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Electronic Instrument Design: User Interfaces Workshop A3.

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1 Electronic Instrument Design: User Interfaces Workshop A3

2 Chair: Elaine MurakamiDiscussant: Sharon OConnor Resource Paper: Harry Timmermans Bruno AllardMichael Meschik Andrew CollinsVirpi Pastinen Daniel EkwallaDimitris Potoglou Oliver HoreniChristina Pronello Jane GouldCoralie Triadou Steven JonesLiva Vagane Solvei Meland

3 The Group

4 The Work

5 The Context From Resource Paper, Timmermans Data requirements are getting more complex But, response rates are dropping Can we design good user interfaces that help increase interest and involvement, hence reducing respondent burden, increase response rates, and data reliability

6 The Process Databases Interfaces People: Motivation, … Surveys: Internet/web, mobile phones, PDAs, GPS, CATI, … Coding, Processing, Privacy, Security

7 Interfaces Passive Systems Active Systems/surveys 1.Four Resource Papers Oliver Horeni: Mental Representations Underlying Activity Dimitri Potoglue: Comparison of Mixed Mode Surveys Christine Pronello: User Control and Interface in a Continuous Attribute Stated Preference Andrew Collins: Search based internet survey Using an Online Ticket Agent Model to Build a SP

8 What are the Priorities for Electronic Surveys Four Main Topics that were Identified: Simplification, or Dont make me think – more intuitive and attractive design – Reduce respondent burden – One size does not fit all – Customize interfaces to recognize different cultures, ages, languages.

9 Priorities, contd. Recruitment and Motivation How to bring users into the survey (whats new) Social exchange theory: value for respondent & Trust between respondent and interviewer Mixed Modes Necessary to reach many types of respondents -Combine phone mail, web, CATI, GPS – How to harmonize data from mixed modes

10 Priority Issues, contd. Privacy – Entirely new issues arise with multiple data sources – With electronic data, information is collected and stored without the users knowledge. – Respondents need a choice: off switch

11 Statement of Research Needs Statement I: Develop interfaces that are congruent with the mental models of how respondents think about transportation issues Statement II : Explore innovative means to both recruit and motivate respondents _____________________________ Statement III: Address whether respondents understand the privacy tradeoffs ( e.g. Cell phones and GPS- the spatial information they collect? Statement IV: Develop algorithms to synthesize and process data streams into usable measures, for modeling and other needs Interfaces

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