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Oracle Mobile Supply Chain- UnPlugged

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1 Oracle Mobile Supply Chain- UnPlugged
August 15, 2008 Venetian 2 3:00 PM – 3:40 PM Presented By Ashok Kowdle PMP

2 Agenda Overview of Oracle Mobile Supply Chain
Architecture of Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Transactions Supported in MSCA Key Benefits Support for Changing MSCA Screens Process Flows & Data Flows Questions and Answers

3 MSCA Overview Oracle® Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA) enables automated mobile user operations. This is performed using hand held radio frequency (RF) devices, PDA’s, and lift truck mounted RF scanners. Oracle MSCA is part of the Oracle Supply Chain Management solution, the integrated suite that streamlines design, planning, manufacturing and fulfillment.

4 MSCA Overview

5 MWA Architecture Main Server Components MWA Server Telnet Listeners
Presentation Manager Connection Manager

6 MWA Architecture

7 Mobile Apps Structure Mobile Application Components
Menu Item Java Bean Page Java Bean Field Java Bean Field Listener Java Bean

8 Modules Supported in MSCA
Mobile Manufacturing Mobile Quality Mobile Materials Management Warehouse Management

9 Manufacturing Transactions
Moving assemblies Completing assemblies Scrapping and rejecting items and assemblies Issuing, returning, and scrapping material Work order-less completions and returns Flow completion, return, and scrap transactions Charging resources

10 Quality Transactions Collect quality data View specifications
Work in Process transactions WIP Work Order less completions Flow Manufacturing completions

11 Material Management Transactions
Receiving & RMA Inventory transactions and inquiries Kanban transactions and inquiries Cycle Counting and Physical Inventory Pick Confirm Ship Confirm Intra-organization replenishment

12 WMS Transactions Inbound Logistics Inventory Controls Task Management
Receiving, Cross Docking, Directed Putaways & Inspections Inventory Controls Lot, sub lot, serial and revision control, Material Attribute Tracking & Flexible Material status and holds Task Management Rules based task dispatching, Guided consolidation, Cartonization & Configurable Exception Management Workflow Outbound Logistics Rule Based Product Allocation, Directed Picking, Consolidation & ASN Generation Mobility Mobile RF Based user interfaces, Material Handling Systems Integration

13 Key Benefits Improve Inventory Accuracy Improve Worker Productivity
Reduce Data Entry Errors with Bar-Code scanning Improve Transaction Accuracy with Real-Time Data Validation Reduce Latency using Mobile Devices Improve Worker Productivity Accelerate Data Entry using Mobile Devices Simplify Transaction Entry with Mobile User Interface Reduce Latency using Mobile Device Adapt to Rapidly Changing Mobile Technology Support Existing Manufacturing & Distribution Processes out of the box Increase customer satisfaction by improving inventory accuracy, shipment confirmation and quality tracking

14 Personalization & Customization
Supports all Personalizations Customizations Ability to change List of Values Ability to add new fields to the existing pages Adding new custom pages to the flow Adding new validations to fields using field listeners Customization for Batch Mode Processing Create new pages using MCL Designer Save transactions either on Scanner Memory or Memory card as a comma separated file Process records by calling corresponding API’s

15 Personalization

16 Customization

17 Customization

18 Available Listeners Field Entered- Called when a Particular field is entered Field Exited- Called when a Particular field is exited Page Entered- Called when a Particular page is entered Page Exited- Called when a Particular page is exited App Entered- Called when a Particular App is entered App Exited- Called when a Particular App is exited Special Listeners for Hiding fields, showing fields, Additional Validations, etc

19 Batch Mode Processing

20 Process Flows and Data Flows
Process Flows for Online Warehouses using Oracle MSCA Process Flows for Offline Warehouses using Oracle MSCA

21 Online Warehouses

22 Offline Warehouses

23 MWA Testing & Error Logging
Configuration Files mwa.cfg: This file has information about the DBC file location, Log Dir Location, Telnet Port no Location. This info will be used by Mobile Applications on runtime. default_key.ini: This file is used to map the keys of the mobile device to some specific functionality. Use the default file if you don’t want to customize anything. deviceIP.ini: This file maps the configuration files and host name with the mobile device MWA Server Startup and Shutdown This file is used to start/stop the MWA listener on specific port. start <port no> to Start the services on the Listener -login <userid/pwd> stop_force <port no> to stop the services on the Listener File Location $MWA_TOP/bin $MWA_TOP/secure $INST_TOP/admin/scripts $INST_TOP/admin/install In R12, INST_TOP may look like: /u01/appldev/DEV/inst/apps/DEV_w-oraap01 Log Files The log files are located under $INST_TOP/logs The Logging Levels are Fatal, Error, Warning, Debug & Trace All the log files start with Telnet_port_no as a prefix -rw-r--r-- 1 appldev dba Feb 8 13: INV.log Simpler way to look for logs tail -f INV.log

24 Questions and Open Discussions
Questions and Answers Questions and Open Discussions Contact Information Ashok Kowdle PMP Phone: Presentation Copy

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