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The Hybrid Car: A look at the future of cars By: Kenneth Barnett.

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1 The Hybrid Car: A look at the future of cars By: Kenneth Barnett

2 What makes a Hybrid? A hybrid is anything that uses two or mores sources directly or indirectly to provide propulsion Examples of hybrid vehicles being used: Gasoline-pedal: Moped Diesel-electric: Locomotives Buses Submarines (can also be nuclear-electric) Gasoline-electric: Passenger Vehicles

3 Parallel Hybrid Has a fuel tank that supplies gas to the engine like a regular car It also has a set of batteries that run an electric motor Both the engine and electric motor can turn the transmission at the same time.

4 Series Hybrid The fuel tank goes to the engine, but the engine turns a generator Then the generator can either charge the batteries or power an electric motor that drives the transmission The gasoline engine does not directly power the car

5 Components of a Hybrid Gasoline engine Much like our engines but smaller and is made with advanced technologies to reduce emissions and increase efficiency Fuel Tank Energy storing device for the gasoline engine Gas has a much larger density than the batteries Example: 1,000 pounds of batteries store as much energy as 1 gallon (7 pounds) of gas

6 Continuing Components Electric Motor Advance electronics allow it to act as either an motor or a generator Example: When needed it can take power from the batteries to accelerate the car. Or as the car slows down it acts as a generator and returns that energy to the batteries Generator Similar to an electric motor, just it acts only to produce electrical power Mainly in series hybrids

7 Continuing Components Batteries Energy storage device for the electric motor Transmission Transmission on a hybrid performs the same as a transmission on our cars How a transmission works is that it takes power from the engine or motor and sends to the driveshaft which turns your axle to move your car

8 Hybrid Performance The key for the hybrid car is its ability to use a smaller engine A conventional engine is sized for peak power requirement, when a study shows that most drivers reach this less than 1% of our driving time The hybrid engine is sized for running at the average power not the peak. But when it does reach that point that it needs help up a hill or to pass someone, it draws extra power from the batteries and the electric motor to get the job done.

9 Hybrid Efficiency Recovers energy and stores it into the battery Regenerative braking Sometimes it will shut the engine off Reduces aerodynamic drag Low rolling resistance tires Stiffer and inflated more 1/2 the drag on the road Lightweight Materials Carbon fiber Metals Aluminum Magnesium

10 Hybrid Maintenance Warranties The average warranty for a hybrid now is around either 8 yr/ 100,000 mile or even 10 year/ 150,000 mile Brake pads Regenerative braking Batteries $6800 for new Toyota and Honda hybrid But batteries tested to go for 180,000 miles and some

11 Available and Coming Soon

12 More cars

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