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Joe Marini Principal Program Manager, Windows Phone Microsoft Corporation SESSION CODE: WPH310.

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1 Joe Marini Principal Program Manager, Windows Phone Microsoft Corporation SESSION CODE: WPH310



4 CNN @import "/generic/cnnstyle.css";


6 The Mobile Web is Different From the Desktop Full Keyboard Accurate Pointing Device Large Screen, multiple monitors Powerful CPU / GPU, Big Disk Limited / Virtual Keyboard Finger Pointing Device Small Screen, which can rotate Less Capable CPU / GPU, Small Storage P HYSICAL E XPERIENCE Typically used from fixed, predictable locations Good for open-ended browsing Easy to switch among many tasks User is focused and comfortable Typically used on-the-go in an unpredictable environment Good for quick, glanceable information Focused on discrete individual tasks User is often distracted or busy

7 Mobile Web Users Have Different Expectations Than Desktop Users Mobile Web users expect immediate access to important information and applications Mobile Web users expect information to be augmented by the real world – time, place, etc. Environmental conditions can vary widely – lighting, background noise, network speed, etc. A users surroundings influence how they use a Web application – relative privacy, for example

8 Guidelines for building rich mobile web sites


10 Good finger-friendly design is also stylus-friendly, as long as you make sure that the stylus isn't the only way to access features Fingers are naturally more dexterous than a device like a stylus It is relatively easy to perform multiple actions with a finger, like flicking, panning, scrolling, tapping, pinching, etc. The typical size of a fingertip is 40 to 80 pixels. Navigation elements must be sized appropriately to ensure they respond well to the user.




14 Example: Alaska Airlines



17 Adapting Content to Mobile Do Nothing Basic Mobile Adaptation Multi-Serving Content Mobile-Specific Design Hosting Web Content No special content adaptation, result is the desktop site being delivered to the device Content laid out so it will at least be consumable on a device, special META tags indicate that page is ready for mobile Same page is sent to mobile and desktop, styled differently for each Parts of site are designed for mobile specifically, kept in separate domain or subfolder, redirected to when necessary Managed app that uses WebBrowser control to host Web content


19 Device Screen Document Viewport





24 width Integers from 320 to 10,000 or device-width height Integers from 768 to 10,000 or device-height user-scalableyes, no minimum-scaleNot yet supported maximum-scaleNot yet supported initial-scaleNot yet supported


26 Required Slide Track PMs will supply the content for this slide, which will be inserted during the final scrub. Visit http://developer.windowsphone.com Follow @joemarini on Twitter

27 BOF12-DV: Mobile Technology has Reached the Masses WPH06-INT: Microsoft's Next Generation Mobile Enterprise Application Platform WPH303: Understanding the Windows Phone Developer Tools


29 * Restrictions apply please see contest rules for eligibility and restrictions. Contest rules are displayed in the Technical Learning Center at the WPH info counter.

30 Monday WPH301WP7: Deploy Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway for Access Control to SharePoint, Exchange and more. WPH202Deploying Windows Phone 7 with Exchange Server and SharePoint Server Tuesday WPH203Overview of the Windows Phone 7 Application Platform WPH313Windows Phone 7 Architecture Deep Dive WPH304An In-Depth view at Building Applications for WP7 with Silverlight (Part 1) WPH305An In-Depth view at Building Applications for WP7 with Silverlight (Part 2) WPH306Developing Occasionally Connected Applications for Windows Phone 7

31 Wednesday WPH310Designing and Developing for the Rich Mobile Web WPH311Developing Mobile Code Today that will run on WP 7 Tomorrow WPH309Silverlight performance on Windows Phone WPH307Building Windows Phone Games with XNA WPH308Building a High Performance 3D Game for Windows Phone Thursday WPH303Understanding the Windows Phone 7 Development Tools WPH314Learn Windows Phone 7 Development by Creating a Robotic T-Shirt Cannon WPH312Understanding Marketplace and Making Money with WP7 Applications




35 Sign up for Tech·Ed 2011 and save $500 starting June 8 – June 31 st You can also register at the North America 2011 kiosk located at registration Join us in Atlanta next year



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