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Mr. J.C Marathe

GOAL OF MGVCL : MGVCL is committed to excellent customer services with quality power supply which offers high reliability and deep satisfaction. In this era of globalization, liberalization, rapid knowledge and technology explosion, we are heading towards concrete steps to cope up with all economical, political and social environmental changes. Our vision and mission for customer services are on the lines of modern terminology and technology of Imagineering.

3 We will organize or rather engineer MGVCL upto the level of customer imagination.
We intend to build up the system that would ensure services upto the level of international standards. MGVCL aims to be a Flagship company among all distribution utilities in the country. To achieve this, the steps adopted by MGVCL to render better services and customer satisfaction are :-

A survey work was entrusted to M/s.AC Nielsen ORG Marg Pvt.Ltd. Bombay to study a level of consumer satisfaction. The results are encouraging which shows that the company tops the consumer satisfaction level as compared to other electricity supply utilities. The shortcomings are also identified and steps are being taken to overcome the same.

5 CUSTOMER CARE CENTRE MGVCL is committed to start customer care Centre at each sub-division office having unique design. This Centre provides a single window help for all types of new applications and other amenities will be served by this Centre. Three computerized District level call centers will be started by end of this month for Vadodara,Anand and Godhra All types of consumer’s complaints will be registered and actions will be taken to resolve it from this call centers This Centre will work round the clock by out source agencies for attending power supply related complaints.

This Centre offers the access through phone, fax or internet. Bank of intelligent terminals will be provided for stream lining and tracking communications between organization and customers. The system shall be configurable to handle the customer queries through IVRS or manually through internet access. The Centre will offer web based interactive services on internet regarding various activities of the organization.

168 Nos. of HT consumers are already provided with automatic remote meter reading system. This system has many advantages with latest technology applications such as zero meter reading errors and saving in manpower. The instant information and real time data helps to detect any type of tampering and also restrict the unauthorised operations. Two way communication helps monitoring any time consumption and send appropriate control signal to the meters.

Contracts are awarded for establishing any time payment facilities Centre which will start functioning within short time in Baroda City. The establishments at Alkapuri and Akota SDn. are completed and will soon start functioning. The Centres will be fully automatic like ATM counters where consumers can avail the facilities of paying their energy bill round the clock

The standards of performances as per GERC provisions are already decided by the company. The services for new connections, reconnection, shifting of connection, change of name and complaints related to faults and meter replacement will be rendered as per the specified time limit of GERC.

It is decided to arrange regular meeting with all the HT consumers of MGVCL and accordingly a meeting was arranged on at GETRI, Vadodara for HT consumers of Baroda City and Baroda Rural Circles. The meeting was attended by all the top authorities of MGVCL including the Chairman and Managing Director of the MGVCL. Various quarries raised by the HT consumers were replied by the top authorities. Various suggestions were received from the HT consumers and steps are being taken to implement them to provide better services. All the delegates were extremely delighted and expressed their feelings for satisfaction during the meeting.

11 HVDS Team of two engineers was sent to NDPL, Delhi for study of the High Voltage Distribution System adopted by them. The project is handled by L&T and ABB right from the survey to the implementation on turnkey basis. The system uses ABC HT conductor and single phase earthing type transformers of the capacity of 10 KVA, 16 KVA and 25 KVA. The implementation of the same is being planned out for various pockets under MGVCL to restrict the power theft and simultaneously reduce the T&D losses. Various limitations and draw backs are sorted out and the work to eliminate such draw backs is being done to ripe the maximum advantage of the system.

12 APFC The Automatic Power Factor Control System is used to improve the lagging power factor automatically as per the requirement of the system. This helps reduction of current in the system which inturn reduces the technical loss. Total 83 no. of 11 KV feeders are identified for providing APFC panels at an estimated cost of Rs.1060 Lacs. All transformers of 11 KV Sokhda, Dhavat, Vithoj and Panigate-II feeders are provided with APFC panels at an expenditure of Rs Lacs. Study of improvement on these feeders after installation of APFC is under progress.

13 UNDERGROUND CABLE The 11 KV feeders under Alkapuri, Panigate Sub-division and Nandesari Industrial Estate are proposed to be converted to underground cable instead of overhead HT lines. Total 48.5 KMs. of HT line is sanctioned at an estimated cost of 4.43 Crores, out of which the work of 10 KMs. is already completed. This helps in reduction of interruptions and ascertains the availability of reliable power supply.

14 GIS This system involves plotting of HT/LT lines upto the level of a pole on geographic map using global positioning surveys. The GIS of Baroda City Circle is already completed. The work for Padra Town, Karjan Town and Dabhoi Town is under progress. 11 KV HT line GIS work for Baroda (O&M) Division is being finalized. The GIS work for the whole Anand Circle is also in progress. GIS System facilitates the identification of system improvement possibilities such as low voltage or high current etc. It also works as a ready recknor of the system which can be used for analysis for various parameters such as bifurcation of HT/ LT lines etc.

15 MGVCL WEBSITE MGVCL is very shortly planning to come out with a separate MGVCL website. The website will explore the vision and mission of the company alongwith various activities and customer services rendered by the company. MGVCL is also planning for online communication with the consumers and providing various informations through this website.

16 MOBILE COLLECTION MGVCL is planning for adopting a mobile collection method for the energy bills on the lines of collection activity of mobile phone utilities. This will help the consumers to pay their bills right at their door steps. This will help MGVCL to ascertain the right time payments and at the same time facilitate the consumers.

17 HAND HELD INSTRUMENTS Hand held instruments ensures the correct and exact meter reading as it eliminates the human intervention. Unfair practice of lower side billing thereby awarding lower slab tariff is eliminated with the use of this instrument. 101 nos. of instruments are procured at the cost of Rs.29 lacs which are provided to all the sub-divisions under Baroda City Circle. Procurement action for another 100 instruments is under progress.

To avoid the tampering of meter and thereby prevent the theft of electricity, MGVCL has decided to go for pole mounted metering system, in first phase at Godhra. This system has the metering unit installed on the electric pole from where service line is laid. 100 nos. of such pole mounted meters are already procured which will be used as a series metering system to monitor the consumption recorded in the meters. It is proposed to provide pole mounted metering with display unit at consumer premises at 4800 locations at an estimated cost of Rs.384 Lacs.

Reduction of T&D losses is the first and foremost objective of MGVCL. The distribution losses of MGVCL for the year were 22.89% which stands reduce to 20.09% for the current year. 58 nos. of feeders having high T&D losses are identified and a special programme for reduction of technical as well as commercial losses is being carried out by entrusting responsibility for 2 to 4 feeders to the team of engineers from Corporate Office, Circle offices & Division offices. The feeder wise detailed project reports for all these 58 nos. feeders have been prepared by the respective team.

20 ARIEL BUNCH CONDUCTOR Ariel bunch conductor provides an excellent replacement for bare conductors where there is possibility of theft of energy by hooking. Such areas are identified and it is planned to provide 520 KMs. of Ariel Bunch Conductor at an estimated cost of Rs.860 Lacs. Uptill now Ariel bunch conductor is already provided for 7.86 KMs. and it has helped in elimination of hooking. ABC eliminates interruptions of the feeders and thereby increases system reliability.

21 ENERGY AUDITING MGVCL plans to provide all the transformer Centres with static meters to measure the amount of energy abstracted from the transformer itself. All the transformer Centres of city area are already provided with static meters. This transformer meter will be given a dummy consumer and the reading of this meter will be taken alongwith the reading of consumers connected on this T/C. The difference between the sum of the energy consumed by the consumers of this T/C and the consumption of transformer meter will bring out the losses which will help to identify the high losses pockets. The software to analyze T/C metering is also under preparation.


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