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Slide 1 Usability pays off Jak Boumans BA, MDiv. Electronic Media Reporting Usability in Multimedia Environment Sept. 3-5, 2003, Bratislava (Slovakia)

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1 Slide 1 Usability pays off Jak Boumans BA, MDiv. Electronic Media Reporting Usability in Multimedia Environment Sept. 3-5, 2003, Bratislava (Slovakia)

2 Slide 2 Electronic Media Reporting Based in Utrecht (The Netherlands) Founded in 1990 Private consultancy specialised in new media, electronic publishing and content strategy Four activities: -Market research and studies (state of the art, scenario) -Audits for EC -Congresses, seminars, workshops -Publications (Telecombrief and IMI, books)

3 Slide 3 If I had continued my studies... © Wired, 1995

4 Slide 4 Professional background Principal consultant content strategy Independent since 1990 Software company (el. pub.) (1986-90) VNU – Business Publications (1980-86) Kluwer Encyclopedia (1973-1979) Spectrum Reference Depart. (1970-73)- 1973)

5 Slide 5 Present assignments Multimedia Industry Survey X-media project in publishing company ACTeN project X-Melina project General Secretary to the European Academy of Digital Media (EADiM) World Summit Award competition Writing a book on the history of new media in The Netherlands

6 Slide 6 Media waves 1970-1980: phototypesetting, database publishing 1980- 1993: e-mail 1980-1993: ASCII databases 1980-1997: videotex 1985-2000: CD-ROM, CD-i, DVD 1993: internet 2002: mobile internet (GPRS, Wi-Fi)

7 Slide 7 Small interactive quiz 1.Do you have ADSL at home? 2.Do you have a DVD at home? 3.Do you have a mobile? 4.Do you send SMS? 5.Do you send MMS? 6.Do you use Live! or T-Zones or something similar? 7.Do you bank electronically? 8.Do you have interactive TV (settop box)?

8 Slide 8 Usability pays off Items to be discussed - Business model - Usability and technology - Usability and marketing - Usability pays off

9 Slide 9 Businessmodel Technology Project Business model Marketing

10 Slide 10 Business model The concept of a business model is an assumption at best; what works for the WSJ doesnt work for the FT Is it publishing or retailing? Publishing: advertisement or subscription advertisement: economically vulnerable subscription: rather stable (difficult to change over to pay-per article or pay-per view; exclusion of a larger group)

11 Slide 11 Business model Retailing: transaction = packaging, displaying, point of purchase, sampling, consumer behaviour, pricing tactics What content works: entertainment and sports (not just downloadable) What does not work: music and movies (are freely downloadable) Select niches or get into portals

12 Slide 12 Forms of payment Pay upfront e.g. pay-per-use, pay-per-view, pay-per-article, pay-per-game Post-pricing

13 Slide 13 Usability and technology Technology Usability Project Business model Marketing

14 Slide 14 Technical approach usability product visionvision validation planningplanning user requirements requirements iterative design & evaluationdesignevaluation user acceptance acceptance

15 Slide 15 Marketing and usability Technology Usability Project Business model Marketing

16 Slide 16 Marketing and usability Development generic user requirements Sudy by Daniel Felixan and Silvia Stampfli-Marzaroli, ETHZ, Zurich December 2002 Delivered 10 main requirements Various factors per requirement

17 Slide 17 10 requirements Attractivity Compatibility Cost-sensitivity Hedonism Intrusion Observability Privacy Social acceptance/Pressure Status/Image benefit Trust

18 Slide 18 Usability and marketing Attractivity - The information ispresented in an appealing way - The design fits the functionality - The content presentation fits with the purpose of the service - I am impressed by the look of the service - The service doies not look attractive - The service is visually not pleasing

19 Slide 19 Usability and marketing Compatibility - Using the service would not fit into my work - I would feel comfortable with the service - The service would facilitate my daily work - Using the service fits well with the way I like to work - The service would make my life more complicated - The service helps me to find what I am looking for - The service does not match at all with the interaction style - The service matches my life style - The look of the service does not fit with my personal style

20 Slide 20 Usability and marketing Cost-sensitivity -I will buy the service only if it becomes cheap -I wouild not pay for the information I receive -The benefits from the service are worth a high price -Few people will be willing to pay for the service -People might fear that the service is expensive

21 Slide 21 Usability and marketing Hedonism -The service is fun to use -Using the service is exciting -I would enjoy using the service -The service is boring -The service is not stimulating -Using the service is frustrating -I would not like to use the service every day

22 Slide 22 Usability and marketing Intrusion -The service floods me with information -Alerts such as beeps, rings, sounds or vibrations would distrurb me -It is acceptable to use the functions all the time -Alerts are annoying

23 Slide 23 Usability and marketing Observability -I know what the service does -I could explain the benefit of the service to my friends and colleagues -I can not imagine what some features of the service are for -The benefits of the service are selfevident

24 Slide 24 Usability and marketing Privacy -I do not know who has access to the information I enter -I am sure that the service guarantees privacy -I would feel observed by other people when using the service

25 Slide 25 Usability and marketing Social acceptance/Pressure -When everyone has the service I will find it difficult to do without -Most of the people in my environment will use services like this -After some time it will be come normal to have the service

26 Slide 26 Usability and marketing Status/Image benefit -I dont think that I could impress others by using the service -Highly valued people would use the service -Key people in my organisation would use the service -Even if you do not need it urgently it would look professional if you have the service

27 Slide 27 Usability and marketing Trust -The information received is trustworthy -I can see that honest and trustworthy people stand behind the service -You can rely on this information

28 Slide 28 Willingness to pay It is not a question of willingness Content is paid for when it is on carriers like CD-ROM, DVD or on mobile Online content was paid for in the pre- Internet period (1969 – 1993) Online will be paid for in the post-Internet period (2002 - ) But the info must be hard to get by and usable for customers

29 Slide 29 Links Voor meer informatie:

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