improved Conventional Power System Efficiency (VVA - CIDI - VCR - Controlled Auto Ignition - CVTs) n Alternative Fuels (Natural Gas - Methanol - Ethanol - Hydrogen) n Alternative Power Systems (Battery-Electric - Hybrid-Electric - Advanced Batteries - Ultracapacitors - Fuel Cells) n Design For Lower Transported Mass (Smaller, Lighter Vehicles - New Materials & Processes - Holistic Approach to Design) Power Systems - Fuels - Materials - Design

5 ELECTRIC VEHICLES n Good Torque Curve n No Multi-Ratio Transmission n Bi-Directional Energy/Work Loop n Clean & Efficient n BEVs Potentially Cheap to Build n Good Public Image n Limited Range & Slow Recharge of BEVs n Greater Mass & Complexity of HEVs n Unfamiliar Technology n Costly R&D/Startup n Infrastructure Costs n Costly & Speculative Marketing Effort PositiveNegative

6 BATTERY COMPARISON Specific Energy Wh/kg Specific Cost $/kW-h


8 HYBRID-ELECTRIC VEHICLES n Ultracapacitors n Flywheels n Batteries n CI & SI Engines n Stirling Engines n Turbine Engines Conversion Storage Storage Characteristics

9 INTREPID ESX SERIES HYBRID Courtesy Chrysler Corporation

10 PATRIOT FLYWHEEL/TURBINE HYBRID Courtesy Chrysler Corporation

11 FORD P2000 HYBRID Courtesy Ford Motor Company

12 NEW PACKAGING & STYLING n More Compact Packaging With New Powertrain Designs n Exterior is Shrinking Around the Passenger Zone n Urban- and Commuting-Specific Cars Can Reduce Emissions & Energy Demand

13 CARS IN YEAR 2010 & BEYOND n Hybrid Vehicles for Long Trips n Battery-Electric Vehicles for Local Trips n New Downsized Personal Transportation Products n One-Box Vehicle Design Fleet Comprised Mainly of ICE Vehicles Burning Reformulated Gasoline & Alcohol Significant Inroads By…..

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