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Energy Harvesting USB Charger Thibault Maury Minyoung Kim.

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1 Energy Harvesting USB Charger Thibault Maury Minyoung Kim

2 Repeated Charging keeps our mobile Devices Grounded Entertainment and Communications at our finger tips is the standard Always present wherever we go As we depend on mobile devices we become grounded when they need to be recharged How can we stay mobile if our communications do not?

3 Energy Harvesting Conversion of ambient energy into usable electrical energy Become your own personal power generation station! Environmentally friendly Energy Source Allows us to collect surrounding Energy naturally expended through the course of the day to power our mobile electronic devices Permits us to stay mobile! Become Independent of long stagnant charging periods

4 Collecting Wasted Energy Solar Panels Use suns energy while walking Placed on shoulders for convenience Piezoelectric strips Pressure from footsteps into electrical energy Create energy as you walk! Faraday Tube Spring-loaded Magnet Energy from body motions Sent out in USB output Universal Charging Energy Storage Solar Body Mass Movement

5 The Design Harvested Energy is feed to circuit Electrical Energy is manipulated to charge a battery Harvested Energy stored in Battery until needed

6 Stage1 - Regulator Regulates power from constant voltage devices Solar Panels Uses Current Regulation to keep battery charging safe Implements 10% Rule Eliminates Cut-off circuit

7 Stage 2 – Micro Watt Collector Specializes in collecting small amounts of irregular energy Piezoelectric strips Faraday Induction Tube System of Capacitors and Inductors Voltage builds up Current is passed through Battery Friendly Output! 540mW (PFC) + 240mW (Induction) = 780mW per day

8 Stage3 – USB Charger Rechargeable NiCad Batteries to USB DC-DC Step Up 1.3V to 5.0V Implements high efficiency chip Power consumption is always a concern

9 Entire Schematic

10 Movie Demonstrations Collecting Small Currents Charging USB

11 Budget Solar Panels~$50 Piezostrips~Samples from Advanced Ceramics Inc HomeDepot$25 Magnets Springs Tube Circuitry DC-DC Converter~Samples from Dallas Semiconductor AA Rechargeable~$5 Electronic Equipment~$50 Unexpected Costs~$25 Total~$155


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