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EzMobile - Smart Telecom Management. Telecom Facts/ Enterprise Requirements Telecom Challenges Expert Advise Expert Advise Market Proposition Market Proposition.

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1 EzMobile - Smart Telecom Management

2 Telecom Facts/ Enterprise Requirements Telecom Challenges Expert Advise Expert Advise Market Proposition Market Proposition About EzMobile About EzMobile Agenda Case Study Extract Case Study Extract

3 Telecom Facts/ Enterprise Requirements

4 Facts on Telecom Costs Total telecom spend 18% in 2007 compared to 2006 The data cost category has more than doubled since 2006 to reach 8% of Telecom Costs Roaming costs are on a steady however roaming continues to represent an important cost category representing 31% of telecom cost Private use of Mobile phones is common 30% of calling cost is private Holiday Destinations top the roaming county list in July and August January 1st – Happy New Year – is the no.1 SMS volume day Private usage of the company mobile is on the rise: 8,3% since 2006

5 Gain control/ visibility over telecommunications costs and assets Reduce telecom costs Increase cost awareness at end user level Reduce and Simplify business processes Allocating calls, per cost centre, per user, per country and more Automated management reports – total insight in an instant To improve overall telecom management with minimal effort Enterprise Requirements

6 Telecom Challenges

7 Challenges - VAT Compliance Audit each year to determine fair and reasonable apportionment No Personal calls policy has to be demonstrated as enforceable Large Revenue opportunity for HMRC Robust processes for personal declarations and audit required Section 33.2 of the VAT Guide states: You cannot treat VAT incurred on purchases of goods and services as input tax unless you intend to use those goods or services for the purpose of your business. Over Recovery on VAT can lead to fines and up to 3 years prior reclaim

8 Buying more mobile devices than is necessary Difficulty in migrating between network carriers Paying extra line rental on unused devices Phones and bills being paid for ex-employees Unreported, lost or stolen mobiles resulting in call charge exposure Difficulties in validating mobile invoicing Challenges - Asset Management Inaccurate mobile asset databases will lead to:

9 Difficulties complying with VAT requirements Exposing users to benefit in kind tax change Additional costs of an average of 30% of total usage charges Non-compliance with internal audit requirements Challenges – Personal Usage Without having processes in place to monitor or recover personal use companies will be exposed to the following:

10 Expert Advise

11 The Experts – Gartners Advice Gartner 25 ways to cut IT costs: 13.Use Telecom Expense Management Service (save 10% to 35%) Nobody can keep track of this stuff. Hire a professional to source, benchmark, negotiate the contracts etc… and audit the bills

12 Market Proposition

13 Cost are High and Increasing Service Management Complexity Mobile Data Roaming Personal Spend Fragmentation New Services No Standard Processes Manual Handling Insight Allocation Reduce Usage Standardisation Automation Reduce Overhead 15 – 40 % savings on telecom spend > 50 % savings on overhead 1 ÷ 7 EzMobile – Market Proposition Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Telecom Service Management (TSM) Key Drivers Driven By Market Need Benefit Cost/ Benefit Ratio

14 About EzMobile

15 EzMobile delivers Telecom Management services to enterprises and Online Telecom Manager services to operators using a Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) set up. EzMobile Telecom Expense Management, helps you to manage your telecom resources more effectively regardless of the number of operators or end-users involved. EzMobile Clients include… EzMobile Facts 99,8% Service Uptime | > 70 Blue Chip Customers | > 1.000.000 End Users | > 1 Billion Call Detail records processed per annum

16 EzMobile – Key Functionalities Telecom cost analysis Information on telecom spend and usage across all levels of the organisation (country, site, cost center, end-user). Telecom usage analysis and trend reports offer comprehensive insight into telecom spend over time. In addition any custom-analysis can be made on request. Exception reporting User definable watch point's immediately expose potential abuse or exceptional costs. Access on all levels Access rights can be given on multinational, country, site, cost center and on end user level. Split Billing & Cost Allocation This enables companies to ensure costs are placed where they belong. Implementation and reinforcement of corporate policies on private spend, as well as allocation of costs to departments or cost centers will become easy. Fleet management EzMobile allows to keep the user and inventory administration up-to-date with minimal effort. Any inconsistency with the operator data will immediately be signaled. Telecom Service Management Workflow management service that automates standardized processes so they can be executed efficiently. (Order Handsets, Add Employee, Remove a Service, etc)

17 Case Study Extract

18 We are extremely happy with the Fruit EZ Mobile service, as we now have total transparency over our mobile expenses and the ability to control costs like never before. We saved 39% on our mobile expenses in 2007, which would have been unachievable without Fruit EZ Mobile. The high quality web based billing platform allows a global view of all telecom streams and vendors at anytime, anywhere and offers integrated service management solutions Allan Dyer, IT Services Manager, Boots the Chemist EzMobile – Testimonial

19 EzMobile – Boots the Chemist Case Study Total Usage > £90,000 per MonthTotal Usage < £70,000 per Month Month 1 – 2800 handsetsMonth 9 – 2500 Handsets Total monthly spend reduced by more than £20,000.00 19% of personal costs recovered from remaining bill 364% Return on Investment in 3 months

20 Why choose EzMobile? Multi National Service Delivery Operator independent Mobile & Fixed & RAS Integrated Telecom Expense Management & Telecom Service Management Unique service with Fruit managed service / consultancy & logistics End user experience (performance and usability)

21 Fruit Mobile – Lets Talk

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