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Mats Erixon KTH-CSC Advanced Media Technology

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1 Mats Erixon KTH-CSC Advanced Media Technology
Technical Challenges and Ongoing Development; Experiences of Extreme Low Latency Visual Communication Mats Erixon KTH-CSC Advanced Media Technology

2 1. The fundamentals Stable? 550 ppm New results reported in 2006 – all pointing in the same direction Resolution of temperature anomalies, satellite measurements of Arctic and Antarctica, nonlinearities… Likely CO2-stabilization levels looks more like 550 ppm than 400 ppm Likely temperature ”ceiling” looks more like 3C than 2C Today: 380 ppm yrs ca 290 ppm ~12 C temperature > 100 m sea level Temperature and CO2 data from Vostok ice cores

3 3. A new future? Rebound with what?
April 06: USD 67 06 07 Actual 5yr oil futures Rebound with what? Imagine a country independent of this: ”Peak oil” – production Source: ASPO North Sea EIA WEO 2030 forecast (2) (4) (6) (9) Actual global production 2002 – 2006 Source: IEA, EIA Population, global: 1930 2G 1970 3,8G 2000 6,4G 2040 9G

4 Local Network & IP-based support
Community Hub Servicepoint n he village square,in the local community Lives with the fuel service station, library, market, railway station or…. Klenshyttan community – a servicepoint? Vision Big Room Events Local Network & IP-based support Small Room For all. Mbit/s 1,5-12Gbit/s Digital Cinema Opera 25 – 270 Mbit/s Medical files Community networking 24/7 Authority Education Distance medicin Theatre Camera Control Bridged classroom Applikation sharing Conferece Eye-commerce** Religion Professional support VPN IP-TV A mediabased network delivering and communicating and culture, education and societal services using audio and image based technologies to all parts of the country. *Public Employment Service, welfare, tax authority and other national, regional or municipal organisations. **Traditional stores and specialty stores not locally available offering real time viewing and discussion over physical products before shipping them

5 Music together: close & far away
The Project Connected Performance Spaces (KTH-Stanford 2004) Stanford KTH

6 The mediated workplace in the Stockholm Archipelago

7 Hmm, that could be a new approach on sustainable growth…
Hmm.. So you have that on offer for 1M Euro…? Hmm, that’s a very good opportunity… Hmm, that could be a new approach on sustainable growth…

8 Real life application – rural local meetingroom and unemployment agency

9 Conference with presence – over distance AFCEA on ”Crisis management over borders” Stockholm-Helsingfors-Tallin

10 TIDE – television in a digital environment Lillehammer-Gjøvik

11 Excellent distance meeting
Scandinavian Network Systems in Brussels LTU Excellent distance meeting IP-videomeeting IP-telephony Switch connection IPTV Highspeed VPN UMU Älvdalen Mora Idre MIUN FOV KTH HIIT Helsingfors Vinnova Stockholm Sveriges Ambassad Vinnova Mid Sweden West Sweden Central Sweden Ericsson Volvo TeliaSonera Level3 Bryssel North Sweden Copenhagen Av Palmerston Coditel Av Luxembourg 3

12 12 panel communicative space
Vilnius Chair Guest City Riga Oslo Tallin Helsinki Berlin Warzaw Malmö Copenhagen St Petersburg Stockholm

13 Rural Committee National Grid Demo
Norrut Stokab - Gävle-Söderhamn - Hudiksvall - Nordanstig -Servanet – Banverket - Gällivare Mellansverige Stokab - Gävle-Söderhamn - Hudiksvall - Nordanstig - Servanet - Ånge Dala Telia – Mora - Idre Västerut Stokab -Teracom – Fortum – Vattenfall -Dalslandsnät-Bengtsfors Lite söderut Stokab – Banverket - Tekniska Verken Linköping – MWNet - Vökby Bredband – Boxholm

14 The Kyoto Prize Ceremony at
Kyoto International Conference Center (Kyoto) The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH (Stockholm) Remote Editing of Live Images 4K Cameras 4K Uncompressed Image Server Editing on Network Relayed Live Image Source LAN Storage Editing Projection Keio University (Tokyo) 4K Projector 4K Codec *1 *1 Stream Duplicator JGN2 Kyoto Tokyo Sendai *1 4K Video Streams 4K Real-time decryption *2 Storage Encryption Encode CG *1 Uncompressed Compressed 4K Codec 4K Codec Encrypted Experimental Network 4K Projector 1G 10G NTT R&D Center (Yokosuka) Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Kamakura) NICT Keihan-na Open Laboratory (Kyoto) Tokyo Univ. of Technology (Hachioji) Tohoku Univ. (Sendai) *1:NTT Com   Giga Stream Private Line Figure 1. Experimental network for 4K real-time image editing and distribution *2:NTT GEMnet2

15 Theatre in communication mode

16 Stockholm Media Cross Connect 100Mbit/s-3Gbit/s (10Gbit/s) and lambdas between most of the digital sites in the Stockholm area and adjecent cities Cirkus Operan Skansen Dramaten Oscars Vasan SVT TV4 TV5 MTV Stopp Chimney Pot Filmteknik Dramatiska Institutet Filmhuset Stadion Globen Netinsight Transmode Rio Bio Huddinge Bio Västerås Uppsala Södertälje Strängnäs KTH Prisma Gullmarsplan Konserthuset Södra Teatern Stadsteatern Ericsson Banverket Teracom Sandhamn Nilings KMXC (48x48) KTH Media Cross Connect SMXC (60x60) Stockholm Media Cross Connect

17 Stockholm/Sweden/ The World Stockholm/Sweden/ The World
NVIS/VIC/SUS digital image layer STM64/10GigE/HD-SDI/SDI-3G Optical Switch IP Switch Netinsight 680 DTM switch Sunet/Nordunet Telia/Hammarby Telia/Fredhäll Stokab NVis Dolby 3D-system TI DLP 2K/4K 2D/3D KTH Stockholm/Sweden/ The World Thomson 4K over IP 4K cameras 1-n Network electric & optical Matrix T-VIPS J2K 500Mbit/s 4K IP 4K fast de-bayering 1-n AD/DA 1080P Numedia Dirac 4K IP 3Gbit/s Lambda or 10Gbit/s Gbit/s 4K/2K servers + SDI/HD/2K/4K/DVI/VGA Live mixer & FX project Renderfarm1-n Optiputer system Less than 1 GBit/s not indicated

18 The Vasaloppet TV-system
1Start in Berga 8cameras Switch 32x32 All images are available with embedded audio in un-compressed format in all control rooms in the MediaCentre and in a compressed format over IP-network. Produced streams are delivered to all control stations along the track while sponsors and other communities can have a special production adapted to their profile with autoswitching of images of their ”heros”.based on the reading of passing RFID tags. IBM-Kista will produce several parallel ”products” for the mobile and PDA market. 10 510m 2Smågan 8cameras Switch 32x32 13 264m 3Mångsbodarna 8cameras Switch 32x32 10 720m 4Risberg 8cameras Switch 32x32 K-rum 1 Studio A 12 608m 5Evertsberg 8cameras Switch 64x64 K-rum 2 Studio B 14 653m 6Oxberg 8cameras Switch 32x32 K-rum 3 Studio C 9193m K-rum 4 Studio D 7Hökberg 8cameras Switch 32x32 10 216m K-rum 5 Box 1 8Eldris 8cameras Switch 32x32 8920m K-rum 6 Box 1 9Finish in Mora 16cameras K-rum 7 Box 1 Under constant revision Dalhalla K-rum 8 Box 1 Idre Fjäll TV/MediaCenter Mora Alla kamerasignaler IBM-Kista Sälen Embedded audio with all camera signals

19 Is it possible to fibre a country?

20 On the powerlines – Owned by the people of Sweden (STate)

21 National TV-distribution and contribution company
National TV-distribution and contribution company. Used to be STM 1 radilo links – now more and more fibre.

22 This one we Swedes have paid on our phone bills – and on our broadband bills.
Today it’s called KGB because of the the Swedish words for Copper, Glass and Company – or really Skanova Access a fully owned subsiduary of the incumbent TeliaSonera

23 Added to the powerlines and reaches almost all municipalities.
....also owned by the State of Sweden

24 Partly built by the National Hydro Power company.
Now owned by the Danish incumbent TDC

25 More State of Sweden networks!
Under most railways.

26 Also Norway ownes a lot i fibres in Sweden.....
Telenor Also Norway ownes a lot i fibres in Sweden.....

27 ...and then you have regional networks that connects small places like Skaulo and Polikasvaara with Kiruna, Gällivare and the rest of Norrbotten. Did you know that Kiruna is the largest city in the world. The ”city” mountain Kebnekajse is only just over 2000 meters. IT-Norrbotten Telenor

28 Mer Telia-Sonera IT-Norrbotten Telenor ..and then Telia must have the same thing – but just almost as they will not cross the Norwegian border or reach Karesuando and Nikkaluokta as It’s only IT-Norrbotten and Raitrack that crosses over to Norway.

29 In Härjedalen you find also Herjenet
More rural networks Mer Telia-Sonera IT-Norrbotten Telenor In Härjedalen you find also Herjenet ..and in Dalarna we have Malung Energy building a lot – also along the Vasaloppet track. Teracom has built some connections too.

30 Mer Glesbygdsnät Mer Telia-Sonera IT-Norrbotten Telenor …also we have IP-Only Lunet Stokab Gotnet VB-Energi Älvsbyns Kommun Skekraft IT-Västerbotten Luftfartsverket Universiteten Mora Kommunät Colt Jämtkraft Hudik Stadsnät Umenet Ludvika Stadsnät Herjenet Telias lokala nät Bredbandsbolaget ….och många många fler! City networks, power companies, power grids, municipal nets, regional networks, telecom companies and academy

Mats Erixon

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