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Mobile: The Future is Now with SAP!

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1 Mobile: The Future is Now with SAP!
Lou Aguilar SAP Mobile

2 Mobile Apps Rule One of the key disruptive forces in the world today
Smart things in dumb systems deliver nothing Mobile One of the key disruptive forces in the world today

3 Mobile continues to change the way we work
Appendix 77% of businesses feel mobile devices in the workplace help them achieve business objectives 94% of mobile users agree that using mobile devices at work makes them more efficient Best-in-class companies are 2.5x more likely than average ones to use mobile for maintenance rounds Sources – Consumer Metrics Mobile commerce revenue is projected to reach $1 trillion by 2017 (IDC Financial Insight's Worldwide Mobile Payments ) 79% of people research products or do other shopping related activities on a smartphone (Google IPSOS Mobile) 10x redemption rate for mobile vs. traditional print coupons (Juniper, “Mobile Coupons Strategies, Opportunities & Forecasts ”) Sources – Business metrics 77% of business agree that the use of mobile devices in the workplace is is important to achieving business objectives (Poneman Institute Research, 2012) 94% of mobile device users agree their use of mobile for work makes them more efficient IT Business Edge Best-in-class companies are 2.5x more likely than the industry average to use mobile devices for maintenance rounds (Aberdeen Group, Asset Management: Building the Business Case for the Executive, December 2012) (For Speaker) Additional Business metrics: 50%of companies will increase their budget for mobile apps (Yankee Group – ‘IT Decision Maker Survey 2013’ – Mar 2013) Companies will deploy an average of 25 business apps in the next 2 years (McKinsey & Company – “Mobility disruption: A CIO Perspective – Sept. 2012) Only 35% still in use after 90 days(Flurry Blog – “App Engagement – The Matrix Reloaded” – Oct 2012) 3.5: Average number of devices carried by a mobile worker (iPass, Inc. Research, March 2012) 75% of enterprises adopt mobile solutions to increase worker productivity (Forrester Research, June 2011) 13 business and productivity apps per device (“Mobile Darwinism” iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report, iPass, March 6, 2012)

4 But enterprises have a long way to go…
and will continue to invest in mobile Appendix $7.7 Billion enterprise apps market by 2015 driven by 50% of companies increasing their budget for mobile apps $2.9 Billion Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) market by 2016, up 250% from 2012 $3.1 Billion Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) market by 2017, up 270% from 2013 $7.7 Billion worldwide enterprise apps market in 2015 (IDC) Source: 50% of companies will increase their budget for mobile apps (Yankee Group – ‘IT Decision Maker Survey 2013’ – Mar 2013) $2.9 Billion Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) market by 2016, up 250% from 2012 (source SAP CMI estimates from Gartner, IDC and SAP actuals) The Radicati Group, “Enterprise Mobility Management Market, ” November 2013

5 An end-to-end Mobile provider
Our Mobile Portfolio Security – Apps – Mobile App Development Platform – Messaging - Analytics Here‘s SAP‘s mobile portfolio at a high level. First off, we support apps on all popular mobile platforms and form factors (smartphone and tablet), apps that also run on the desktop (e.g. SAP Mobile Documents) For instant mobilization, we have pre-built applications from SAP and partners in the SAP Mobile App Partner Program that are available in the SAP Store ( for the 200k+ customer accounts to review, buy and deploy. For partner built apps, SAP tests and certifies them before they are added to SAP Store to give our customers the confidence that the app performs as advertised. The apps range across all industries and LoBs, and some even compete with SAP solutions – which is fine with us because the goal is to provide the best apps possible to our customers. In the middle-ware tier, we have the: - SAP Mobile Platform which provides authentication, connectivity, and administrative services - SAP Moble Platform Development tools to help build apps quicker and with cutting edge capabilities like 3D visualization, and in-app analytics. The SAP Mobile Platform is an open platform, which means customers can use the development IDEs of their choice (based on their skillsets and expertise) along with 3rd party SDKs for capabilities like Augmented Reality. - The EMM suite, launched as SAP Mobile Secure includes MDM (SAP Afaria), Mobile App Management (SAP Enterprise store and SAP Mobile App Protection by Mocana for app wrapping), SAP Mobile Documents for Mobile Content Management, and Telecom expense Management (built into SAP Afaria and offered by partners like Tangoe). The SAP Mobile Platform is also back-end agnostic, allowing customers to interface with SAP and non-SAP back-end databases and systems. SMP is optimized for SAP back-ends, but we literally have hundreds of deployments on IBM Maximo and other vendor systems as well. The SAP Mobile Services offers mobile messaging (SMS, USSD, MMS), is connected to over 980 mobile operators around the world and carriers over 2B messages a day! To round out the portfolio, we have a large set of services – everything from consulting, development, customization, rapid deployment services and cloud based offerings from SAP and Managed Services from partners

6 SAP Work Manager for Maximo
Appendix Why customers are keen about SAP Mobile…. Because it meets their needs with an end to end solutions and offers continuous innovation SAP Work Manager for Maximo SAP Mobile 3.0 SAP Mobile Secure Continue our conversation secure application, provide on one platform SMP, conitnue to innovate, plugs into anyaltics, messaging, bring it all back into Maximo world.

7 Validated by Industry Analysts
#1 Gartner ranks SAP as the *only* vendor in the leader quadrant for MDM and MADP Completeness of Vision & Ability to Execute Mobility Report “Mobile Device Management is Dead. Long Live Enterprise Mobile Management!” “WINNERS” SAP Antenna Boxtone Mobile Management Market Shares (MDM) SAP 16.4% Microsoft 6.7% MobileIron 6.6% Good 6.4% Airwatch 4.5% Symantec 4.1% HP 4.0% SOTI 3.2% Boxtone 3.0% IBM 2.7% Main message SAP is regarded by analyst as leader and best-in-class in mobile Speaking points Regarded by analyst as leader and best-in-class in mobile Gartner ranks SAP as the industry leader in Mobile Application Platform Development for its completeness of vision and ability to execute. Yankee Group Report shows how SAP is the winner in the new category Enterprise Mobile Management…a superset of Mobile Device Management Gartner also recognizes SAP as a challenger in MDM magic quadrant while also being recognized by Gartner in their Nexus of Forces Report stating “SAP continues to have the broadest device support among all the multichannel vendors, and the strongest mobile device management offering, Afaria.”

8 All Roads Lead Back to Data
For business it’s not about connections, it’s about data Get it, Analyze it, Act on it Long history with Maximo Started pre-2000 with Syclo SMART Work Manager for Maximo now SAP Work Manager for Maximo IBM Pre-2000: SMART 2003: MAXIMO Mobile 2007: IBM Maximo Mobile SE 2008: SMART For Maximo TRIRIGA 2002: Syclo Mobile for TRIRIGA 2004: Software Alliance Partner 2006: New Partnership – Mobile TRIRIGA New types of data, delivered in radically new ways

9 Powering a wide range of asset intensive industries
Appendix Utilities Telecom Transportation Mining Mills Aerospace & Defense Oil & Gas EC&O Defense Life Science IM&C Public Infrastructure

10 Proven Mobile Solution for Maximo®
Appendix The Most Mobile Deployments with Maximo: More IBM Maximo Deployments of Mobile than Anyone Reliable Prebuilt Integration: A Decade of Tight Integration to Maximo versions 4, 5, 6, 7 & 7.5 Mobile Platform: The Most Device, Peripheral and Connectivity Options Handling Complexity: Unmatched Scalability for Assets, Transactions & Users

11 SAP Mobile Solutions for Maximo & TRIRIGA
Tracking Big Data SAP Work Manager for Maximo SAP Inventory Manager for Maximo SAP Auditor Manager for Maximo SAP Work Manager for IBM TRIRIGA Asset Management Work orders Time & attendance Measurement rounds Calibrations Create work orders on the spot Material Management Cycle counts Parts issues, transfers, returns Parts receipt Barcode & RFID enabled Asset Management Work orders Time & attendance Create work orders on the spot Access IBM TRIRIGA data Instantly capture data Audit Management Asset collection & verification Condition assessment Asset catalog Build PM schedule Outline condition monitoring While SAP brings many apps and assets to the table our immediate focus for Maximo will be on three high priority apps: SAP Work Manager, SAP Inventory Manager, and SAP Auditor Manager. Let’s discuss these three briefly: Work Manager – with work manager you have an app that can help with those activities within the 4 walls, particularly around asset maintenance. A top pain point is not having the right information about the asset at the time of repair, with work manager organizations can address these issues by providing full details on the work order, repair history of the asset, and the materials needed for any repairs. Inventory Manager – with inventory manager, you have an app that can help organizations optimize their inventory balances, since it is a key pain point for organizations that carry inventory. Being able to quickly conduct physical counts and expedite the receipt process will help speed the throughput of inventory processes. Auditor Manager - With SAP Auditor Manager you can easily catalogue asset information in Maximo including the quality and quantity, asset location, serial number and condition. Build a solid location hierarchy to remove the guesswork regarding equipment utilization. Plus, associate parts, attributes and job plans to the assets. 11

12 See all dispatched work orders assigned
Persistent and reliable online and offline Mission critical data at the point of performance – plan, parts, safety, history and more

13 SAP Work Manager for Maximo
Appendix Maximo 6.2 Maximo 7.1 Maximo 7.5

14 SAP Mobile Platform Advantage
Appendix that lets you centrally configure and manage your mobile applications Online, offline or occasionally connected – enterprise grade Meta Data Driven client to run natively on any device without coding Point of entry business rules & validation Smart Work Manager Cats Time Keep Calibrations Link Documents Crew Reporting Image Capture Inspections GIS Integration Full peripheral integration & flexible component support Reliable, scalable & secure 100% configuration

15 Driving safety, productivity and reliability
Appendix Safety Incidents reduced to near zero (goal) Work capacity increased by 10-20% Labor productivity increased by up to 50% Idle time and over-time reduced by 40-60% Rework reduced by 15-20% Reduced down-time / production delays by 20-30% Preventable failures reduced by up to 90% Maintenance backlog reduced by up to 60% Inventory carrying costs reduced by 5-10% Workforce Assets Compliance Governance Visibility Productivity

16 Aerospace Giant Streamlines Enterprise Asset Management with SAP® Mobility
Region United States Industries Aerospace, Defense, Information security Products and Services ATC systems, Ballistic missiles, Munitions, Missile defense elements, Transport aircraft, Fighter aircraft, Radar, Satellites, Atlas launch vehicles, Spacecraft Employees 123,000 Revenue US$40+ billion The company’s top objectives Insufficient shift coverage for plant maintenance activities Inadequate service level response times Required flexible architecture capable of handling different versions of Maximo and simultaneous upgrade The resolution SAP Work Manager with a Maximo backend for 500+ users across 3 sites Solution utilizes Motorola MC55 devices with barcode scanning and GPS while using a wireless network SAP Inventory Manager with a Maximo backend The key benefits Significantly more shift coverage with no increase in manpower Decreased backlog for open support tickets Shorter response times for critical enterprise asset management requests Elimination of several redundant manufacturing assets 53K Assets kept running 1.2 Million work orders annually 25K Inventory items managed 6K Job plans annually

17 Appendix Follow us - arm yourself with the latest from SAP Mobile
SAP Mobile for Maximo

18 Appendix Thank You! Lou Aguilar, SAP

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