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Malik Shahzad Muzaffar & Malik Jawad Muzaffar

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1 Malik Shahzad Muzaffar & Malik Jawad Muzaffar
Wahid eLoad Malik Shahzad Muzaffar & Malik Jawad Muzaffar

2 What is Wahid eLoad Wahid eLoad is SMS/Web based service for doing EasyLoad/U-Top Up of five major mobile operators of Pakistan. Idea is very simple, we receive Easy Load requests via SMS/Web and automatically do eayload (after all the authentication and balance checking) using Easy Load Retailer SIMs It is designed keeping in mind the current infrastructure of mobile operators/franchise system.

3 Wahid eLoad: Background
I, Malik Jawad MUZAFFAR resident of Islamabad, did my Bachelors of Computer Science in 2004 Spend 2.5 years in Computer(sell/purchase) business in Muzaffarabad (AK), which due to earthquake in Oct 2005 was destroyed In 2006, two of my brothers, who are in easyload/PCO business, suggested me to join them In late 2008, I came up with the idea of automating easyload process. After discussion with my brother, Malik Shahzad MUZAFFAR, who is S/W engineer in CERN, Switzerland, we designed and developed a system which was able to automate the easyload requests of all major mobile operators of Pakistan.

4 Wahid eLoad: Background
After successful prototype of the system, two of my brothers, who are also in easyload/PCO business, showed their interest in it. So in early 2009, SMS based easyload requests were integrated so that we all can send SMS to same system in order to do easyloads. This attracted many other people of near by area.

5 Wahid eLoad: Background
SMS request was a big success. Many people, who wanted to earn a bit more, contacted us and asked if they can use the system too In mid 2009, we expanded the service to limited part of Islamabad and now we have around 300 clients. 90% of our clients are new (Dhoodh/Dadhi wala, Sabzi wala etc.) ppl., who just want to have extra income.

6 Wahid eLoad & Franchises
We have designed the system in a way that existing infrastructure of mobile operators’ franchises is not effected. We work with local franchises and assure them that easyload purchased by them is actually been sold in their area. This helped them controlling other franchises selling easyload in their area.

7 Current EasyLoad Infrastructure
Franchise Mobilink Franchise Telenor Franchise Ufone/.... Distribution Officer DO 1 DO n DO 1 DO n DO 1 DO n Town 1 Easy Load Retailers Town 2 Easy Load Retailers Town m Easy Load Retailers Town n Easy Load Retailers Mobile Users

8 (Retailer SIMs issued by DOs)
Wahid eLoad Franchise Mobilink DO 1 DO n Franchise Telenor DO 1 DO n Franchise Ufone/.... DO 1 DO n Wahid eLoad (Retailer SIMs issued by DOs) Town n EasyLoad Retailers WahideLoad Clients Town 1 EasyLoad Retailers WahideLoad Clients Town 2 EasyLoad Retailers WahideLoad Clients Mobile Users

9 How Wahid eLoad works Wahid eLoad Clients Web Server SMS Receivers
(under construction) Request Processor & Authentication Servers Client to Franchise/DO Mapping Wahid eLoad Servers Mobilink DO 1 SIM DO n Wahid eLoad Servers Telenor DO 1 SIM DO n Wahid eLoad Servers Ufone/.... DO 1 SIM DO n

10 Easy Load/U-Top up Process
Existing Components Wahid eLoad Human Interaction No Human Interaction Retailers/ Shops 0. Easy Load Request 2a. Easy Load Done 2b. Easy Load Response 1. Easy Load Request Replaced by Wahid eLoad Servers Wahid eLoad Server Mobile Users Mobile Companies

11 Easy Load/U-Top up using Wahid eLoad
Existing Components Wahid eLoad Human Interaction No Human Interaction Retailers/ Shops 0. Easy Load Request 1. Wahid eLoad Request (SMS) Easy Load Response (3b) Easy Load Request (2a) 2b. Wahid eLoad Response (SMS) 2a. Easy Load Request Replaced by Wahid eLoad Servers Wahid eLoad Server Mobile Users 3a. Easy Load Done 3b. Easy Load Notification Mobile Companies

12 Benefits to Franchise/DOs
DOs sell Easy Load to us in bulk (on our Easy Load Retailer issued by DOs) As we have proper mapping of shops and their responsible Franchises/DOs, so we guarantee that Easy Load Retailer SIMs of those Franchises are actually used to do the load for their area This will avoid SIM of other Franchises being used in an area

13 Benefits to Retailer/Shops
Only need 1 mobile/SIM for doing Wahid eLoad One unique way for generating Wahid eLoad requests i.e. simple SMS to our Wahid eLoad servers (we even provide J2ME application for doing it). No need to have 5 mobile sets No need to remember 5 pins/retailer IDs/USSD codes etc. No need to purchase individual loads for different operators. Their Wahid eLoad balance is valid for any operator e.g. if they have Rs Wahid eLoad balance then they can use it for any operator Their investment is not blocked in case of network or other problems in networks of one or more operators.

14 Benefits to Retailer/Shops
Easy Load for all 5 major operators are available to them Most retailers keep load for 2 or max. 3 operators due to limited funds or DOs of other operators do not cover their area No administration work for getting 5 Easy Load Retailer SIMs They can even use their own personal SIM for sending Wahid eLoad requests.

15 Benefits to Retailer/Shops
We even provide software for sending SMS One click to send SMS (Number and Amount is entered by mobile user) Build-in all administration commands Daily statistics Automatic Balance updates Load search/status checking Introduction of this Software attracts many. Easy Load Retailers from far areas showed their interests in it.

16 Benefits to Retailer/Shops
Our clients purchase Wahid 3.0% for all operators but this 3.0% is actually worth more. One thing we learnt is that retailers can earn more if they rotate their investments frequently Load purchased at 4% is less profitable if it takes 2 to 3 days to sell it out As with Wahid eLoad clients can use their investments for any company, so actually they can earn 3.0% daily Although they have to pay for SMS (which is nearly free now a days, thanks to all these SMS bundle offers) but Wahid eLoad do give them daily bonus (depending on their requests) to cover the SMS cost.

17 Reference data

18 Malik Shahzad MUZAFFAR
Working as software engineer for last 15 years 2002-present: S/W engineer at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland : Guest Scientist/Software enginner at Fermilab, IL, USA : Scientific Officer, CTC, Islamabad : One year post graduate training program from CTC, Islamabad, in System Hardware and Software : MSc Electronics from Quaid-e-Azam university, Islamabad : BSc (Math,Physics) from Sir Syed college Rawalpindi Contact Info:

19 Malik Jawad MUZAFFAR Head of Wahid eConnect/eLoad
2009-present: Providing Easy load/U Top-up via Wahid eLoad service in various areas of Islamabad and Kashmir : Easy load retailer in Teramdi chok, Islamabad BCS: Allama Iqbal Open University Contact Info:

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