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Delivering public services for the digital age Noel McLaughlin, B.Sc. (Hons), Business Systems Manager.

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1 Delivering public services for the digital age Noel McLaughlin, B.Sc. (Hons), Business Systems Manager

2 Metrics Area: 30,659 km² Depots : 7 Total Craft Operatives: 123 Mobile Operatives:53 Residential Housing: 13,478 Works orders per annum: 50,000 Residential Housing: Maintenance Depots:

3 Background Trading Org within Housing & Property Services Building Maintenance Deliver an effective and efficient response and void maintenance service Purpose Implemented a Contract Management System: TotalRepairs IT date 2009 Implemented Mobile Working (TotalMobile & Xmbrace) IT date 2012

4 The Need for Change Demonstrate Best Value Customer expectations Modernise working practices People Processes Policies Deliver savings Improve quality of service and data Compliance

5 Project Objectives A.Controlling repairs B.Accurate costing C.Removal of paper D.Improved levels of customer service E.Introduction of repairs by appointment F.Provide maintenance and health and safety information G.Reduction in the carbon footprint

6 Controlling Repairs Geography + Skills + Availability = Dynamic Scheduling

7 Controlling Repairs Rural: Circular Route pre-planned.

8 Dynamic Scheduling

9 Increase Workforce Productivity




13 Challenges ImpactWhat we didYou learn Connectivity issueIncreased time for UAT and pushed the project forward 4 months Suppliers to checked and rechecked their settings. Talked a lot! Lack of control for authority Frequent Supplier meetings Good Data Schema & SLAs essential Roles & Responsibilities outside project team Users not fully understanding their role in mobile Consultation Workshops Training Good call scripts for incident management Gear up your first /second line support Establish Performance monitoring for new roles Day 1. Sequence in the change Too much too young!...when you should be having fun.. Mobile Working Wireless Stores Barcoding Dynamic Scheduling Appointments Performance Frameworks That once mobile always mobile. Schedule in change once you establish core business needs Mobile has a life outside of project environment so skill up!

14 Interfaces

15 Customer involvement Modern Approach Quicker Response to Repairs Overall 8% increase of repairs complete within Target Effective Response to queries Customer Involvement Benefits to the Customer

16 Customer 10:00 to 14:0008:00 to 16:30 13:00 to 16:30 08:00 to 13:00 Morning Afternoon School Run All Day

17 Benefits to Highland Council Staff Health & Safety Jobs take less time – increase productivity Improved control of Operatives Reduction in Sub Contractors – 32% decrease Improved data = Performance Management More account of jobs Back Office processes quicker Faster receipt of Income

18 Consider Compliance with change at all levels in the Organisation. IT only as good as the people Consultation & Support Continual Training Needs of the Organisation Investment in measuring your performance now and as the business changes That people learn in different ways.

19 Success Simplifying processes NOW e.g. schedule of rates items and Standard Minute Values. Ensure roles are defined and supported Achieving saving & increasing efficiency Suppliers passing on their lessons learned Its a Hearts & Minds business – mobile phones dont walk around by themselves (yet)

20 Summary Expect the IT to work out of the box Focus on ensuring the business is ready Good incident and problem management Up-skill your own staff, report writing, performance management and delivering change. Implement good Service Level Agreements with your suppliers So going mobile will save you money? Prove it!

21 < Time = Savings

22 25% Improvement on EME

23 14% Improvement on HP

24 25% Improvement on ROU

25 What Next? Planned Work Voids Developing Forms will deliver: Mobile Capture - ASB Mobile Capture - SHQS Mobile Capture - Env Health Insp

26 Questions Start me talking, Ill tell you everything I know Noel McLaughlin Business Systems Manager The Highland Council Tel: 01463 702894 Email:

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