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Z Product Overview April 20, 2012. About ccSpark! ccSpark! is Career Cruisings new elementary career development product, which helps young students learn.

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1 z Product Overview April 20, 2012

2 About ccSpark! ccSpark! is Career Cruisings new elementary career development product, which helps young students learn about social skills, life planning, careers and their personal strengths and interests. ccSpark!s interactive learning environment has been thoughtfully designed to engage and inspire students to learn more about this important curriculum area.

3 z Throughout each grade, ccSpark! units cover US career, educational and counseling guidelines and standards including the National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) and American School Counselor Association (ASCA) competencies, and additionally support the Common Core Standards initative. ccSpark! Career Development Curriculum

4 ccSpark! Unit Approach ccSpark! career development curriculum is achieved as students complete each of the 7 units per grade. In each unit, the student plays a Sparkdale episode and returns to SparkCentral to play an online activity that extends in-game career development learning and helps to build the students profile. Units also include extension activities that can be done without the computer

5 At the heart of ccSpark! is Sparkdale, a role-playing-game that adapts to the childs curricular needs in an age-appropriate manner. Sparkdale is just like a real town, only a lot more wacky and whimsical! Designed to meet the curriculum needs of young students, Sparkdale is an active, imaginative world that children can hardly wait to explore. They develop a sense of community and learn how everyone has a special role to play. Full of appealing characters, small surprises and fascinating places, Sparkdale brings elements of the real world right into the classroom to enhance the learning experience. Lets visit Sparkdale. In addition to playing Sparkdale game episodes, students` in-game achievements are stored in SparkCentral, where students build a personal profile completed through a series of online activities

6 Grade 3, Unit 1 Curriculum & Sparkdale Content Curriculum Objectives GOAL PS1 Develop Positive Self-Concept GOAL CM3 Locate and Use Career Information Unit One Teacher Guide includes In Class Discussion and Activity Suggestions to support learning goals. Episode Name: Potato Prowler Problem For Sparkdale farmer Mr Smith, yesterday began like any other day. He awoke to the sound of her rooster, Doodle, then headed to the barn to feed the cows. Passing his potato patch, he discovered a strange prowler listening to the potatoes with a stethoscope! Anyone with any information on this man or where he belongs should contact Scoop Gonzalez as soon as possible.

7 SparkCentral: Unit 1 Online Activities & Profile Building Following completion of the Potato Prower Episode, students visit SparkCentral and are asked questions that reflecton on in-game learning and begin to build their personal profile. 1.Student answers a question about the episode Ie. What do you think Dr Angie likes about her job? 2.Answer which best matches you! [NOTE: this is not final copy] School clubs I belong to ___________ My Sports I like playing these sports (check each box that applies): ie. baseball, basketball, soccer, running, gymnastics, other______ My favorite subjects are (check each box that applies): english, math, phys-ed, other_________ My favourite things to do are (check each box that applies) Music: listening, I play_______ instrument Creative: making crafts, painting, other ________ Games: board games, video games, other ________

8 ccSpark! is a fully integrated, comprehensive online learning environment. Additional to interactive educational activities, ccSpark!s easy-to-navigate website includes an age-appropriate Learning Style assessment quiz. SparkCentral online activities extend the lessons learned in Sparkdale and inspire each student to realize their own potential. ccSpark! is a personal journey for each student. Their SparkCentral portfolio lets students safely record and explore their reflections, ideas and experiences. A personal learning journey. Immersive online learning environment.

9 To support blended learning models, ccSpark! career development learning is further extended through discussion guides and classroom activity suggestions in the Teacher Guide A For Parents section further supports age appropriate career development learning. Supporting teachers and engaging parents.

10 Career Cruising is working with a fabulous team of creative and technical experts to produce ccSpark!, each with a deep background in developing rich educational and interactive school age experiences. ccSpark!s core game design is being lead by Carla Fisher, a doctoral candidate at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she studies technology and its relationship with human cognition and development, particularly as it applies to children and games. Carla has produced interactive games for Sesame Workshop, PBS KIDS, and Highlights for Children. Carlas creative contribution to ccSpark! is supported by Anne Richards who has developed many high-profile preschool series, including Bear in the Big Blue House and The Book of Pooh for Disney Channel and It's a Big Big World for PBS KIDS. Anne has also worked extensively as a creative consultant for companies including Discovery Kids, MGM and the BBC. Top design team.

11 ccSpark!s technical development lead is Toronto based Incubator Games, headed by Radek Koncewicz, CEO and Creative Lead. The companys founders have led technical development and production for numerous game projects, and have a portfolio that includes three E-Learning products launched for the Science Alberta Foundation: Kelvin's Space Ranch, The CO2 Connection, and VR Pipeline. In addition to E-Learning products, Incubator Games have extensive experience working with childrens games such as Pixars Cars (mobile), Critter Crunch (mobile), HOMM: Clash of Heroes (Nintendo DS), Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End (mobile), Jimmy TwoShoes (mobile and Flash-based web), and Shake and Spell 3D (iOS). ccSpark! is scheduled to launch Grades 3-5 units for September 1 st and roll the K-2 units out in the fall.

12 Special Offer Details ccSpark! will be available September 1, 2012 $250 / year / school instead of our regular price of $499 / school / year Price freeze to lock this price for two years Offer expires April 30, 2012

13 z Product Overview April 20, 2012

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