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Presto 3.2 Delivering Real-Time Intelligence to Mobile Enterprise Users

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1 Presto 3.2 Delivering Real-Time Intelligence to Mobile Enterprise Users

2 Features Messaging Competitive Info Pricing Next Steps

3 Features

4 Whats New: Presto 3.2 CORE Features Native Excel support Dashboard-like Views Custom block creation

5 Whats Updated: Presto 3.2 CORE Features SharePoint Add-On Portal Add-On App Maker Homepage

6 Providing Self-Service through Visual Tools Delivering Apps Anywhere Connecting Internal & External Data Real-TimeSelf-ServicePervasive and Mobile Whats New: Presto 3.2 Mobile Add-On

7 Why Mobile? …by 2013, 33 percent of BI functionality will be consumed via handheld devices.

8 Whats New: Presto 3.2 Mobile Add-On Unified App Creation Point and click. Create once, run anywhere. Adaptive mobile visualizations. Presto Mobile for iPhone and iPad Intuitive functionality. Secure connectivity. Native. Delivers live data.

9 Unified App Creation

10 Presto Mobile for iPhone and iPad App Store-like Interface Mobile-Optimized Views Adapts to Device Form Factor Orientation Aware

11 Secure End-to-End Real-Time Intelligence Firewall Enterprise Information Identity Mgmt. Secure, Native Portal HTML5 Web Apps Secure AppsSecure Data

12 What version(s) of iOS are supported by Presto Mobile for iPhone and Presto Mobile for iPad? The latest iOS for iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2. What version(s) of mobile OSes are supported by the HTML5 Presto Apps? iOS 3.x and 4.x, Android x.x. Is Presto Mobile for iPhone/iPad compatible with previous versions of Presto? Backward compatibility is problematic and there are no plans for backward-compatibility at this time. However, upgrades from Presto 3.1 to 3.2 are straightforward. Some Techy Q&A About the Presto 3.2 Mobile Add-On

13 Messaging

14 The Spin: What does 3.2 add/change in the Presto Story? Improved Portability: Presto Apps can be run in a portal, phone, tablet or browser without changes. Fast as it ever was: You can still create/deploy Apps in minutes, even mobile Apps. Easy from start to finish: No developer or code required to build and share Presto Mobile Apps. Smart: Presto Mobile Apps adapt to their destination; in the case of mobile OSes, they automatically have support for gestures, orientation, and sizing. Safe: Presto Mobile Apps use the enterprises existing authentication services, making them as secure as the rest of your enterprise applications. Live: Apps on Presto Mobile are connected directly to the authoritative sources of your data.

15 Portable – Presto doesnt simply enable mobile use, it seamlessly delivers the same Presto Apps to any mobile platform as it does for portals and browsers. Self-Service – Presto Mobile isnt a separate mobile toolkit for developers, it uses the same simple point-and-click approach that it offers for other Apps. Not Just BI Data – Presto lets you combine and deliver any number of data sources to your mobile devices, not just the data you have in your warehouse/cube. Live – Presto Mobile Apps show the latest info from your data sources, not a copy. More Spin: My Mobile is Better Than Your Mobile Because…

16 Competitive Info

17 There are many competitors for the Mobile BI title Total Business Intelligence iPhone Apps: 97 Total Business Intelligence iPad Apps: 79

18 Reporting Dashboards Information navigation Information subscription Offline mode exploration Collaboration Alerts Mapping Context awareness Write-Back Important Features (According to Gartner) Not all mobile BI solutions are outlined here; for more info, see Gartners Whos Who in Mobile BI, Sept. 2011.

19 Competitive Examples Summary: A hybrid approach where existing OBIEE server content is leveraged so that it retains a familiar look and feel, with capabilities like reports, dashboards, alerts and maps available as Web content. A distinctive feature for Oracle is the possibility to start workflows on business applications. Requires Oracle's BI release and is not backward-compatible. Pricing: The Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile Client (available on iPad and iPhone only) for OBIEE is free when you license the Oracle BI Foundation Suite ($450k/CPU). If you've only licensed OBIEE + ($295k/CPU), the MobileClient is $350/named user plus maintenance.

20 Competitive Examples Summary: A fully native app strategy, leveraging existing BI content but also the devices' capabilities including GPS, multi-touch interface, screen orientation sensors and cameras. A code-free development environment, from the original BI platform, is used to optimize reports and dashboards for a mobile experience. Pricing: The 1 st 25 users of Microstrategy Mobile are free. Price of additional users/CPUs is generally not publicly available but was originally priced at $550 to $2000 per user when it was first announced in 2007.Microstrategy Mobile

21 Competitive Examples Summary: A single authoring /administrative environment is able to create native and HTML5-based content for multiple mobile devices (including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian), besides the desktop, without needing to recreate existing reports and dashboards for mobile usage Pricing: Licensing has recently changed from authorized user- or capacity-based models to a single license to consume content on the desktop and mobile device.

22 Competitive Examples Summary: Strategy is HTML5-based, a solution with zero footprint on mobile devices, that allows for a "build once, deploy anywhere" approach and leverages server-side security and processing power. Authoring of mobile applications is a desktop capability. Pricing: Same per-user fee as other access types.

23 Competitive Examples Summary: Roambi ES, the enterprise option, is delivered on-premises and integrates with the four megavendors' BI platforms to provide offline navigation, of previously downloaded information from those sources. Native Apps, iOS and RIM only. Pricing: 3 options include cost-free Roambi Lite, for individual use, and Roambi Pro, for workgroups (both delivered in a hosted architecture as entry-level tools with limited connectivity options), and the enterprise option Roambi ES @ $300-800/user + $10000-$15000/server.

24 Pricing

25 For existing customers: Core-based – Upgrade charge of 33% per core + maintenance for all cores. User-based – Upgrade charge of 33% per user for all licensed users. For prospects: Core-Plus – Usual per-core plus mobile access upgrade of 33% per core + maintenance for all users. User-Plus – Usual per-user plus mobile access upgrade of 33% per user for all users. Mobile-Standalone – Per-user mobile access upgrade charge only of 33% of original per-user charge (requires users already have license for core features). Examples: Core: Without Mobile: 2 Cores @ $30,000/core + $5,400/core (maintenance) = $70,800 With Mobile: 2 Cores @ $30,000/core + $10,000/core + $5,400/core + $1,782/core (maintenance) = $94,164 User: Without Mobile: 25 users @ $66.00/user/month = $19,800.00/year With Mobile: 25 users @ $66.00/user/month + $21.78/user/month = $26,334.00/year Always consult the official price list and your Manager for final pricing approval! Presto Mobile Pricing (Proposed)

26 Next Steps

27 Get the Presto Mobile Apps from the Apple iStore! Download Presto Mobile for iPhone from the Apple iStore Download Presto Mobile for iPad from the Apple iStore

28 Do Your Reading! Gartner, Mobile Business Intelligence, Finally Eckerson, A Complete Primer to Mobile BI Tableau, 5 Best Practices for Mobile BI Crupi, 5 Mobile BI Tips for SMBs (PDF)5 Mobile BI Tips for SMBsPDF

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