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Wireless & Mobile - In the home and elsewhere Josef Noll Fellow – Wireless Mobility Telenor R&D, B7d NO-1331 Fornebu.

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1 Wireless & Mobile - In the home and elsewhere Josef Noll [] Fellow – Wireless Mobility Telenor R&D, B7d NO-1331 Fornebu

2 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking2 Related projects l Eurescom P1118 – Bluetooth access, opportunity for operators (closed) l Eurescom P1206 - Broadband services in the Intelligent Wireless Home ongoing project: l Telenors home of the future l ePerSpace – Towards personalised services at home and everywhere EU 6 th framework project - under negotiation

3 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking3 Creating communication … l not only for People with special needs People with special needs are the well educated, physically fit, affluent young males who require the latest functions in their lap-tops, PDAs and mobiles; such as GPRS, WAP, MP3, GPS, camera, games, radio, video, DVD, etc. l P2P communications - more than networking - Grandchildren 2 Grandma

4 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking4 Customer wishes The vision ISDN Ethernet / USB Cable ADSL Open Gateway PAN LocationCommunity Context, creation User profile User behaviour User roles Personalised & Mobile Applications 1) Data connectivity 2) Voice support 3) Remote control 4) Games/Entertainment 5) Video services 6) Security infrastructure 7) Open network access (ONA) with personalised services

5 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking5 Starting from home, continuation in public l My virtual home/elsewhere –at home –at a friends place –in a hotel –at a leisure place l The push for broadband and MM –service creation from communities –for communities –from grandchildren to grandma l Services for everyone –from 1 to 80+ years l Home Automation, remote control l Health - Care l Security, Surveillance, Access control, l Appliance management l Energy savings l VoD, News on Demand, Music On Demand l Games-on-line, e-learning l Fast Internet Access, l Videoconferencing, videotelephony

6 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking6 ePerSpace Service Concept GSM, UMTS Content Provider Platform.xml structured content Service Provisioning P2P Device recognition and configuration Home Network technologies Domotics, A/V services Infotainment Security Gateway GSM, UMTS Backbone OSA Platform with Personalisation Profiles Location Context

7 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking7 Major working areas l Mobility of the user: Open access network Seamless authentication l Innovation speed (?) at home: Integration of personal devices in the home l Better serve the customer: It works - like the mobile phone It is simple - seamless access It is personalised - tailored information M I P

8 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking8 Starting from home – user scenario UMTS download Bluetooth download wall : 15-25 dB (UMTS) range reduction to 1/3 M

9 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking9 At home and elsewhere – The Open Network Architecture Millions of fixed lines function as feeder lines for open pico-base stations fixed Subscribers fixed lines UMTS GSM/GPRS OBAN – open broadband access network + Supported by seamless authentication based on the Mobile Phone Personalised and broadband services Key item: Open communications M

10 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking10 Seamless access in the network public GSM/GPRS/UMTS Mobility: GSM/GPRS, Mobile IP, n.n. BSC HA, FA NT(1) Wire- less Ethernet home ISDN, ADSL PrivatSupport Wire- less Ethernet hot-spot/ corporate LAN M

11 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking11 Key element: Seamless/Personalised authentication Seamless Authenticating: SIM, PKI From the personal phone Bluetooth based authentication (login: phone nr, passwd: on SIM Extended Security through PKI M

12 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking12 Bringing services to the home Lifetime of home systems: Home phones stay forever (~ 5-10 years) Audiovisual systems > 10 years White goods even higher Slow take-up; hinder for mass-market acceptance Potential strategy: - Early adaptors: new equipment, typically OSGi or/and MHP - Mass market: Add-on functionality (software and hardware), updated e.g. TVs, Laptops, and mobile phones Examples of evolution: l WEB services on smartphones, e.g. Opera on P800 l Bluetooth service access through home network l Value Added Services enabler through wireless infrastructure I

13 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking13 My Phone: Email, ICQ, WEB… I

14 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking14 Remote control of model train Home Control : l Controlling temperature, light, etc from your mobile phone Example : Model train control l Camera for world-wide remote monitoring l Model train steering from everywhere l GOSTOP GOSTOP GOSTOP GOSTOP LightSensCamPCLinkHeat Heat control [set temperature] Living room 1428 22 1428 22 1428 20 1428 14 Kitchen Entrance sleeping room © Intelli, 2002 I

15 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking15 Example: My personal programme guide l Identify yourself seamless to the TV l Have the mobile phone as remote control l Get a personal programme guide downloaded to the phone l Get extra information about movie I

16 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking16 User view: Service elements Context communicate Services adapted to People Sensors PAN comm. devices Network LocationCommunity Context, creation User profile User behaviour User roles Paula: - role - preferences - needs P

17 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking17 Elements & personalisation exchange l Sensor network: no personalisation component present l PAN network:.xml exchange of information about terminal capabilities, CC/PP@W3C and UserAgendProfile UAprof@OMA l Home infrastructure: Service and Network gateway ( MHP, OSGi, add- on to existing equipment ) l User preferences: –OSA PAM Presence and Availability Mangement, Mobility API, Terminal Capability API, GUP Generic User Profile, MPEG-7 l Network access: no personalisation component present, potential usage of MobileIP (extended PKI) l Service management & adaptation: –done through service platform (network or content provider), based on.xml/MPEG-7 content description, –done in end-user terminal l Service availability –local: pop-up, UPNP (Jini), ICQ, buddy –global: service provider through a service platform (OSA platform) P

18 26.8.2003, Josef NollHome Networking18 Conclusions Key success factors for the communication market: Person-to-Person communication and personalised services Operators are key players, can provide: –Seamless access Common authentication in the network –Personalised access Through SIM-card identification –Infrastructure for Content Providers and P2P communications Still some work to do in co-operation between fixed and mobile, thin Mobile-IP clients, Voice Mobility seamless connectivity between personal devices and P2P infrastructure Personalisation architecture defining interfaces between personalisation service elements P I M

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