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Little Big Brains: Mobile Application Production by: Jose, Francis, Xuong.

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1 Little Big Brains: Mobile Application Production by: Jose, Francis, Xuong

2 Mobile Application A.K.A. Mobile Apps it is a term used to describe the software that run on smartphones and other mobile devices, and most are essentially built to perform a specific task. Mobile applications are designed to educate, entertain, and/or assist consumers in their every day life.

3 How they are created There are many ways in which an app can be created. There is a large variority of online sources, programs and sites that can either enhance or decrease the quality of your application. Also, apps are created or alternated to must fit into a specific phone screen. Also to a specific device running a specific OS. None of the mobile applications that are created for a specific OS will fit into another.






9 Ways to Sponsor Making money from free apps Using mobile ad networks like InMobi and AdMob is probably one of the best ways to earn by way of in-app advertising Employing rich media ad networks such as Greystripe helps catch and sustain the interest of your viewers, sometimes even making them to return to you more often.

10 Continue Signing up for ad exchanges. This offers you much higher fill rates too, as compared to a single ad network. Getting sponsorship for a mobile app is the best way of getting assured high returns from it. Also, creating an app for the advertiser assures smoother and better integration of the app with the sponsoring brand.

11 Phones Are About To Wipe Out The Digital Camera Industry

12 Effect on Education Ibooks, pages, keynote Thanks to the advancement on designing applications, app developers have found creative ways to attract the kids into learning by making learning into a fun experience; combining education and gaming for the newborns. er_embedded&v=4sDZqBMqG-4 er_embedded&v=4sDZqBMqG-4

13 Security Some applications can ensure the security of ones identity and files within the phone. Some applications provide virus protection for the cellphone. In fact, security codes and patterns to unlock out phones are actually applications.

14 From Pc to Mobile Apps There are tons of applications that have helped us to move on with our everyday life. Most of the stuff that used to be done in the computers can now be done in our smartphones thanks to the apps we can now run in them. Writing, listening to music, watching videos, downloading and uploading things to the internet are just things of the past on the term PC only.

15 Past vs Future (Present)) Bad signals, drop calls, dialed up Applications are made user friendly now a days. Apps; gps, safari, youtube, skype, video calls, camera

16 Jailbreaking The term jailbreaking is known mostly thanks to the IOS devices, but it applies to all devices as well. U.S. Declares iPhone Jailbreaking Legal, Over Apples Objections Jailbreaking is hacking the phones OS to allow consumers to run any app on the phone they choose. *allow the unlocking of mobile phones to change carriers. *allow the cracking of video game digital rights management controls to probe security flaws. *allow the breaking of DVD encryption by professors, students and documentary makers so the clips can be used for education and commentary. *allow the blind to circumvent locks on e-books to enable read-aloud features. *allow the bypassing of broken or irreplaceable dongles.

17 FIN transition-to-mobile-intc-msft-armh-mmi-ssnlf/ transition-to-mobile-intc-msft-armh-mmi-ssnlf/ businesses/ businesses/ &v=4sDZqBMqG-4 &v=4sDZqBMqG-4 media2011.pdf media2011.pdf nt nt Glossary/Mobile-Applications.htm Glossary/Mobile-Applications.htm

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