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Annika Redi Librarian Mobile Library Katarina Jee Tallinn Central Library.

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1 Annika Redi Librarian Mobile Library Katarina Jee Tallinn Central Library

2 Tallinn Central Library 3 departments: Department of Estonian Literature Department of Literature in Foreign Languages Music Department 17 Branch Libraries 1 Mobile Library inhabitants

3 Where do we go? Service available since 2008 Only in Tallinn 26 stops in total Monday - Lasnamäe Tuesday - Haabersti Wednesday - Nõmme Thursday - Pirita Friday - schools, kindergartens, festivals


5 What do we have? Fiction and children's literature - 69,7% Non-fiction – 28,6 % Magazines – 1,5 % Audio books – 0,2 % In Estonian - 68,8 % In Russian - 31,17 % In English - 0,03 %

6 What can you borrow? Books (Estonian, Russian; for all ages) Magazines (Estonian, Russian, English; for all ages) Audio books (Estonian; children, adults) 4000 books in the bus 4500 books in reserved stock (by request) E-catalogue ESTER

7 How to borrow? Library card or Estonian ID-card (0.05/0.35/1.00/free) Books 21 days, renewed twice Magazines 14 days, cant be renewed Audio books 7 days, cant be renewed No newspapers 30 items per person

8 Events /Library Classes Free in Tallinn Fridays, weekends Schools, kindergartens - library classes (25 kids, ~30 minutes) Festivals (children, adult) Another events

9 Interesting events International Childrens Day; Tallinn Zoo Tallinn Zoos 73rd Birthday Celebrations (2012) Tallinns Day Europes Day Mustamäe Districts 50th Birthday Celebration (2012) IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Helsinki (2012)

10 Interesting events Cycling with Libraries (2012) Party on Wheels (2010) Puude taga on inimene (2013) Mobile Library Festival Nõmme districts summer camp (2013) Paul Pajoss book presentation (2013) Literary Bingo in Social Centres

11 Team work Branch libraries - Family Day - Youth Week - Library Day of Lasnamäe Librarians from other branch libraries

12 Gift for kids Competitions to encourage creativity For 1st graders in Tallinn 2008 Omad jutud by kids 2009 Väike puu ja rändur kuu by Ülle Kütsen 2010 Onu Heino Väike pere by Jaanus Vaiksoo 2011 Suvevaheaeg koolis by Kätlin Vainola 2012 Armando by Mika Keränen books

13 Summer with a book 20 books in Russian 20 books in Estonian 2 months A book pass 10 books 2 questions + drawing 10 stickers Grande Finale

14 Summer with a book


16 Last year in numbers 13 hours a week 127 days on the route 1107 patrons 1091 borrowers 9133 visits books borrowed 13 events, 2035 participants 42 library classes, 754 participants










26 Librarians are the secret masters of the world. They control information. Don't ever piss one off. Spider Robinson writer, Canada Thank you!

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