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Dr. Steve Jones MTSU February, 2010 Learning in the Palm of Your Hand.

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1 Dr. Steve Jones MTSU February, 2010 Learning in the Palm of Your Hand


3 Social media focus Anytime, anywhere learning Incorporates texting Students can be resources

4 How learners (of any age) use new technologies to participate in virtual communities where they share ideas, comment upon one another's projects, and plan, design, advance, implement, or simply discuss their goals and ideas together.

5 How could social media be used in classes?

6 Source: Ambient Insight, 2007

7 Distilled-down version – learning nuggets Just enough i.e. brief content Always on On demand (Just-in- time) learning Facilitates learning during naturally occurring times

8 Performance support Students in field settings Students on the go Multi-way, active learning

9 Quick access to current drug database and nursing reference books The ability to access procedure information Bedside data entry, Data collection for research and teaching Patient health management Improved team communication Source: Davenport, 2004

10 Can add texting capability to an mLearning module Can transmit images and other data

11 In addition to social networking, how could mLearning be used in some classes?


13 ACU learning initiative Faculty experiences Research Math Podcasts Sample

14 Calculus II Airline Safety Checklist Dining Etiquette1 Projects link

15 Hot Lava donated software and server space Proof-of-concept projects in Psy3020 (basic statistics), Psy4360 (Organizational Psychology) and PRST 5800/6800 Training available on-line in D2L Students create mLearning objects: Brittani (pg1) Patricia (pg3) Stubblefield(pg3) 2 tail tests

16 C-Shock: Culture game C-Shock ProChef: Cooking podcasts ProChef Mayo Clinic InTouch: info for medical professionals Mayo Clinic InTouch info for nutrition professionals BonesInMotion: tracks fitness activities, tracks routes with Google Maps BonesInMotion

17 SoftwareEase of learningStrengthCost MobiSiteGaloreEasyTexting, free hosting Free ***Hot LavaModerateAudio, skins for most popular phones, includes LMS, categories $1000 ToolBookModerateAlso used for eLearning $2795 Adobe FlashDifficultTesting site for different phones, but most phones lack flash player $700

18 Iflipr – makes flash cards for iphone Iflipr Mob – iForge – central site for development of mobile content (all phones) Mob – iForge Qik: share live video from your mobile phone\ Qik Twitter

19 Main advantage the main advantage of m-learning is that it increases flexibility for students studying at a distance (Rekkedal, 2002) mLearning has the potential to increase student retention ( Fozdar &, Kuma2007)

20 University Leaders: ACU, CTU, Open University,ACUCTUOpen University International Academy of Design and Technology Experts: Judy Brown & David Metcalf (UCF) Organizations: LearningTown (mobile learning group) The eLearning Guild International Association of Mobile Learning mLearning Conferences: http://www.mlearning- conference Blog: handheldlearninghandheldlearning

21 Instructional Design for M-Learning – David Metcalf Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Educators and Trainers – Kukulska & Traxler Mobile Learning: Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training (eBook of studies from AU Press) – Editor: Mohamed Ally Mobile Learning: Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training Mobile Learning: on-line journal Mobile Learning

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