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QuestionPoint virtual reference networks Graeme Miller.

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1 QuestionPoint virtual reference networks Graeme Miller

2 2 Reference challenges libraries face Make library the first choice for high-quality reference service Reach new users Serve users where they are Expand reference availability Increase librarys visibility and web presence

3 3 Trends in Reference Services Meeting Users: –Any Way they choose to communicate –Any Where they have a question –Any Time they need to ask Managing Technology to meet these needs

4 4 Meeting users Any Way… Meeting users Any Way they choose: –Email/Web Forms –Walk up/In Person –Phone and Fax –Chat or Instant Messaging Provide an integrated platform to manage reference requests, regardless of the way the user chooses Technology should support reference mission, not define it

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7 7 Meeting Users Any Where Links to reference services should be everywhere: Library web page Other departmental pages Institution home page Library opac Library databases eLearning integration Open WorldCat Handheld/mobile device Bringing the library to the user, rather than making the user go to the library

8 8 Adding Reference Services in eLearning Environments Blackboard Integration

9 9 Collaboration and Cooperation: Meeting Users Any Time Increasing role of reference-oriented cooperatives –Subject: Chasing the Sun –National: Al@din, Enquire… –Multinational: 24/7 Reference Cooperative –Global: QuestionPoint Global Reference Network Expertise –Collection based –Subject Matter Experts Availability –Time Zones –Shared Staffing

10 10 24 Hour Live Chat Cooperatives Always available to your users: the library never closes! Cooperative provides coverage when your library is closed (evenings, weekends, holidays) Cooperative provides back up when your librarians are busy Librarians gain additional skills A cost effective way to provide 24/7 coverage – with a modest contribution of staffing

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12 12 More services… Enquire

13 13 24/7 Reference is: 1,900+ libraries in the U.S. and United Kingdom Staffing cooperatively to provide service for all participating libraries, around the clock Contract staff cover hours when no libraries are online 2 cooperatives: Academic Library cooperative and Public Library cooperative

14 14 Building Web Scale Libraries need to be seen to have a higher profile on the web. Location, location, location Physical setting vs. Virtual site

15 15 Global, Regional, Local Global scale services –24/7 –Chasing the Sun Regional deployment –Al@din –Enquire –BiblioSés@me Local installations –Many and varied…..

16 16 Global Cooperation QuestionPoint Global Reference Network Participants from 23 countries Answers in 26 languages

17 17 Co-operative reference: Example services Phase 1: Nov 2004 – 2006 –Oct 04 – April 05: pilot with 30 libraries –May 05: Local & regional launch –Oct 05: National launch and PN marketing Phase 2: Nov 2006 – March 2009 90+ public libraries Out of hours assistance from US 24/7 library co-operative Live chat - 24/7 x 365 operation Staffed on a rota basis Average of over 1,100 chat sessions per month England: Enquire

18 18 Co-operative reference: Example services Since March 2003 All Dutch public libraries Web form and email Questions assigned to libraries by postal code 4 levels of service Self service – search knowledge base Information service – local libraries Information Intermediary – subject experts Information Advice – external referral Average of 12,000 questions received per month Netherlands: Al@din:

19 19 QuestionPoint users 280+ Service Unit Profiles in 11 countries –Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, UK National Virtual Reference Networks –Netherlands: Al@din –UK: Enquire –France: BiblioSés@me –Slovenia: Referenčni servis Vprašaj knjižničarja National Libraries –France: Bibliothèque nationale de France –Germany: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek –Netherlands: Koninklijke Bilbliotheek –Russia: Russian State Library –Slovenia: National & University Library –UK: National Library of Scotland Enquire

20 Thank You

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