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Setting Up and Using Your GENCom Mobile Client for iPad

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1 Setting Up and Using Your GENCom Mobile Client for iPad
Early Drop (Phase 0) Versions – Oct (Note: see separate iPhone setup & usage instructions)

2 Installing GENCom Mobile Client for iPad
1) Select the App Store icon on your device 2) Search for gencom & select “genband mobile commications” 3) Select the app

3 Installing GENCom Mobile Client for IPhone/iPad
4) Make sure it’s the iPad version & Select “INSTALL” 5) ) The GENCom App will download and install on your device

4 Application Now Installed
You should now see a GENBAND icon similar to the one at the bottom of this screen. You can hold it down and drag it to the bottom tray if you want it accessible on any screen. Note – in future The GENBAND app icon may change with additional branding (i.e. customer specific logo). GENCom Trl

5 Set-up Select Settings (if not taken to next window at 1st startup) then Select GENBAND Corporate

6 Setup Display as = name you want displayed in iPad windows User name = your A2 user name Password = your A2 p/w Domain = (you can’t change this) VM Number – voic CLICK on REGISTER Selections Grey out and option changes to Unregister Select Save

7 Setup Select Preferences
Turn ALLOW 3G CALLS to ON (If iPad is 3g/4G enabled)) The account should now have a Green Arrow Select Close

8 Using the GENCom iPad Client
Note: iPad only iPad Phase 0 Beta client does not support IM & Presence. This functionality will be available in the GA release.

9 Main Screen Client Status
Access Contacts Access Call History Voic Access Settings Access Dialpad Information Area – this window is where detailed info will appear and can be edited depending on context

10 Dialling Simple Call Touch Dialpad Input number Touch CALL

11 Call From Contacts Select Contact
Touch number you want to reach contact at

12 In Call Screen Mute Speaker (Handsfree) Record
Keypad (to enter additional Digits if required) End Call Hold Conference (Add Call) Transfer

13 Call History All /In /Out / Missed To call – select call
Touch address/number to return call Format of info will vary depending on type of call. Add as new or update existing Contact

14 Voice mail New messages? Access the Voicemail system
NOTE – most users will only have a GENBAND Corporate account showing

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