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© 2009 AudioCodes Ltd. All rights reserved. AudioCodes Confidential Proprietary July 2010 MP-252 – All-in-One.

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1 © 2009 AudioCodes Ltd. All rights reserved. AudioCodes Confidential Proprietary July 2010 MP-252 – All-in-One

2 MP252 – All in One Access: ADSL/ADSL2+ 24Mbps or Ethernet WAN 100Mbps Optional – 3G dongle 4 LAN Ports VoIP: 2 FXS Ports for Fax and Phone Home PBX: Integrated DECT/CAT-iq Home PBX with up to 6 DECT extensions supporting 4 concurrent HD VoIP calls

3 MP252 – All in One WiFi: High-speed wireless network (802.11 b/g/n), up to 150Mbps Mobile@Home - Bluetooth support for earphone and mobile phone synchronization Accessories through USB: Print Server, File Server …and has battery backup Advanced Router supporting Firewall, NAT, QoS mechanism… TR-069 management, zero touch configuration

4 Services – Broadband Data Integrated ADSL/ADSL2+ modem Multiple LAN interfaces for desktop PCs Wireless LAN supporting 802.11b/g and 802.11n (MIMO) for better coverage and higher speed Integrated router supporting IPv4 (IPv6 ready), UPnP, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP, DHCP, IP Multicast, NAT, etc. Advanced QoS – VLAN tagging, traffic prioritization and shaping Security - SPI Firewall, URL filtering, etc.

5 2 analog ports for phones and Fax support Integrated DECT supporting up to 6 handsets with HDVoIP (CAT- iq certified) Handset options ANY GAP compliant handset AudioCodes handset with proprietary support for advanced features SIP based Home PBX – Interoperable with leading Softswitches Up to 6 phone numbers with flexible assignment to DECT extensions Call Waiting, Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Forward, Hot Line, 3-Way Conference with local mixing, Network 3-Way Conference, etc. Guaranteed Voice QoS through prioritization and traffic shaping Mobile@Home Bluetooth mobile phone connection Address book sharing Bluetooth headset connection Services –High Quality VoIP

6 Services – IPTV Independent IPTV LAN port (configurable on the fly) Bandwidth guarantee for IPTV streams Separated DHCP for IPTV IP Multicasting with IGMP proxy IGMP snooping IGMP on WAN and LAN interfaces IGMP fast-leave

7 Configuration and Management Advanced protocols for remote configuration, management and provisioning Web management CLI over telnet TR-069, TR-104(interoperability with Motive & Friendly) SNMP Automatic firmware upgrade Syslog for debug and diagnostics Remote provisioning

8 MP252 available Models ModelADSL +4 LAN WiFiDECT HDVoIP VoIP 2 FXS USB MP252-BW 802.11n 1 MP252-WDNB 802.11n 3

9 Feature Keying Feature key is a mechanism which enables MP252 optional software options, remotely Feature key is provided to the Service Provider in order for him to pay as you grow, and share the success according to end customer usage of the optional software features Optional features that can be enabled by the Feature Key : Print & File Server DECT(HD Voip) & Local PBX Mobile@Home Local Support and Troubleshooting 3G Backup

10 Feature Keying MP-252 is bought by the Service Provider (SP) with a subset of the MP252 optional software features (or no optional features) The SP orders a bulk of Feature Keys for a specific optional feature or features (e.g. 2000 File and Print server, 2000 DECT & PBX etc.) Upon a request from the end customer for an optional feature, the following happens: The SP gets the end users MAC address The SP logins into to Audiocodes iLicense web portal, submits the MAC and the optional feature, and assuming he has positive balance he receives the specific key The key is sent to the end customers MP252 and the optional feature is enabled

11 Internet SP :ACS ACL iLicnese Submit MAC Get MAC Submit New KEY Enable Feature Keying

12 Optional Software Features FeatureBasic Version Optional on BW Optional on WDNB ADSL2+ modem Ethernet WAN 4 LAN ports WiFi 802.11n Router, Firewall VoIP on 2 FXS Print Server File Server FeatureBasic Version Optional on BW Optional on WDNB TR-069 mgmt HDVoIP on DECT, HomePBX Mobile@Hom e (bluetooth) 3G access backup Battery Backup LST


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