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Brand in the hand. How do you feel without mobile? I felt like I had left one my children some where.

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1 Brand in the hand


3 How do you feel without mobile? I felt like I had left one my children some where

4 Getting personal Cell phones have become status symbols Like clothes and jewelry, have external communicators of self People have emotional connection with their phones

5 A framework for mobile marketing HBR The two basic questions to ask What is in it for your customers? What is in it for you? Remember That you are not only competing with your competitors But with every thing your customers can do on their phone

6 POST method to plan mobile strategy People Objectives Strategy Technology Have clarity on people (consumer behavior) and objectives before designing a mobile strategy and choosing a technology

7 Examine your customers mobile behavior People



10 Mobile web users are influential and attractive to marketers

11 Owners of different devices may behave differently If you already have a mobile website, pay close attention to the devices that access it – A retailer redesigned its mobile web site after noticing 80% of the traffic is from iphone users Youngsters are more likely to use devices like iphones and download content

12 Objectives Increasing sales – Pizza Huts iPhone application Targeted young audience Built a pizza delivery racing game in to the app Made it easy to add toppings iPhone orders are of significantly higher value than telephone orders Generated 1 million in sales in the first 3 months


14 objectives Decreasing costs – Nationwide Insurance iPhone app that guides its policy holder through the process of filing a claim right at the place of accident – Saves agents time and cost Increasing loyalty – Bank of Americas app can be used to Locate nearby ATMs Check account balance – Airlines deliver information on flights, delays, cancellations


16 Strategy – what is the long term plan for the App? What systems does your application need to coordinate with – billing, customer service How will you publicize and promote your App – Traditional media (BOA) – Admob Once an application is built – Will you concentrate on reaching more people by supporting more platforms or – Extend the functionality by adding more features – How will you gather data from mobile users and how will you use it? – Who is responsible for the data? – Is it for short term or long term? If long term who will maintain the application? – What is your model? Will you charge for it or use it support rest of the business? – What are the metrics?

17 Technology – what type of mobile applications are you building? Text messaging – Every phone supports it – Provide the broadest reach possible – text messages are more likely to be opened and read – 97 percent as compared to 22 percent of email messages – within three minutes of receipt – Much higher click through rates and conversion rates than e-mail – You can use them to Promotional messages Notices for pending bill payments – Use them If your customers need information on the go They will value the updates – However The messages must be short and simple – May be more useful where smart phones penetration is low

18 MMS – Does not require users to download any app – You can send high-resolution images, videos, audio Can create good brand experience – Charlotte Russe, successfully uses MMS to show off the brands latest clothing and accessory line – Redemption of coupons sent through MMS have higher redemption than simple sms coupons

19 Mobile sites – Which bits of information are more useful to mobile users – Remember different mobile phones have different screen sizes/ resolutions – Design layouts, menus, graphics – make it easy to use and navigate Apps Can access – location – your phone and email contacts – call logs – internet data – calendar data – the devices unique IDs – information about how you use the app itself – Costly to develop (around $100,000) – Need promotion Technology – what type of mobile applications are you building?

20 App strategy Understand your customers – Demographics – Devices they use Use imagination to help your customers – Krafts ifood assistant – Make it easy for people to choose from 7000 recipes by type – (or) by available ingredients Build architecture such that interfaces can be easily constructed for the new phones What is promotional strategy? – an average of 2,000 apps entering the marketplace every day – Given that thousands of Apps are available, many of them fail – 68 percent of smart phone users only use five or fewer apps at least once a week




24 Issues with mobile marketing Varying and smaller screen size Different platforms (ios, android etc) Privacy issues Who is responsible for data – Mobile service provider, app developer, advertiser



27 A guide to successful mobile marketing Do Create experiences and tools people will find useful. Think about what interactivity you could add. One of the reasons an application is successful is that it does something, rather than says something. This can be quite a shift in thinking for traditional marketers.

28 A guide to successful mobile marketing Don't Confuse quantity with quality. Don't blanket message customers if they have trusted you by giving you their details. Start with what you think your customers would like, not what you'd like to sell them.

29 A guide to successful mobile marketing Do Use the power of location. Now that more handsets have GPS, it's never been easier to use geography to make your message more relevant. Delivering the right message, at the right time and in the right location is the holy grail of marketing. Mobile can make this a reality.

30 A guide to successful mobile marketing Don't Think of mobile (or any platform) in isolation. Today's consumers come into contact with brands at multiple touch points. The best creative tends to be integrated and work over many channels. Mobile should be part of an integrated marketing strategy that involves traditional channels.

31 A guide to successful mobile marketing Do Offer your mobile contacts a way of opting out of receiving messages, such as sending the word "stop.


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