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Abha Light Foundation Homeopathy and Natural Medicine.

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1 Abha Light Foundation Homeopathy and Natural Medicine

2 Affordable Medicine for the People of Africa Abha Light Foundation Homeopathy and Natural Medicine

3 Most foreigners think of safaris and wildlife

4 when they think of Africa

5 Yet 60% of Kenyans live below the poverty line

6 in rural areas

7 and city slums

8 barely surviving


10 on a £ 0.70 a day.

11 Its no wonder


13 that disease is rampant

14 and conventional medicines too expensive for most people.


16 Abha Light started in Kenya in 1998

17 conducting mobile clinics Kangemi slum, Nairobi, 1998

18 in city slums and rural villages. Uthiru slum, Nairobi, 2001 Akkik Patel of UK

19 Ogembo village, 2001 Siaya village, 2003

20 Tala village, 2003 Kendu Bay, 2007 Danny Hill of UK

21 Kibwezi, 2003 Student Oscar on his way Siaya, 2003 our clinics are really mobile! Kendu Bay 2007 HIV patients queueing


23 2007 grads celebrate with a cake! Homeopathy & Alternative Medicine are ideal for developing countries

24 Heres seven reasons why… Even the poorest people in the world can afford homeopathy & alternative medicines. Effective in acute, chronic, traumatic, epidemic, and endemic diseases. Safe and free of side effects so can be used at all levels including self-help. It can be implemented in situations with very little infrastructure. Advantages of Alternative Medicines for Developing Countries

25 Heres seven reasons why… Alternative medicine benefits from but does not rely upon expensive diagnostic equipment. Once Alternative medicine is established it just grows and grows. In places where a doctor is two days walk, a simple homeopathic self-help kit is a lifeline. Advantages of Alternative Medicines for Developing Countries

26 Manyanga village, 2001 Helen Morrell from Britain, 2001 As ALF grew in activities,

27 we realized a greater need than merely dispensing medicine for charity.

28 What ALF does: Our 3 As ALF aims to establish a complete infrastructure of Affordable, Accessible & Alternative Medicine

29 Training of Self- Employed Practitioners Liason with Authorities, Regulation & Legalizaton Popularization & Public Education Affordable: Cheap Pharmacy & Supply of Medicines Accessible: Self-sustaining Village & Slum Clinics

30 ALF identifies certain systems of medicine will be most effective because these systems Can be readily taught to anyone Dont need expensive equipment Dont depend on imports of expensive foreign medicines

31 HomeopathyHomeopathy African Herbal MedicineAfrican Herbal Medicine NaturopathyNaturopathy NutritionNutrition AcupunctureAcupuncture Body Work & MassageBody Work & Massage CounsellingCounselling These systems are


33 Our Story: In July 2000

34 Kariobangi, 2001 Kariobangi, 2000 ALF opened its first permanent clinic

35 as a small oasis of healing in the centre of the slums Kariobangi, 2003

36 in Kariobangi North, Nairobi with the aim of introducing homeopathy

37 as an affordable alternative


39 to costly Western medicine

40 After students graduate, ALF assists in opening new clinics Juja Rd. clinic in Mathare slum opened July 2002

41 Tala village clinic opened January 2003

42 TORU Health Centre at Manyanga village opened March 2003

43 Toru ~ KambiMawe sees about 500 patients monthly Toru ~ Manyanga sees about 600 patients monthly The Toru Health Centre and its 3 affiliated clinics are the largest network of homeopathic & naturopathic clinics in Kenya.

44 our Steve Smith, Toru Clinics coordinator

45 Presently in 2008 ALF has 18 affiliated clinics & about 20 mobile clinics in Kenya 1.Kariobangi N Slum, Nairobi 2.Kibera Slum, Nairobi 3.Kiambu village 4.Kericho town 5.Makutanu village 6.Embakasi, Nairobi 7.Haruma, Nairobi 8.Katagini village 9.Soweto, Nairobi 10.Toru Health, Kibwezi town 11.Toru, Kambi Mawi village 12.Kendu Bay village 13.Mombasa town 14.Mtapa village 15.Nakuru town 16.Muranga town 17.Toru, Sultan village 18.Toru, Machinery village


47 Homeopathic Training Programme Heather Webster from South Africa, 2003

48 Bianca Sands from Australia, 2001 started in 2000 at our iron-sheeted Kariobangi clinic

49 Volunteer instructors helped teach students

50 from slums and villages

51 Kenyans learning a new profession

52 as a homeopathic practitioner

53 Shem teaching pathology Didi teaching philosophy Gaori (volunteer) teaching freshmen In 2004 we shifted from our slum clinic to our first Buruburu head office and squeezed in.

54 By 2005, we grew from a training course into a college


56 And moved again to our present spacious head office premises in Westlands, Nairobi

57 We expanded our training Herbal Medicine

58 Nutrition Counselling & Life Skills Health Sciences

59 Massage & Body Work Reflexology

60 Naturopathy Mud Pack Therapy Magnetotherapy Bioxidative Therapy

61 Basic Acupuncture and Moxa

62 Our Grads

63 Our ALF Family

64 Were happy to announce….. The formation of a national professional body of Homeopaths. Weve taken the next step towards infrastructural solidarity Youll be hearing from us….


66 ALFs extensive activities

67 Treating HIV/AIDS

68 Great Health, Naturally! There is a need among People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs), especially those living int the slums and villages,

69 Great Health, Naturally! to learn how they can manage themselves effectively, affordably & naturally.

70 Great Health, Naturally! are two effective books on HIV and Cancer management

71 We train our practitioners in HIV counselling

72 PLWHA (people living with HIV/AIDS) Self-support Groups

73 Great Health, Naturally! Protocol preparation & distribution

74 Prevention & Treatment of Malaria

75 200

76 ALF Charity Projects 2004 Street Childrens Free Clinic Kariobangi Free HIV Clinic Korogocho Free HIV Clinic Kendu Bay Free HIV Clinic & Malaria Prevention Project Kisumu Free HIV Clinic 2008 Post-Election Internally Displaced Persons Medical Camps

77 2004 Street Childrens Free Clinic

78 Free HIV Clinics

79 Kendu Bay Village MalariaX 3-Step Prevention Project 1000 patients treated for 1 year

80 08 Post-Election Violence Internally Displaced Refugees ALF joins Relief Medical Camps


82 Abha Light Products

83 200 Abha Light Products Mini Kit: a Hospital in a Kit!

84 Abha Light Products Malaria Prevention & Treatment Homeopathic HIV medicines

85 200 Abha Light Products Great Health with Great Health, Naturally!

86 200

87 Abha Lights Founder & Director Barbara Lynne D.I. Hom. (London) also known as Sister Didi Ananda Ruchira

88 She is a yogic-nun of Ananda Marga Mission Didi is active in promoting affordable, accessible alternative medicine everywhere she goes.

89 presenting homeopathic books to Kenyatta University radio & TV seminars Public Education, Publicity & Public Relations


91 What does ALF need for next steps in development COLLEGE Goal: Create more practitioners, bring in more students Subsidized tuition (scholarships) for poor students Advertising PHARMACY Goal: Self-Sufficiency for ALF, a stable financial base Develop our products into viable busness CLINICS Goal: Give employment to grads; serve community Invest in more and better clinics

92 by providing affordable health care Abha Light bringing new hope to the community to the people of Kenya

93 Your support is needed

94 You can help us in different ways. You can... Tell your family, friends or patients about us Encourage others to help us Educate others about alternative treatment Advocate affordable & alternative medicine for all Advocate affordable & alternative medicine for all

95 r funds Donate in-kind or funds ising event Create a fund-raising event urces of funds Tell us about sources of funds

96 Sponsor a student or new clinic al or homeopaDonate medical or homeopathic text books

97 Sponsor a mobile clinic ourproject in KenyaHost a clinic at your project in Kenya

98 Work as a volunteer in Kenyan projects

99 website tel

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