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Presentation Outline New Millennium Rail Car Initiative

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0 NYCT Subway Car Program “Building on Success” Presented to NYCTRC Michael P. Wetherell, P.E. Acting Chief Mechanical Officer Department of Subways April 26, 2012 ,.

1 Presentation Outline New Millennium Rail Car Initiative
R-160 Project Overview R-188 Project Discussion New Projects - R-179 and Beyond

2 New Millennium Train Initiative
R110A & R110B New Technology Test Trains

3 New Millennium Fleets

4 R-160 Fleet 1662 60 ft B Division Cars Assigned to NMJZQEFL Lines
NYCT’s Best Performing Fleet to date – over 700k Month Rolling MDBF Introduced new features

5 R-160 Features Ergonomic Cab FIND Display Enhanced Regeneration
Improved Door System CBTC Ready – in CBTC service on L line Light Weight Flooring

6 R188 Project Overview 126 New ‘A’ Division Cars & Conversion of 380 R-142A Cars (Kawasaki) Provides car trains for Flushing CBTC / 7 Line Extension service Communication Based Train Control Convert R142A New “C” Cars

7 R188 Project Overview R188 11-Car Configuration
Note: the 7 Line is the only NYCT subway line that runs eleven car trains

8 R188 Project Overview Base deliveries complete in December 2012
First new Option train scheduled to be delivered May 2013 8 new trains forecasted to be accepted in time for opening of 7 Line Extension Completion of delivery of all new and converted trains scheduled for January 2016

9 R188 Project Status Base Order: 23 New Cars + Conversion of 10 R142A Cars Option Order: 103 New Cars + Conversion of 370 R142A

10 R188 Project Status 10 R142A Conversion cars were delivered in December 2011 New Cars in Production Critical Design Reviews, Qualification Tests, and First Article Inspections ongoing

11 R188 Project Status CBTC Ready:
Cars will be outfitted with wiring and housing to accommodate CBTC equipment to be provided by Thales under separate contract. NYCT is facilitating interface between the Carbuilder and CBTC Supplier

12 R179 Project 300 60-foot ‘B’ Division cars replace 272 75-foot R44s
Based on R-160 Design – Upgraded Communications EPA Compliant Refrigerant Reduced Weight

13 In-Process Work Car Procurements
R-156/174 Locomotives R-157 Flat Cars and CWR Cars R-172 Ballast Regulators R-190 Snow Throwers Vacuum Trains (Specification Development)

14 R157 Flat Cars R157 General Arrangement -
R157 Production – Yonkers, NY

15 R156/174 Diesel Locomotives MPI Boise, Idaho

16 Future Project Overview
R211 ‘B’ Div cars to replace R46 fleet (752 cars) Additional fleet growth cars as required Next Generation design to address NYCT’s goals Purchase proposed for 2015 – 2019 Capital Program

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