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June, 2012 © Tridium 2012 NIAGARA MOBILE Gareth Johnson.

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1 June, 2012 © Tridium 2012 NIAGARA MOBILE Gareth Johnson

2 Agenda A little Background Introducing Mobile Apps Demo

3 Web – 10 years ago Early browsers –HTML fairly basic Poor layout and styling control –Disparity in behaviour and standards support Java used for visualisation –Niagara R2 and Web Applets for Niagara AX

4 Web – recent years More browser choice –Emergence of HTML5 as dominant standard Arrival of SmartPhones and Tablets –iPhone set the standard for mobile browsers –Introduced concept of Web based Apps

5 Mobile Computing The rise of Apps –Software dedicated to tasks Usually single task Typically not a universal toolkit

6 Types of Apps Native App (for specific Operating System) –iPhone/iPAD, Android, Blackberry, Windows –Niagara Examples J2, Tyrrell eBMS, Distech, Think Simple...

7 Browser Apps HTML5, CSS and JavaScript now widely supported Multi-Platform support a reality for browsers

8 Mobile Apps for Niagara Open Web Apps – configured in Station Optimised for mobile devices SmartPhones and Tablets Touchscreens Desktop also supported Serves views and data to browser Tridium and third party possible BajaScript API used for data Framework for multiple apps

9 Powered by...

10 Demo

11 Mobile Apps for AX New Station components –Box Service –Apps folder –Mobile Apps set New Mobile user profile Px Views engineered for mobile profile –Px Editor is assembler, not WYSIWYG –Views autosize for small browser screens

12 Developers Niagara Mobile Apps API: –Add custom Field Editors for Px and Property Sheet App –Custom themes Create your own Mobile Apps –BajaScript –Velocity –Niagara App API

13 Questions?

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