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Write The Perfect Resume. What to know before you start! People dont read resumes…They SKIM them! (Employers look for any reason to throw away a resume.

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1 Write The Perfect Resume

2 What to know before you start! People dont read resumes…They SKIM them! (Employers look for any reason to throw away a resume since they get so many. Visually it should look appealing and be easy to read)

3 Intro: Identify your Job/School target and make target statements Identify core job/school qualifications and find evidence for skills Parts of a Resume Dos and Donts Format, Edit, Polish, and Proofread Full Sample

4 Identify your Job/School target and make target statements You dont want to apply for a job you arent interested in Decide what you want to do or where you want to go (ex. Im good at accounting) Specify your target (ex. Entry level auditor for a big 5 accounting firm)

5 Identify Core Job/School Qualifications and Compile Evidence Most ads specify a variety of required skills Other ways to find qualifications: Occupational Outlook Handbook Informational Interviews with Professionals Professional Associations College Career Centers Make notes on experiences that could fill the skill requirements of the job

6 Parts of a Resume Contact Information Objective Education Related Experience Other Experience Activities Publications Presentations Honors Licenses/Accreditations Skills (languages, computer programs) References

7 Contact Info Your name should be prominent, top and center of the page, at least 18 pt. font. In smaller font include Permanent Address (and School Address if applicable), Phone numbers (home/cell), and E-mail The address should have no abbreviations (i.e. Rd should be Road) Example Meredith Johnson School Address Permanent Address 257 West Shell Street 780 Columbus Road Bradenton, FL 34201 Boston, MA 02120 (617) 559-9049 (513) 729-8350

8 Objective Make it short and to the point There should be no question as to the purpose of this resume Clearly state the type of position you hope to obtain Example for an Engineer Objective: To obtain a position as an engineer in the field of structural engineering.

9 Education Recent graduates should have this section right below their objective (this will probably be your strongest asset). Highest level of achievement should be first (ex. Bachelor and then Associate), and leave out High School unless it applies to the career. List the degree as awarded by the institution (A.A., B.A., B.S., etc.) but spell them out.

10 Education cont… Include your GPA only if it is over a 3.0 (you may want to include Major GPA instead if it is higher). You only need to include schools that granted you a degree (If you transferred from a school you may leave it out). Could include Deans/Provost list below the degree. Education: State University of New York College at Oneonta Oneonta, NY Bachelor of Arts in psychology Exp. May 2010 GPA 3.6

11 Related Experience Any work experience or major activities that are relevant to the career you are applying for can be included here. Include place of employment, job title, dates worked, & bulleted summary (w/ action verbs) Start with most recent Example Related Experience: Evening Sun Newspaper, Stansbury, CT Jan 2006-Present Intern Received Outstanding Service Award, 1999-2000 Effectively interviewed and wrote articles for the weekly news Generated a list of 120 advertising businesses

12 Other Experience Any other job experience that doesnt relate to the career you are applying to should go here, with same format as in related experience. Include any activities you have been actively involved in, starting with most recent. Should include activity title, any leadership positions, and dates involved. Activities

13 Publications, Presentations, and Honors Honors awarded for sports, leadership, and service Written and published articles or papers Presented at any conferences or meetings Ex: Presentations : Bake a pie National Cake conference May 2001

14 Skills Fluency in a foreign language Computer knowledge and experience Operating office machinery Certification or license to operate special equipment in this section (if received in college, you may place this under education) Interests/hobbies

15 References Available on Request OR Include full name, title, address, and phone # &/ email address Hint: If you only have an email address for one Reference, dont include it.

16 Dos Do STAY CONSISTENT! If you start with one format, stay with it. (ex. If you start numbering dates 5/08, number all dates. Dont change half way through to May 2008) Do make the whole resume look appealing to the eye Do use professional weight paper, maybe in an off white or bright white, so the resume will stand out.

17 Dos Do use only one font style, but utilize font size, bolds, italics, and underlines to catch the eye. Do Label your second page with your name and page 2 Do prepare a list of great Action verbs Do be prepared for a phone call Do keep information relevant to what you are applying for

18 Donts Dont make your resume more than 2 pages (especially if you have recently graduated) Dont repeat anything Dont include high school information Dont make bulleted items full sentences Dont use pictures or random colors

19 Donts Dont ever repeat the same information Dont use templates Dont staple a resume/cover letter Dont use negative words

20 CHRIS DOE 212 Hollow Road SUNY College at Oneonta Binghamton, NY 13888 Golding Hall 478 Oneonta, NY 13820 Mobile (607) 316-0202 Room (607) 364-1324 OBJECTIVE: To obtain an entry level position at _________ EDUCATION: State University of New York College at Oneonta, Oneonta, NY May 2008 Bachelor of Science in Geography with concentration in International Business and World Trade, GPA 3.59 (as of Fall 2007) Deans List (2 semesters) EMPLOYMENT: Resident Advisor SUNY Oneonta, Oneonta, NYAug. 2006-May 2008 Assist residents with personal and academic issues Facilitate meetings Develop educational and fun programs each month Enforce rules and regulations within the residence hall

21 Intern Rounder Records Group, Burlington, MAMay 2007-Aug. 2007 Acquired positive traits to become successful in the business world Contacted and serviced venues with tour support material Ensured venues had adequate preparations for artists and publicists Assistant Manager Subway, Oneonta, NY Mar. 2003-Aug. 2007 Directed opening of store and preparations of sandwiches Monitored Inventory and prepared weekly order Learned to prioritize quickly and work under pressure ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey, GoalieNov. 2004 – Present Resident Student OrganizationAug. 2006 – Present Cancer Walk, VolunteerMay 2005 Polish Club, Vice President Nov. 2004 – Jun. 2005 Golding Hall GovernmentSept. 2004 – May 2005

22 SKILLS: Nearly fluent in Polish Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Minitab, SPSS, Internet Explorer, and Firefox Farming experience Strong Intrapersonal Skills REFERENCES: Available upon Request PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT copy this into a word document, font sizes are not correct and have been adjusted for this power point. Also this entire document would normally fit on 1 page, other wise you should remember to include your name and page number at the top of each page.

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