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Mobile Asset Tracking. P URPOSE O F I NVENTORY – E XTERNAL State Requirements Each agency must annually perform a physical inventory of its capital assets.

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1 Mobile Asset Tracking

2 P URPOSE O F I NVENTORY – E XTERNAL State Requirements Each agency must annually perform a physical inventory of its capital assets to ensure that adequate care is being used in the control and accountability of State resources ARS 35-131, 41-722 Federal Requirements Periodic physical inventory of all Government Property FAR 45.508

3 P URPOSE OF I NVENTORY - I NTERNAL Maintain Accurate Financial Records Depreciation (107,561,000) University Capital Assets (1,637,048,000) Equipment Audits Maintain Tagged Status of Assets Tracking System (current Tagged assets 14,326) Disposal Reasons Surplus Trade-Ins

4 2013 I NVENTORY T IMELINE February 5th - April 15th Departments conduct Physical Capital Inventory April 15th Inventory sheets with Certification Statements must be submitted to Property Management by this date April 1st- July 1st Property Management processes changes into KFS Changes need to be in KFS before Year end June 1st – August 31st Property Management conducts on site Validations of Inventory



7 M OBILE A SSET T RACKING D EVELOPMENT 7 Application and Titan developed In-House by UA Financial Services Office ITS/Financial Application Support Team (FAST) Application output will be able to be batched into financial system (UAccess Financials)

8 D EPARTMENT R ESOURCE F OLDER MAT Instruction Manual Inventory Distribution Letter Contact Sheet Inventory Certification Statement Process Procedures FAQs RADP form How to Edit Asset Document Other Useful resources

9 L ET S G ET S TARTED Menu Button On Switch Home Screen

10 P OWER B UTTON Scanners numbered 64-84 have the older version of Linea-Pro (scanning system) with the power button that does not line up These scanners must be kept charged at all times To use the scanner, press the menu button To power on a device with dead battery, the top portion of the Linea-Pro scanner must be removed to reach the power button

11 G ETTING S TARTED Input Four digit pin - 3220


13 Please DO NOT change settings on the IPOD scanners or Download anything extra Brightness settings are OK to change if you are having problems viewing the screen IPod Scanner should be used for the purpose of Inventory Tracking only! Settings

14 U PDATE A PPLICATION This populates information such as current building and room numbers from Real Estate Administration (REA) Also downloads department inventory reports Each scanner is assigned to one specific department number

15 U PDATE A PPLICATION If update was successful, the Update Finish screen will appear If update was unsuccessful, scanner can still be used but information will not be current Please contact FSO-IT for assistance

16 WIFI C ONNECTION The device Needs to be connected to WIFI for update button to connect If you are not on a UA WIFI connection You might be prompted to update IOS DO NOT UPDATE!!!!! For those departments with off-campus locations, please stay after the presentation to discuss the WIFI issue further

17 B ARCODE S CANNING Barcode Laser Scan Button

18 S CANNING Start scanning A-tags Successfully Scanned tags will beep and appear like example shown

19 S CANNING Unsuccessfully scanned barcodes will give Invalid Barcode error message Try manual entry or contact FSO IT

20 E DITING A SSETS Tap here to select the asset Required

21 Select to begin Editing Select to Edit Room Select to Edit Building Building must be entered before you can enter room number

22 Back Button Search Cancel Editing Assets

23 O FF C AMPUS A SSETS Switch to OFF to Change to Off- Campus location Tap here to select asset Building and room number no longer required

24 A DDITIONAL I NFORMATION Fields are optional Can be edited in Titan also Off Campus Assets need contact information to be batched into KFS

25 E DITING A SSETS Complete d Asset




29 U PLOAD R ESULTS A successful upload screen will show how many assets were processed into Titan

30 B ATCHING We recommend Uploading to Titan after every Room is scanned This is your Save button Application can only hold so many assets at a time Departments with 500 or more assets will not be able to scan all their assets at once without uploading The larger the upload the longer the upload will take


32 Any tag that is manually entered is subject to validation Please make a note as to why the A-tag was entered vs. Scanned Examples: 1. A-Tag is in located in area that cannot be reached by scanner 2. Asset is off-campus and scanner cannot be sent 3. Request New A-Tag


34 R EQUEST N EW T AG Switch to ON to Request a new Tag

35 T ITAN Log- In to Titan website at Request Access



38 A SSETS TO F IND L IST Consist of any asset that is either A status or F status and Tag number begins with an A Scanner is not combatable with N-Tags, D- Tags and or other department issued tracking tags If you prefer reports other than what is listed in Titan please contact Property Management


40 A SSETS TO F IND Click on Asset to give exception reasons


42 M ULTIPLE D EPARTMENTS For Asset Custodians with Multiple Department Responsibility: We have assigned One scanner to the department with the highest number of assets You are able to scan ALL of your assets on the one scanner Please move assets assigned to other departments in Titan by reviewing the other folder in you main department



45 S UBMISSION O F I NVENTORY Please Notify Property Management when Inventory is complete Each department MUST SUBMIT: Signed Inventory Certification Statement Any Back-up and completed Forms RADP form, Surplus, Off campus location, etc. Can be turned in by mail or email Deadline: Friday, April 15th, 2013

46 A PPRECIATION L UNCHES Requirements Attend Kick-Off Meeting Turn in Inventory Reports by Deadline Pass Validation Provide Signed ICS Give Necessary back-up on Exception Assets

47 A PPRECIATION L UNCHES Who get Incentives? Top 5 Departments in Each Category 5 People per Department Categories 1.>201 Assets – 16 Departments 2.101-200 Assets – 26 Departments 3.50-100 Assets – 32 Departments 4.16-49 Assets – 55 Departments 5.6-15 Assets- 45 Departments 6.<5 Assets- 116 Departments

48 UA T ITLED AND S PONSOR T ITLED A SSETS Both University and Sponsor titled assets are included in the biennial inventory Capital F-Titled Assets automatically populate into the Asset to Find List in Titan A-110 states that a physical inventory of equipment shall be taken and the results reconciled with the equipment records at least once every two years FAR 52.245-1 states that the Contractor shall periodically perform, record, and disclose physical inventory results

49 E QUIPMENT P URCHASED ON S PONSORED A CCOUNTS The University Property System is regularly audited to ensure compliance, control, and management of state, University, and Federally funded equipment Biennial audit by Office of Naval Research (ONR) Annual by the Office of the Arizona Auditor General - Financial Statement Audit Annual A-133 audit of federal grant and contract transactions by the Office of the Arizona Auditor General Sponsor Audit

50 F EDERALLY T ITLED A SSETS AND THE ONR A UDIT The ONR audit is performed to determine whether or not the University Property System is compliant as required by FAR 52.245-1(f)(3) If the UA property system is deemed unsatisfactory, the University will NOT maintain eligibility to receive government funding for the purchase of equipment In other words, the University will lose a significant amount of Federal funding if the system is found to be unsatisfactory

51 P HYSICAL I NSPECTION The ONR audit involves physical inspection and verification of the accuracy and completeness of University property records Auditors will check for the following: Physical existence of equipment Equipment is in use and functional The off-campus form is complete for off campus equipment University records match the A-tag number, serial number, model number, location and manufacturer to the asset and its location Federal property has a Property of the Federal Government label and UA Property does not

52 I NVENTORY OF F EDERALLY F UNDED A SSETS While you are performing your inventory, think about the ONR audit If a UA asset has a Property of Federal Government label, remove it If a Federally titled item is no longer in use or broken, contact SPS Property so disposition instructions can be requested If an asset has been delivered to the sponsor, send the shipping documents to the SPS Property Manager so it can be removed from inventory If we can resolve potential issues now, the audit will go smoothly

53 UA T ITLED A SSETS P URCHASED ON S PONSORED A CCOUNTS Even when title vests with the University, we still have an obligation to adhere to award property provisions, i.e. A-110, FDP, PHS Grant Policy Statement, FAR Property is properly identified Hierarchy for use is adhered to Disposition is requested when needed Sales/Surplus is appropriate Assets meet transfer eligibility

54 F INAL T HOUGHTS Information and Materials discussed at this meeting can be found on FSO Capital Finance Website and on Titan: finance finance Please feel free to contact any of the Property Management team members or Sponsored Property members. We are here to HELP you!!!

55 Q UESTIONS ? Again Please anyone with NON-UA WIFI stay and talk with Sonia in the back right of the room.

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