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Combined Option: PHP, ASP.NET, and iOS

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1 Combined Option: PHP, ASP.NET, and iOS
Web and Mobile Combined Option: PHP, ASP.NET, and iOS

2 Term 3: PHP Server-side Web Scripting with PHP 5 hours per week
75 hours total Term 3: PHP

3 Mature Course PHP has been taught at BCIT for about ten years
Two PHP courses COMP1920, COMP2920 72 hours total Mature Course

4 Components HTTP server Design patterns APIs Security Unit testing OOP
Text files Frameworks HTML forms Session management PEAR/PECL Cookies Encryption Templating Regular expressions Databases Graphics Command-line scripts and more… Components

5 Why PHP? A very popular programming language
35 percent of web traffic is handled by PHP, says Gutmans. Wikipedia says 75 percent of websites use PHP.  Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and Photobucket are all built in PHP. WordPress, the most popular blogging platform in the world, runs on PHP and probably accounts for half of that 35 percent. Most of the other major content management systems, such as Drupal and Joomla, are also built in PHP. Half of all developer job postings on Craigslist call for PHP developers. PHP is used by 81.9% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know. Why PHP?

6 Term 4: iOS Mobile Development with iOS 5 hours per week
75 hours total Term 4: iOS

7 Components Objective-C XCode Testing MVC Debugging Memory Management
Core Data (DB) Gestures Interact with servers Accelerometer Scrum (yup, even here) Universal Apps (phone and tablet) Publishing to iTunes Analytics and more… Components

8 Why iOS? The “other” mobile Platform
Builds on the Android course in term 3 Not just phones: tablets, cars, and potentially wearables Designing for devices is different than designing for PCs 1.75 Billion smartphones in 2014 2.51 Billion smartphones in 2017 Over 200 jobs in the Lower Mainland listed today on one site alone. Why iOS?

9 Term 4: ASP.NET Web Development with ASP.NET 5 hours per week
75 hours total Term 4: ASP.NET

10 Mature Course ASP.NET has been taught at BCIT for about ten years
ASP.NET courses COMP2870 (PTS) COMP3973 (PTS) COMP4870 Mature Course

11 Components C# ASP.NET Web Forms ASP.NET MVC Visual Studio Debugging
Caching LINQ Entity Framework RAZOR REST APIs OpenAuth Code First Development SQL Server Deployment to IIS & Cloud Unit Testing Mobile web Server Controls and more… Components

12 Why ASP.NET? Fast development - Drag & Drop
Free in the Windows platform (Mono under LINUX) Visual Studio is the best IDE out there Fully object oriented Compiled After PHP, ASP.NET is the most widely used web technology with 28.6% market share Why ASP.NET?

13 Questions? D’Arcy Smith Medhat Elmasry Web developer since 1999 D’Arcy Smith Developer since 1993 Medhat Elmasry Questions?

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