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2 Mrs. Veronica W. Kabari A Mother A Teacher A Counselor One of Founder Members of Family Network International

3 HOW TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS What is sex ? Why dont I have a wee wee like my brother? Why is mummys belly so big? Or Where do babies come from?

4 How does the baby come out? What is a condom and what is it used for?.Can fathers have babies?

5 How does the fathers seed pass into the mothers body? What is a pad and can I use it? Who is a gay person.

6 HOW TO CORRECT CHILDS NOTION FROM OTHER QUARTERS Children acquire information from playmates Information may not coincide with what you have told them No reason to be concerned if your child is having conversations with friends Time to be concern is when he no longer talks about sex

7 TV AND INTERNET INFLUENCE Watch TV with them Use the programmes aired as a teaching guide Switching off the TV does not solve the problem

8 BEES AND THE BIRDS Take initiative to prepare for puberty Boys need to know what to expect when start having wet dreams Make him proud of the changes that occur Explain the significance of the process

9 PURITY Introduce concept of offending God - a sin God sees you all the time Playing with your sexual organ whether alone or with others is bad

10 GUIDE Have age-appropriate sexual education books in the home that will answer some questions and encourage your child to ask other questions. If your child receives family life education at school or in the community, discuss it with her. Answer questions at a level appropriate to your child's understanding. Prepare your daughter for menstruation

11 Some practical points…. No furnishings, pictures, newspapers that will arouse curiosity Keep work related items such as medical books, reports away from home Dont discuss delicate matters in front of children Choose the people whom your children interact with Watch movies with them 11

12 Closely supervise TV, videos and DVDs Do not act as Childs conscience Teach them to know what is right and what is wrong Encourage them to exercise their conscience Let them to take responsibility for their actions 12

13 THANK YOU. FAMILY NETWORK INTERNATIONAL P.O. BOX 67978 – 00200 Tel. 020- 4449447.4451694 Fax: 4451695 Mobile: 0722-749 002/ 0723-459 639 FNI OFFICES: MUSA GITAU ROAD, OFF WAIYAKI WAY

14 Discussion: GROUP 1 The better part of one's life consists of his Friendships and relationships. ~Abraham Lincoln Children usually form groups of friends where at sometimes they may become possessive about the members in their group that they do not want an outsider/different child to join the group. How as a parent can you handle the situation where your child is the outcast of a certain group of friends? Some of the childrens cartoons aired on our stations have some violence or sexual content in them. What are some of the negative implications as a result of this exposure?

15 GROUP 2 Young children at this age are always inquisitive Young children ask many questions in regards to sexuality e.g. Where do babies come from? What are some of the various inquisitions you have encountered so far? What are some of the white lies we as parents have told to our young ones in regards to sexuality? What are some of the effects of these lies in future?

16 GROUP 3 The level of communication between spouses has a great impact on the level of communication in the family How can we as spouses improve communication amongst ourselves, when we experience communication breakdown in our relationship? What are some of the difficult issues that spouses find hard to communicate to each other about?

17 GROUP 4 If you found your child watching a DVD with obscene pictures, what action(s) would you take? How would you turn such an event into an opportunity to educate them positively? What are some of the traits our children want to copy from what they see on the movies and adverts on TV? Identify a behavior that your child may have picked up which you believe they learnt from what they viewed?


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