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Capabilities Brief The global leader in multi-source intelligence. Capabilities & Services.

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1 Capabilities Brief The global leader in multi-source intelligence. Capabilities & Services

2 Pro-Tect Global helps companies make significantly better risk decisions by providing them with the most insightful, actionable intelligence services available. Who We Are

3 What We Do


5 What they said Who they are Who they associate with What else we know What else we know What they are doing Pro-Tect Global provides insight to:

6 Intelligence Operations Pro-Tect operates at the upper layers of the intelligence environment Finds anything that crossed the network Pro-Tect identifies everything and everyone involved Human Intel Cyber Intel Social Intel Geo Intel

7 IDENTIFYGATHERTRACKRECOVER HUMANCYBERSOCIALGEOGRAPHIC Pro-Tect Global work with our clients to identify the intelligence activity, people and geographic location and conduct ongoing actionable analysis Pro-Tect Global gathers and analyzes data from human and electronic communications to create an actionable intelligence plan Pro-Tect Global provides ongoing human, cyber, social and geographic tracking of the intelligence and parties involved in the activity Pro-Tect Global provides recovery intelligence to field investigation teams to facilitate location and rapid recovery Proactive Intelligence

8 We deliver actionable intelligence consisting of : Individuals Organizations Institutions Infrastructure Geography Field Communication Human Cyber Social Actionable Intel Actionable Intelligence Intelligence Operations Geographic

9 In essence you will improve your ability to record, investigate and detect. Identify how your resources are responding to demand – is the load being equally balanced Stand up to any form of audit on your records. Operate through a single centralized intelligence service provider – everything in one place. Your resources will be more efficient as they will be correctly armed with the intelligence they need to perform their roles. Quickly detect and respond to recurring patterns of behavior across geographies. Ingest intelligence from multiple sources and share it across departments and locations You will get it right first time every time – perfect information leads to perfect decisions. Intelligence Support Value Proposition Assemble – Analyze - Action Why?

10 Pro-Tect Global Services

11 Human Intelligence Our extensive Human Intelligence (HUMINT) capabilities have spanned approximately 30 different countries, including locations in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and South and East Asia, as well as in Europe and North America. Human Intelligence Field Services

12 Pro-Tect Global has leveraged in-country, on-the- ground resources and conducted in-depth ethnographic, country, and sector-specific studies in challenging operating environments. In 2013, for example, our team prepared an 8-volume study assessing the strategic tribal region of northwestern Pakistan, interviewing 100 members of six different tribes, eliciting a wide range of political, socio-economic, and cultural insights which proved vital to our client in this fragile and geopolitically important region. Human Intelligence Field Services

13 Unifi 24/7 Intelligence Monitoring Center analyzes, correlates and coordinates the interaction between people, technologies, and responses. By integrating and correlating information from multiple and diverse systems across the enterprise, and coordinating the response actions, Unifi 24/7 increases situational and context awareness and ensures that everyone in the operational chain knows what is happening and what to do. Manages assets and resources across a vast number of locations Unifies incompatible systems and avoids costly 'Rip & Replace' Enables consistent responses across all facilities Consolidates resources Anticipates illicit intentions and mitigates their risk and impact Ensures regulation compliance Shares information effectively and immediately with external agencies Resolves incidents quickly and efficiently Facilitates the investigation and prosecution of offenders Provides a smooth migration path from legacy to new technologies 24/7 Intelligence Monitoring Center

14 In today's global economy, having access to actionable intelligence that encompasses the Human (HUMINT), Cyber (CYBINT), Physical (PHYSINT) and Geographical (GEOINT) intelligence is critical to managing risks for a thriving business. RED CELL delivers proactive situational awareness risk intelligence designed to facilitate better risk management and decision making. Global Intelligence Critical Infrastructure Crisis Management Corporate Brand and Reputation Executive Protection Intelligence Intellectual Property Intelligence Corporate Espionage Geo-Political Risk Intelligence


16 Cyber Cell integrates cyber intelligence with field operational services - enabling organizations to know more about the criminals targeting them - and as importantly giving them the ability to investigate and recover their assets. Criminal Intelligence Organized Crime Human Trafficking Drug Trafficking Cyber Crime Financial Crime Money Laundering Threat Finance Intellectual Property Theft


18 Digital DNA helps Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), intelligence organizations and companies identify new suspicious activities and national threats. The service enables these organizations to enrich intelligence gathered using various methods including Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Communication Intelligence (COMINT), Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Visual Intelligence (VISINT). Collects, retains and analyzes: Websites Online newspapers Social networks Forums Chat rooms Blogs Virtual databases

19 BRAND INTELLIGENCE REPUTATION INTELLIGENCE SOCIAL MEDIA INTELLIGENCE 24/7 DIGITAL DNA MONITORING CYBER iERASE formulates search strategies based on brand terms or key identifiers that are particular to your brand, business and industry. iERASE monitors every source you can think of: Websites and blogs Social media (Twitter, YouTube, public Facebook pages…) Local review sites (Yelp, Citysearch, and dozens of others…) iERASE provides our clients with a valuable feed of social media intelligence, processed according to industry and application criteria, and which can be presented directly to your marketing department. Our iERASE experts will guide and support the process of empowering your business with industry-leading Digital DNA monitoring. With our 24/7 Incident Response Team you will have confidence that you have support for all of your Digital DNA monitoring needs. Brand & Reputation Intelligence Services

20 Pro-Tect Global provides investigation intelligence support services for both government and commercial clients in a highly discreet manner. We have delivered many international investigations and due diligence reports to clients around the world. Missing Persons Child Abduction Human Trafficking Asset Verification and Location Employer Verification eDiscovery & Communications Forensics Financial Crimes Investigations Cold Case Investigations Certified Expert Witness Testimony Real Estate Fraud Investigations Health Care Fraud Investigations Insider Threat Investigations Litigation & Legal Support Technical Surveillance Operations Intellectual Property Theft Investigations Copyright Infringement Investigations Complex Investigations Fugitive Recovery Intelligence Decision Advantage Executive Insight Intelligence Investigation Support Intelligence

21 GeoWise is Pro-Tect Global Social Media Intelligence service that distills geolocation data from smartphones and social media networks to create a location-based structure around the unstructured data images, text, and video of user activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube and Picasa. GeoWise Social Media Intelligence

22 Geo-Analytics Pro-Tect Global gathers and analyzes data from human and electronic communications to create an actionable intelligence plan Pro-Tect Global provide ongoing human, cyber, social and geographic tracking of the fugitive and parties involved in the activity GeoWise Search, Collage, Map (Geolocation) GeoWise Social Media Intelligence

23 GeoWise Search GeoWise Social Media Intelligence

24 GeoWise Analyst Map View GeoWise Social Media Intelligence

25 GeoWise Collage View GeoWise Social Media Intelligence

26 Pro-Tect Global provides domestic and international fugitive tracker intelligence services for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), Surety Insurance Companies, and Fugitive Recovery Agents. Electronic Communications Analysis GeoWise Social Media Analysis Remission Fugitive Recovery Cases Asset & Employer Verification Defendant GeoBiometric Monitoring INTERPOL Red Notice Most Wanted Cold Case Fugitive Recovery Fugitive Tracker Intelligence

27 GeoCell Stealth Cell Phone Location Ping service can be used by law enforcement, and bail bond agencies to: –Collect location information for all mobile network activities –Analyze location data to help solve crimes –Track target phones or locate distressed citizens –Alert administrators when suspects breach geofences or citizens call for help GeoCell Stealth Phone Location Ping Pending Service: Summer 2014 Fugitive Tracker Intelligence

28 Captiviti is your direct link to the inmate locators for U.S. States, Department of Corrections, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) real-time information. Pro-Tect Global Captiviti service provides 24/7 information about current and sometimes past, inmate status. Captiviti Incarceration Monitoring & Notification Captiviti Incarceration Monitoring

29 GeoBiometric improves identity verification, stops fraud, lowers your costs and enhances the customer experience. We integrate authentication with your voice, SMS and mobile applications and implement solutions that prevent fraud of identity and location. –Voice Verifier – use voice biometrics to identify voice of defendant –Location Verifier –Verify location of your defendants with location intelligence GeoBiometric Intelligence Smartphone Compatibility BLACKBERRY: All GPS enabled handsets with Operating Systems (OS) 4.0, 5.0, 6.0+ WINDOWS MOBILE: All GPS enabled handsets with Operating Systems (OS) 5.0+ IPHONE: Operating System (OS) 4.0+ ANDROID: All manufacturers handset models that GPS enabled, with Operating System (OS): 1.5, 1.6, 2.0 and 2.2 Fugitive Recovery Intelligence

30 Capabilities Brief The global leader in multi-source intelligence. Capabilities & Services

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