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Mobile Data Collection Briefing for the ETLG December 9 th, 2013 By UCLA OIT ECTG Director Rose Rocchio.

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1 Mobile Data Collection Briefing for the ETLG December 9 th, 2013 By UCLA OIT ECTG Director Rose Rocchio

2 Mobile Data Collection (MDC) Passive Mobile Data Collection Public Mobile Data Collection Crowd Sourced Mobile Data Collection Audience Response Systems Private Mobile Data Collection

3 Passive Data Collection

4 Public Data Collection

5 Crowd Sourced MDC

6 Audience Response Systems Hardware Radio-Frequency Clickers Software Based - BYOD - Mobile versions

7 Private Mobile Data Collection using Participatory Sensing Real Time (always on) Real Place (always carried) Real Context (historical, spatial, environmental, social) Real Applications (civic and environmental data, transportation, health, education)

8 A Tale of Two Tools Native Apps iOS, Android, Web XML script Testing Required Account Needed html5 - Web Based Browser required GUI Authoring No testing needed Anonymous Replies

9 Introducing OPT BYOE Audience Response

10 What is OPT? OPT is an Online Polling Tool It works on any Mobile device with a browser Interactive Polling for classrooms Anonymous for poll takers Authentication required for poll creators Use Cases include: – Geo-distributed classes – Online - Synchronous Office Hours

11 Interactive Polls OPT, is a web-based (clickerless) BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Audience Response (AR) system available to all faculty & Staff to create polls and is open to all students to take polls (with no additional fees or devices needed) today The Process Create a Poll Collect Data View Results

12 Online Polling Tool

13 OPT – Create and Manage Polls

14 2) Search on OPT 3) Use a QR reader App 4) UCLA Mobile Click on Customize Home Screen & add OPT! Search for "Bruin" Use a free one from the App stores 4 Ways to find a Poll: 1) Paste link into a slide or course page

15 Introducing ohmage MWF Available free : Ios App Store The Android Google Play market BYOD Private MDC

16 ohmage Key Concepts Campaign Survey Concept Prompts » Prompt Types » Condition – Reminders – Location & Time Zone data Web-based Data Repository Data Visualization

17 Discuss Plans Talk about Type of Data they want to collect Discuss complexity of the survey instrument IRB required for Research Integrated and iterative Create Campaign Collect Data Analyze Data

18 Ohmage Mobile-to-Web Platform Ohmage server (RESTful APIs) Ohmage FrontEnd Mobility SystemSens Acoustic LifeStreamsCampaign Authoring Snackboard ohmage ohmage MWF Ohmage Expore Data Self-reportPassive Data Streams Survey Gathering Visualization and AnalysisData Management and Administration Mobile Clients Web Applications Teacher Tool

19 Create Campaign Manual Creation: create campaign definition in XML Create Campaign Info Survey Info Survey Item Create Survey (Repeatable) View XML Submit to ohmage Server Campaign authoring Tool: GUI for create a campaign (Near Future) Campaign Info Survey Info Survey Item Campaign Info Survey Info Survey Item

20 XML Authoring

21 Mobile Data Collection Android iOS

22 Collect Data Android devices: ohmage IOS devices: Ohmage MWF Desktop browser: Data collection tools are available on multiple platforms to accommodate for device diversity.

23 Data Analysis Ohmage Generic Data Exploration (all campaigns) Customized Dashboards: snack, ads, trash ( RStudio: Script-based Data Analysis (all campaigns) Shiny: Customized GUI on RStudio (future) Different tools for different depths and learning objectives.

24 Ohmage Research Pilots

25 Custom Dashboards For Community Wellness Built for a specific Survey to be used as a Wellness Program Challenge Board For Research Projects Built for specific research Built for participant visualization

26 UCLA Health Bruin Break

27 HIV Behavior Study

28 Snack Demo – Mobilize

29 ohmage Courses at UCLA

30 Data Exploration

31 Time Series graph

32 Ohmage Mapping Vis Tool

33 Deployments : LAUSD STEM classes 4 SubjectsCurriculumData Collection Explored Computer Science (ECS) 6-8 weeks data analysis unitSnack, Advertisement, Their own topics Math (Algebra 1)12 day unit on linear equationSnack nutrition Science (Biology)12 day unitTrash Introductory Data Science (IDS) 4 2-month units covering data science (to be completed) Their own topics Deployment YearECS (classes) Math + (classes) Science + (classes) IDS (classes) Total (classes) Total (students) 2011-12 (Completed)13--- 377 * 2012-13 (Completed)1275-24644 * 2013-14 (expected)74533-852,975 ** 2014-15 (expected)109070101806,300 ** Note: + Math classes include Algebra 2 and Statistics. Science classes include Environmental Science; * Number of consented students; ** Approximately 35 students per class.

34 Acknowledgements Mobilize technical team: Safaa Dabagh, Amelia McNamara, James Molyneux, Steve Nolen, Jeroen Ooms, Hongsuda Tangmunarunkit (Lead) Ohmage: Cheng-Kang Hsieh, Cameron Ketcham, John Jenkin, Tai Pham, Josh Selsky (Lead) Ohmage-mwf: Zorayr Khalapyan, Vinh Pham, Rose Rocchio (Lead), Edward Sakabu, Cathy Trance Education team: Salvador Beas, Odette Board (LAUSD), John Landa (LAUSD), Suyen Noncada-Machado (LAUSD), Christine Ong (CRESST), LeeAnn Trusela (Project Director), et. al PIs: Rob Gould, Mark Hansen, Deborah Estrin, Jane Margolis, Tomas Philip, Jody Priselac, Todd Ullah, Chris Stephenson, Joanna Goode Funding: NSF Math Science Partnership (#DUE-0962919), UCLA Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (NSF#CCF-0120778)

35 Questions?

36 Appendix

37 Demo intro Set of research tools – Originally built by DE & CENS for Android only – 2 yrs ago, began building MDC clients using MWF – Resulted in: iOS, Android & Web clients – iPAD Demo – snack demo – See uploaded data: –

38 Ohmage MWF Architecture

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