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Trimble in Africa Keith Hofgartner Projects Manager - Worldwide.

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1 Trimble in Africa Keith Hofgartner Projects Manager - Worldwide

2 Keith HofgartnerI am… A passionate surveyor! (ask my wife Rita!) –UK qualified Land Surveyor & Civil Engineer …. over 30 years ago.. First exposure to surveying in secondary school (Geography) –Believes that Surveyors can change the world!

3 Trimble together with FIG Platinum Corporate Sponsor FIG Foundation –Founding Strategic Partner Why??? –Developing new and expanding existing markets –Develop relationships with Professional Bodies

4 Trimble in Africa Trimble Trimble in Africa Mission: Impossible 5

5 Trimble Navigation engages in the development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of advanced positioning product solutions to commercial and government users worldwide. Technological convergence is enabling our growth and our customers productivity A Corporate Overview…

6 Trimble Navigation International Ltd. (NASDAQ: TRMB) Revenue $m R&D Spending $m 1978 – Founded as early GPS pioneer Listed in NASDAQ. Global company –48% of revenue outside the U.S Market leadership in core markets Track record of consistent financial performance

7 Trimble Navigation International Ltd. (NASDAQ: TRMB) Growth through Acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures

8 Trimble a Worldwide Organisation Manufacturing Centres CaliforniaCanada ChinaFrance GermanyJapan MexicoOhio OregonSweden Virginia Software Development Arizona Australia ColoradoFlorida FranceGermany JapanNew Zealand OregonTexas Virginia Worldwide Offices AustraliaAfrica CanadaChina DubaiFrance GermanyIndia ItalyNetherlands RussiaSpain SingaporeSweden United KingdomUSA (2010 TNIL Revenue split) 46% 54%

9 Engineering & Construction 55% of revenue Survey Construction Construction Services Field Solutions 25% of revenue Agriculture Mapping & GIS Mobile Solutions 12% of revenue Fleet Tracking Mobile Worker Productivity Advanced Devices 8% of revenue Embedded GPS Products Timing Applanix Trimble Business Segments

10 Business Segment Engineering & Construction Earth Moving Contractors, General Construction Contractors, Machine Rental Companies Construction Services Government and Scientific Agencies General Construction Contractors Infrastructure Earth Moving Contractors, General Construction Contractors, Utility Contractors Wall and Ceiling Contractors, Transportation agencies Construction Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Construction Companies, Transportation agencies, Utility Companies, Plant Engineers Survey Representative CustomersMarkets Served

11 Business Segment - Field Solutions Farmers Agricultural Contractors Agriculture Utility Companies Natural Resource Agencies Government Agencies Mapping and GIS Representative CustomersMarkets Served

12 Business Segment - Mobile Solutions Markets ServedRepresentative Customers Fleet ManagementLocal Fleet Operators Municipal Fleet Operators SecurityCommercial Vehicles Mobile Resource Management Utility Companies Transportation Companies Public Works

13 Business Segment – Advanced Devices Markets ServedRepresentative Customers Chip and Board Level Products Electronic OEMs Portable Appliance Manufacturers Tracking DevicesSystem Integrators Security Device Suppliers TimingWireless Infrastructure providers

14 Trimble in Africa

15 Regional Offices –Kenya (Nairobi) –Ghana (Accra) –South Africa (Cape Town) –Distribution partners

16 Multilateral Funded Projects Tanzania –World Bank funding Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Development Procurement of Surveying Equipment including GPS, Optical and Photogrammetric equipment ($ 1.3m) Benin –Millennium Challenge Corporation funding Establishment of Continually Operating Reference Station (CORS) Network and surveying of Rural and Urban Land Parcels ($ 1.1m) Burkina Faso –Millennium Challenge Corporation Funding Construction and installation of CORS network ($ 1.2m) Ghana –World Bank and MCC funding Establishment of CORS networks and Pilot projects for Land Registration

17 Benin Cadastre Overview Funded Projects (World Bank, MCC…) Current WB Land Admin Projects: around US $1.5 billion MCC Benin Access to Land Project: $36 million Purpose of Land Administration Projects: –Stimulate economic and social development Increasing land transactions and access to credit Improving productive investments in land Improving the standard of living of property owners and occupants

18 GNSS Infrastructure –Enables cost reductions for cadastral projects Reduced monumentation Consistent coordinate system Base for future expansion Cadastral Solutions - Benin

19 Rural Areas –Mapping existing parcels –Accuracy cm –Post-processing –Trimble GeoXH Urban Areas –QC, add control points –Accuracy 2-3 cm –PP or local RTK –Trimble R8GNSS/TSC2

20 Cadastral Solutions - Benin GPS post-processing –Using centrally stored CORS data –Automatic data downloads from nearest CORS –Coordinates computed based on national grid –QC and Analysis by National Geographic Institute

21 Cadastral Solutions - Benin Data management –ESRI ArcGIS Land Information System Achievements –30,000 urban areas occupancy permits converted to land titles –85,000 rural households in 300 villages will receive titles or certificates –12 regional land conservation offices and 24 communal land management offices created

22 Mission: Impossible 5 ….. Your chance to star in a movie

23 Four Studios You will be divided into four teams –Yellow Studio –Red Studio –Green Studio –Blue Studio Using the selection of coloured stickers… First come, first served..

24 Tool production Where are you going and bear in mind… What the Tool is.. –Marketing: Your slides should include: text, annotation and photos (movies) –Message: That helps Member Associations to break down barriers, so it is a recruiting tool for our target people (women young or both) –Time scale: One hour allocated for this.. Being a Surveyor is not…. Mission: Impossible

25 Your Mission… (if you decide to accept it!) –To measure as accurately as possible the area of a plot of land (defined by relevant coloured pins) and then subdivide into two equal areas. Using Old technology All in 50 minutes!! and then check it … using New technology All in 30 minutes!!! Or Less!!

26 The Mission - Field Exercise The following tools are available: Measuring Tapes Optical Squares Compass Ranging Rods NOTE – it is not expected that the exercise can be completed in the allocated time but a process of how the task would be completed is required. And afterwards we will do it the easy way to check your results!

27 The Mission – Define your Cast Director Camera Person Recorder 1 Recorder 2 Actor 1 Actor 2 Actor 3 Booker Computer Processor 1 Processor 2 Processor 3 Crew (capture the task) Actors (undertake the task) Laboratories (develop the results)

28 Questions? Thank You


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