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How will hydrogen fuel cells change the world?

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2 How will hydrogen fuel cells change the world?

3 Why Do We Need a New Fuel Source?
Currently our machinery runs on oil Oil pollutes and there are limited supplies Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the known universe Hydrogen fuel cells do not pollute

4 How A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Works
The fuel cell is composed of an anode, an electrolyte membrane in the center, and a cathode. Hydrogen flows into the fuel cell anode. Platinum coating on the anode helps to separate the gas into hydrogen ions and electrons. The electrolyte membrane allows only the protons to pass through the membrane to the cathode side of the fuel cell. The electrons cannot pass through this membrane and flow through an external circuit in the form of electric current.

5 How a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Works

6 How A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Works
Hydrogen fuel cells are very efficient compared to what we have now.

7 Where Will Hydrogen Come From?
Hydrogen is not readily available for consumer use yet. To get around this problem, hydrogen will be extracted from other, more conventional types of fuels by a device called a reformer. A fuel like natural gas is reformed into hydrogen which will then go on to power a fuel cell.

8 Where Will Hydrogen Come From?
Natural gas comes from mostly the US, so even before the switch to pure hydrogen is made, we will get our fuel domestically. Natural gas production could peak by 2025

9 Bush Administration’s Hydrogen Commitment
500 metric tons of carbon saved each year by 2040 Reduce demand for oil by 11 million barrels per day by 2040 Child born in 2003 to drive a hydrogen car at age 16

10 Hydrogen Powered Cars Hydrogen cars run clean.
500 cubic tons of carbon removed from atmosphere by 2040 New design possibilities because of compact hydrogen fuel cell stack. Stack of 200 cells is the size of a home PC.

11 Hydrogen Powered Cars Quieter operation than normal cars because of no moving parts in the fuel cell stack and electric motors at the wheels. Possibility of interchangeable bodies.

12 GM Hy-Wire Concept Car Skateboard-like chassis with snap-on body.
No engine compartment, larger cabin. 82hp engine 0-62 mph. in 16 seconds

13 Honda FCX Concept Car Max speed 93 Mph 80hp produced 201 lb-ft torque
No snap-on body More realistic 5th generation

14 Hydrogen in the Home and Office
Hydrogen fuel cells will power and heat homes and offices. Hopefully this will start in about 10 years. The hydrogen will come from natural gas that has gone through a reformer. Hydrogen cars can be refueled in the garage by a hydrogen powered house.

15 Hydrogen in Politics Much of the world’s and America’s oil comes from the Middle East. This is an incredibly volatile region. Oil runs the economy in these countries

16 Hydrogen in Politics Hydrogen fuel cells mean a decreased need for Middle Eastern oil. Decreased imports by the US means a decreased military presence in the Middle East. Possible economic collapse in main oil exporting nations and in places like Saudi Arabia, this could lead to revolution. Possible no-win situation for the US.

17 Hydrogen in Politics Hydrogen fuel cells can be used to power third world. In underdeveloped countries, the governments would not have to go broke importing oil. Solar or wind power collectors could produce energy which would make hydrogen.

18 Conclusion Hydrogen fuel cells will dramatically change our cars, how are homes and businesses are powered and heated, and it both positively and negatively change places like the Middle East and third world countries. They will also clean up the world’s air.

19 Discussion Questions Do you think the federal government should help fund the development of hydrogen fuel cell technologies? Do you think that hydrogen fuel cells are a viable alternative to oil? What aspect of hydrogen fuel cell power interests you the most or what do you think you will benefit most from? Questions?

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