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E-Planning & Development Plans -

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1 E-Planning & Development Plans -
National Development Planning Forum 2014 E-Planning & Development Plans - The Fife Experience Craig Walker Development Plan Team Buildings & Development Portfolio Fife Council Enterprise, Planning, & Protective Services

2 FIFEplan LDP Toolkit

3 FIFEplan LDP Toolkit

4 A variety of tools to interact

5 A variety of tools to interact
Development Plan E-Bulletin Provides regular development plan news Now over 1,220 subscribers

6 A variety of tools to interact
@fifedevplan Social Media - Twitter Regular tweets on plan progress to over 330 followers 6

7 A variety of tools to interact
The Fife LDP Exchange has a membership of 107 contacts across community, business, and key agency sectors 7

8 Online Development Plans - in the beginning …
Year 2000 Static electronic plans – pdf Local Plan documents and maps Part of national OLDP project Desired greater functionality – Limehouse Software (Objective) Fully interactive plans and consultations with mapping hosted externally Still using Objective software Bringing mapping fully in-house (Localview) Consultations powered more by mapping than by text 2008 2014

9 Objective Software Manage consultee data
Create & publish documents (hard copy & online) Create and manage online consultations Analyse & report on consultations One stop shop

10 Over 180 local authority customers across the UK
Scottish customers include: - Fife Council - East Ayrshire - South Ayrshire - SESplan - TAYplan - Aberdeenshire - Midlothian - South Lanarkshire Objective are in discussions with a further 3 local authorities in Scotland.

11 The UK’s largest dedicated government engagement cloud:
1,882,669 Public Comments 19,486 Policy Documents for Consultation Up to 33,000 comments per consultation 23,513 Consultation/ Engagement Events Average Reduced Cost of 33% for Policy Delivery 758,635 Consultees and counting.....

12 How Fife representations received
86% electronic submissions (online and ) 2008 2014

13 Live Demonstrations: Adopted Mid Fife Local Plan FIFEplan Development Strategy Consultation

14 Online Interactive Plans

15 Online Interactive Plans
© Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey

16 Strategy mapping consultation





21 What next for e-planning in Fife
Continuous improvement - adding and testing out new initiatives More map driven consultations Continued use of social media Greater use of QR codes User defined content (using IP address) More tablet/mobile friendly content Bringing Development Plan and Development Management e-planning closer together All resulting in greater efficiency and improved performance


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