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1 Mobile Overview. 2 3 In July 2012, Comscore saw 85.9MM mobile shoppers 41% of all shoppers were from Amazon Apple stores (iTunes, app store etc.) saw.

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1 1 Mobile Overview

2 2

3 3 In July 2012, Comscore saw 85.9MM mobile shoppers 41% of all shoppers were from Amazon Apple stores (iTunes, app store etc.) saw 17% Women are much more prevalent than men. Women are less likely tied to a PC. The Millennial generation is leading the way! Local mobile is great for retail, but scale issues hinder the ROI Mobile Shopping- Comscore September 2012

4 4 How Customers are using Mobile in the shopping process? Source: Harris Interactive, Apigee, Aug 2012

5 5 Mobile Ad Spend vs. Mobile Usage

6 6

7 7 Foresee mobile becoming the primary digital touchpoint in all marketing. Establish clear objectives for mobile efforts. Consumers are using technology to make better buying decisions and find your product Identify your customers mobile habits and align objectives. Integrate with other marketing efforts. Increased fragmentation! Learn the essential tools of mobile. Develop communications strategy to always be in front of consumer. Mobile is a distinctly lower funnel activity primarily during the purchase process Best Practices- Planning

8 8 MOBILE SEARCH Mobile Tactics

9 9 For the 40%+ with smart phones, it often isnt – Most online search campaigns show up on mobile web/app searches as well Like online marketing, it begins and ends with Search! Optimize site for local and mobile search How Is Mobile Search Different From Online Search?

10 10 Before You Plan A Mobile-Only Display Campaign IOS Android All } of a campaigns impressions will naturally serve on tablets or mobile phone devices 5-7% Other devices include any device with a browser (xbox, blu ray player, iTV browser, etc.) but tend to encompass miniscule impression volumes in 2012

11 11 Two Major Types of Mobile Display Web-BasedIn-App Will run on a web page just like an online campaign, restricted to mobile device Runs only within apps downloaded to smart phones Dual HTML5/Flash publishing, or GIF/JPG recommended Same creative file type restrictions Platform targetable, or agnostic Less rich media options More rich media options, availability well-documented CAN run on feature phones (non smart phones) as well as tablets and smart phones Will not run on feature phones, will run on smart phones and tablets

12 12 Mobile Display Targeting Options

13 13 Mobile Display Targeting

14 14 The Truth About Mobile Geo-Targeting

15 15 Identify a user at the right place at the right time, and serve them your ad! The Dream Of Mobile Is Simple Joes Tacos Come get some tacos!

16 16 Lets separate fact from fiction, dreams from reality Determining a phones location is determined by three key variables – Connection type: Wifi vs. 3G/4G – OS (iOS, Android, etc) – Lat/Long inclusion and trustworthiness Mobile Geo-Targeting Is In Its Infancy

17 17 Same location accuracy as online 10-15 mile radius Connection Type Is The Biggest Variable Geo must be passed from mobile carrier AT&T, Verizon, etc. Accuracy varies widely

18 18 Device Connection Probabilities Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group, 2012 ~64.5% of mobile connectivity is via the mobile network

19 19 Sitting in Plano, TX on WiFi, I went to – A good site provides results from four sources Then I hopped off WiFi and onto Verizons 4G Then I restarted my phone be assigned a new IP address and test it again Here are the results as four IP geo-targeting providers see them The Real Story Of The Mobile Carrier Network

20 20 Mobile Geo-Targeting Results: WiFi 1.Im on WiFi 2.Dallas – eh, about 12 miles off 3.Plano – right on 4.Plano – right on 5.Plano – right on Of the two lat/longs provided, one is about 10 miles away, the other is less than a mile

21 21 Mobile Geo-Targeting Results: Mobile Network On mobile carrier network Outstanding – 20 miles away Outstanding – 15 miles away Very far away – well come back to this It has no idea

22 22 Mobile Geo-Targeting Results: Mobile Network, Take II On mobile carrier network Still good – about 40 miles away Poor – 1,100 miles away Also far – well come back to this It has no idea


24 24 The OS As A Variable In Providing Lat/Long As of 4/13 Android: 51% iOS: 43% Other: 6% Master settings in phone – Lat/Long is all or nothing App by App – Apple approves first, then user

25 25 Lat/Long Values In The Ad Call As of 4/13 No lat/long: 20% Lat/long value passed: 80% Source: Metaresolver and PlaceIQ

26 26 Wow, 80% Give Me Exact Lat/Long? Not quite As of 4/13 False lat/long: 70% of original 100% Actual lat/ long: 10% of original 100% Source: Metaresolver and PlaceIQ

27 27 Coming Back To What Far Away Is The geographic center of the U.S.

28 28 At Least Theres Fraud Detection Its Just Not All That Great As of 4/13 21% of lat/longs go undetected as false 49% of false lat/long values are caught, then default to carrier location Source: PlaceIQ

29 29 Conclusion: A User Is Walking Down The Street… Accurate to country level, less so to state or DMA (73%) Likely country- accurate (21%) We got em! (6%) Source: Data aggregation from previous slides

30 30 So, Why Would I Buy Into Mobile At ALL? Lots Of Reasons

31 31 Its >10% of eyeball time Imperfect doesnt mean avoid at all costs The Case For Mobile Source: Mary Meeker D10 Presentation, Morgan Stanley, 2012

32 32 Online in-view ranges from 40-65% – Mobile in-app is 100% Online web pages have between 3 and more than a dozen ads on them – In-app is typically 1 – 100% share of screen or SOV on the page Engagement can be higher – While half of mobile clicks are likely mistaken, CTRs on mobile are often.3%+ – Not to say CTR is back but it shows the novelty of mobile advertising still captures active attention The Case For Mobile

33 33 Its cheap Even cheaper than online So, at $3.00 CPMs, waste is a relative term! If we can hit an ROI or brand goal, its a success! The Case For Mobile

34 34 DMA accuracy will vary, and we wont know until we try Even with the geographic waste there is enough upside compared to other media to even it out Tablet and phone are totally different channels – dont lump them together as mobile Geo-fencing is silliness Now you know and you can tell your clients the truth, which other vendors clearly are not Conclusions

35 35 Want More Information

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