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Mobile Applications Development. Your next job: Mobile app developer? pp_developer_?taxonomyId=11&pageNumber=1.

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1 Mobile Applications Development

2 Your next job: Mobile app developer? pp_developer_?taxonomyId=11&pageNumber=1 Mobile development as a career segment may be growing twice as fast as the overall job market. It's not just tech companies that are on the prowl for mobile development talent. Today, all kinds of product and service companies are scrambling to come out with apps.

3 Mobile App It is a term used to describe Internet applications that run on smartphones and other mobile devices. It is a piece of software that performs a function for the device user.

4 Major Characteristics of Mobile Apps Connectivity – Apps are always online – This allows user specific information or notifications being pushed to the App as they are available. Convenience – Analysing the users needs and creating a useful idea out of it is still essential Localization Reachability – A good App can really be used anywhere at any time.

5 Types of Applications Social Networking Games Music and video Organization – Calendar, note Lifestyle – Coupons, recipe, information, learning M-Business Location Based Services – find nearest …

6 QR Code-Enabled Virtual Store Tesco Subway virtual store: – subway-virtual-store/ subway-virtual-store/ Opens QR Code-Enabled Virtual Store in Downtown Toronto: – enabled-virtual-store-in-downtown-toronto/ enabled-virtual-store-in-downtown-toronto/

7 Mobile Cloud Computing Together with an explosive growth of the mobile applications and emerging of cloud computing concept, mobile cloud computing (MCC) has been introduced to be a potential technology for mobile services. MCC integrates the cloud computing into the mobile environment and overcomes obstacles related to the performance such as storage, bandwidth and security discussed in mobile computing. Example: – CloudOn

8 Factors that influence performance

9 Basic Tools for Windows Phone Application Development Silverlight is the primary development environment for Windows Phone. It is an application framework for writing and running rich Internet applications, with features and purposes similar to those of Adobe Flash. Visual Studio Windows Phone Emulator Expression Blend – allows designers to create interfaces for Windows Phone applications based on Extensible Application Markup Language, XAML (pronounced zammel).

10 Demo: Create Your First Silverlight Application for Windows Phone New Project/Visual C# /Silverlight for Windows Phone/Windows Phone Application 1. Rename the application window title. 2. Change the Page Name Text property 3. Add support for both portrait and landscape orientations. 4. Add a textbox and a button 5. Add a WebBrowser Control for Windows Phone 6. Add a button-click event code: string site = textBox1.Text; webBrowser1.Navigate(new Uri(site, UriKind.Absolute));

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