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Mobile Commerce Is Here! Learn How mShopper Makes It Quick, Easy, and Affordable to Open Up A Mobile Store Lets Go Mobile!

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1 Mobile Commerce Is Here! Learn How mShopper Makes It Quick, Easy, and Affordable to Open Up A Mobile Store Lets Go Mobile!

2 Learning More About mShopper 1.The Mobile Opportunity 2.The Unique Mobile Shopper 3.mShoppers Mobile Commerce Platform Benefits of the Platform Driving Traffic To Your mStore 4.Site Demo 5.Pricing Made Easy 6.ROI Made Easy 7.Contact Us

3 The Mobile Opportunity Mobile data traffic expected to rise 40-fold over next five years (, March 30, 2010) (, March 30, 2010) Mobile retail market will exceed $12 billion by 2014 (Juniper Communications Study, March 10, 2010) EBay expects to generate $1.5B via mobile in 2010 (Mobile Commerce Daily, April 6, 2010) Follow @MCommerceMadeEZ on Twitter for more…. There is no question, m-commerce has arrived. If you are a retailer today and youre not offering the customer the ability to participate in commerce whenever and wherever they want and another retailer does, youre going to have a problem. - John Donahue, CEO, EBay

4 The Unique Mobile Shopper Mobile shoppers online shoppers They are: More in a rush Typically multi-tasking Easily distracted Shopping with a smaller screen and keyboard

5 The Unique Mobile Shopper (continued) What mobile shoppers want from their favorite brands: I want to know first! Learn about new products before others Texts opened much faster than emails I want exclusive offers! Special deals they cant get elsewhere My phone gets me VIP access! I want to be able to shop anytime! Its all about accommodating my schedule

6 mShoppers Mobile Commerce Platform Heres whats included: mStore: Design and launch a customized mobile store with instant shopping functionality in as little as two hours. Youre in the drivers seat Built-In Merchandising: Self-service content management tools let you promote featured products and special offers Mobile Database: Quickly build a subscriber list using our permission-based sign-up tool placed in any of your digital channels GetFirstDibs: An mShopper exclusive, a self-service SMS marketing program that drives traffic to your mStore and communicates to your on-the-go buyers Marketing Support: Create your own apps for iPhone/Blackberry/Droid which link directly to your store. Add your mStore to mShoppers mobile mall of 100+ retailers Built-In Analytics: Use our integrated analytic tool to measure the performance of your mStore merchandising and marketing. We are committed to maximizing your ROI

7 Benefits of the Platform Software-as-a-service & turn-key (no IT!) Self-service (you control your own store) Customizable to your brands look and feel No up-front investment or commitment Marketing tools & best practices included mShopper takes care of inputting orders For Retailers Simple search using just a few characters Intuitive browsing: brand, category, keyword Fast page-load times SMS text reminders about products & offers Hot Deals at push of a button Easy purchase: just enter mobile # and PIN Accessible on all mobile devices For Mobile Shoppers

8 Driving Traffic to Your mStore Mobile Sign-Ups Text alerts to product pages Email to Database Links to web sign-up form Social / Viral Media Links to web sign-up form Auto-redirect for mobile viewers Form embedded on site 3 Branded Mobile Apps in App Stores (iPhone, BB, Droid) Keyword Drivers in Print/ Radio Text XYZ to 1234 Bounce- back text link Paid Search Links to web sign-up form PriceCrusher Mobile Mall Mobile Search (Paid) Mobile Search (Organic) Mobile Banner Ads mShopper provides tools in red boxes

9 Getting Started in Five Steps Step 1: Set up your account & authorized users Step 2: Set up your product data feed Step 3: Design your mStore with exclusive mStore Design Tool Step 4: Promote your products & special offers Step 5: Drive Traffic to your mStore –Launch GetFirstDibs Text Messaging Program –Collect subscribers, send out text alerts, analyze conversions –Create a catchy URL ( or and promote –Use mShoppers re-direct code to move mobile shoppers to your mStore

10 Demo of Merchant Site View Screenshots from Merchant Site v1.5!

11 Demo: 1. Welcome Screen

12 Demo: 2. Data Feed

13 Demo: 3. Design mStore

14 Demo: 4. Todays Hot Deal

15 Demo: 5. All Hot Deals

16 Demo: 6. GetFirstDibs Sign-Up Form

17 Demo: 7. GetFirstDibs Alerts

18 Demo: 8. GetFirstDibs Analytics

19 Demo: 9. mStore Dashboard (for returning users)

20 Order Processing Made Easy Option 1 (Recommend while sales volume is low) Option 2 (Necessary once substantial sales volume reached) A. User logs in to account & purchases item from phone A Merchant C C. Order arrives to merchant similar to other affiliates (with our affiliate token). You handle transaction, refunds, shipping, order tracking, etc. Benefits No tech investment required Happens w/in minutes Still tied in to your database for CRM and analytics A. User logs in to account & purchases item from phone A Order Info Your Product Buy URL B B. mShopper call-center rep manually inputs order info into your e-commerce sites shopping cart, and buys * * If product is out of stock or Product Buy URL is incorrect in data field, call-center rep calls users cell phone and tells them item is out of stock Merchant B B. mShopper sends order info directly to your e- commerce system via API API

21 Pricing Made Easy Monthly Licensing Small Retailer: $99 Medium Retailer: $499 Large Retailer: $999 Per-Transaction Commission Greater of: 5% or your published standard affiliate rates* Text Messaging 100K+ messages sent monthly = 1 cent each <100K messages sent monthly = 1.5 cents each Thats it, nothing more!

22 ROI Made Easy 5% of monthly site visitors fill out form (5K) 5% of email subscribers click link and fill out form (5K) Consumer Response After sending out 10K text alerts, 0.5% purchase (50 sales) Average purchase of $50 with $25 profit margin 50 sales * $25 profit = $1,250 RETURN Return Text message cost: 10K @ 1.5 cents = $150 Commission cost: 50 sales @ $50 * 5% = $125 TOTAL CAMPAIGN INVESTMENT = $275 Investment Marketing Place GFD sign-up form on site (100K monthly visitors) Place link to GFD sign-up form in monthly email (100K subscribers) ROI = $1,250 / $275 = 455% Sample figures based on mShopper historical data– please adjust to match your company specifics Assumes only 2 traffic drivers (site and email). Results will improve when additional drivers added (ex: social media, paid search, etc.)

23 Thank You! Were happy to tell you more! –Kathryn Wardell (VP Merchant Sales & Services) –Ken Barber (VP Marketing) –David Gould (CEO/Founder) Contact us about getting your first month free!

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